Big Easy Voodoo Noir: Auguste Clement

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High Concept: Your Guide to the City’s Secret History

Trouble: Too Much Month at the End of the Money

Silver-Tongued Devil – oh, he’s a charmer.

Never Stepped Outside the City Limits – And why would I? All the world I need is here.

[Space for third Aspect here]


Great (+4) skill: Rapport

Good (+3) skills: Contacts, Deceive

Fair (+2) skills: Provoke, Empathy, Athletics

Average (+1) skills: Ritual, Fight, Notice, Stealth

Stunts (mostly purloined from

Discreet Enquiries. You are unusually subtle when it comes to gathering information. Whenever you seek information and an opponent rolls Contacts to be alerted to this activity, you may roll active opposition against them.

Bait of Words. Gain an additional +2 to Deceive whenever you invoke an advantage you personally created by speaking to the target and rolling Rapport. Sucker-punch. Use Deceive rather than Fight for the first blow against a target, as long as they haven’t seen you do this before.

Ebb and Flow. You are so aware of the social currents in a situation that you are able to see something of what’s coming before it arrives. At the beginning of any exchange, you may spend a Fate Point to attempt to Create an Advantage with Empathy. You may then act normally on your turn as usual.