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While the planet has many large farming communities, Beylix has the distinction of being the system’s garbage dump, make that reclamation and recycling center.

The scrap yards and refuse centers are managed by Unified Reclamation, which owns property all over Beylix. Soon after the company began to dump trash here, its agents reported that scavengers were coming to pick over the remains, since there was little to no security. It turned out that what was trash to people on the Core was treasure to the folk out on the Rim. (Serenity RPG)

Old Disney

Old Disney[edit]

One of the charters for waste and recycling was given to Remergence Technology, a technology recycling company. After thirty years in the business, its president and owner, Kurin Morse, became famous for making a small fortune (directing the choicest part to his yard somehow) and for his penchant for making art pieces from discarded junk. In thirty years, Morse has cleared a large swath of junk into a menagerie of junk monsters, creatures, and sculptures. Morse has little interest in the business anymore, spending all his time on his creations. Strangely, this magical place is closed to the public except one day a year.

Trash Town

Trash Town[edit]

This is a small settlement some 1000KM from the Unified Reclamations Central Hub. It has a decent sized junkyard divided into different sections. Various "experts" buy and sell their wares to anyone who visits the town. It is somewhat known among the bargain minded that you can get decent used materials there at a fair price.

Since UR owns and operates all of Beylix some wonder how a small independent operation like this stays afloat. It operates mostly under the radar and serves interests of UR on a small scale. UR employees sometimes go there to sell some items that "fell off the truck", so it is in their interest to look the other way if unsanctioned sales or salvage is being done. Legally Trash Town merchants visit the Central Hub monthly to purchase goods for resale.

People of Trash Town[edit]

Clara Gomez Cardoso Runs a Forge and Large Scale 3-D Printer
Savely Evdokimov Assorted Parts
Hsing Li Qin Proprietor of Qīngdǎo [倾倒] The Dump. Bar and Grocery
Aleš Mach Mudder
Da'Ga Mnemon Engineer
Elias Novak Furnishings, Carpets, Decorative Items
Ava O'Toole Raw Materials
Aurelio Palermo Gunsmith
Mylo Schoonderwoerd Grav Systems
Akaru Tashima Akaru Yuko Used Vehcle Sales and Service
T’ien Lok Second Life - Surplus Ship Supplies
Wojciecha Walczak Electronics Sales and Service
Aloysius Whitman Elder 'Mayor' of Trash Town
Lazarus Quick left Beylix with his daughter Evelyn
Borčo Žunko Seller of Sundries

  • Summer 2522 - Widespread theft of salvageable materials has caused a stir on the planet. No longer able to call on the Alliance for support, the planet has sought out the support of Unified Reclamations anti-piracy division to protect its resources.
  • March 2525 - Delilah's crew helps defend the town from a group of marauders known as the "Buzzards".