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Bitha Abt is a character in Wide-Awake. Once a servant of Wardon Kain, he had her put to the question as a traitor. His torturer, Kal Jaga, was a priestess of Loviava, the goddess of pain and fate. Bitha's eye was put out and she was left out on the mountainside, stretched on the rack.

The sun god, Kird Aangmor, saved Bitha and she joined the fellowship to put an end to Kain's evil.


Character Sheet[edit]

Race: Flind
Class: Favored Soul


BAB 6/+1
NADS: Fort +8 Ref +9 Will +8

St 18, Dx 18, Cn 17
In 10, Ws 14, Ch 20


Concentration 10/+11 Heal 4/+6 Knowledge Nature 5/+5 Knowledge Arcana 5/+5


Augment Healing (Healing spells add 2 hp per spell level), Magic of the Land (Make a DC 15 Knowledge Nature check to add 2 HP per spell level of healing to any spell cast), Extra Turning, Touch of healing ^(If you have a conjuration (healing) spell of 2nd level or higher available to cast, you can touch a target and heal 3 points of damage per level of the highest-level conjuration (healing) spell you have available to cast. You can use this ability only on a target that has been reduced to one-half or fewer of its total hit points. The effect ends once you've healed the subject up to half its normal maximum hit points. You gain a +1 competence bonus to your caster level when casting conjuration (healing) spells.)

Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot^, Weapon Proficiency Longbow, Weapon Focus Longbow

Favored weapon is the composite longbow


  • +6 St, +2 Dx, +4 Cn
  • Land speed base 30’
  • Darkvision 60’
  • +2 Natural Armor
  • Weapon Proficiency Flindbar 2d4 19-20/x2 +2 Disarm, Automatic Disarm chance on critical hit
  • Languages: Gnoll, Common
  • Flaw: One eye: -2 Spot, double range penalties, Scar of torture (-2 to physical skills and ability checks)


Domains: War, Sun

Spells per day
0th: 6 1st: 8 2nd: 7 3rd: 7 4th: 5

Spells known: The domain spells plus:

  • 0th (8) Create Water, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Light, Mending, Purify food and drink, Read Magic, Resistance
  • 1st (6) Bless, Command, Detect Undead, Doom, Resurgence (Grants second saving throw), Shield of Faith
  • 2nd: (5) Cure Moderate Wounds, Delay Poison, Remove Paralysis, Lesser Restoration, Silence
  • 3rd: (4) Cure Serious Wounds, Dispel Magic, Remove Disease, Weapon of Energy (Range Touch, duration 9 rounds. Choose acid, cold, electricity or fire. Weapon adds 1d6 type damage and is burst quality.)
  • 4th: (3) Air Walk, Panacea (Ends the following conditions: blinded, confused, dazed, dazzled, deafened, diseased, exhausted, fatigued, frightened, nauseated, panicked, paralyzed, shaken, sickened, and stunned. Stops poison. Cures 1d8+9 hp.This is a healing spell) Restoration


Weapons and Armor[edit]

  • +3 Composite longbow of Strength +4
  • +2 Flindbar of disarming [2d4 19-20/x2 +2 to disarm, automatically tries disarm on crit hit] (Provides feat Improved Disarm)
  • +3 Mithril Breastplate
  • Amulet of retributive healing (3/day heal yourself when you heal another)
  • Fiery Tunic (resist fire 5; Fire Shield + flaming weapons 1/day for 5 rnds)


Belt, boots, backpack, and pouch. Flint and steel, hammer, rope, and spyglass.

Any sort of lighting (torch, lamp, lantern) available