Black Lotus Society

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The Black Lotus Society

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Symbol: A Black Lotus
Preferred Weapon: Dagger

Appearance: The majority of the members of the Black Lotus Society are drawn from the ranks of Lhazaar corsairs and merchantmen. They tend to be swarthy individuals who cover themselves in the attire of sheiks and pashas with vast amounts of rings. In truth, the leaders of the society appear to be Sarlonans with most of the middle management being mixed race Empty Vessels.

Background: The Black Lotus Society is the most feared organization in Lhazaar with the destiny of Princes decided on whether or not they are pleased with the performance of their will or not. Those who choose to defy the ancient secret society are quick to die at the hands of a poisoned dagger or the strangulation of a silken scarf.

Members of the Black Lotus Society are usually taken as children where they are trained at their secret island fortress of Eagle's Nest (Alamut in Lhazaar). One out of every three children die in the severe testing and education process with those deemed unworthy being slain as examples to the other children.

Very rarely, an outsider is allowed to join the Black Lotus Society but these fools rarely ever are allowed to move higher than the lowest levels of the Circle and never get to meet the real 'Queen of the Burning Eyes' that supposedly leads the secret society.

While the Black Lotus Society apes the importance of being a great and powerful mystical sect with tremendous wisom; it's actually nothing more than a criminal syndicate. The Black Lotus Society use intimidation and murder to gain tribute from the majority of criminal enterprise outside of Lhazaar. They also insert their agents into the highest levels of the most successful pirates, slavers, and merchant cartels in the region.

Unsurprisingly, the Black Lotus Society is a satellite organization for the Dreaming Dark. As part of their ongoing effort to spread misery and fear throughout Khorvaire, the Black Lotus Society is employed as part of the Quori's attempts to flood the land with Dreamlilly, poison, and weaponry. The evil organization has already managed to gain a powerful influence over a majority of Lhazaar, it won't be too long until they gain complete control over the country.

The Emperor Zhengyi, who controls the Naga 'Queen with Burning Eyes' (LE F Naga Sorceress 12) that is the master of the Black Lotus, intends to use the organization to start flooding Khorvaire with illicit pleasures. Zhengyi is confident that the organization can branch through most of the nations without much difficulty. It doesn't matter if the actual Black Lotus Society survives since all the branches will eventually come under his control anyway. The Emperor is a very patient man.

The majority of Black Lotus members have no idea that they're working for the Dreaming Dark and instead believe they serve a cult that reveres the God of the Mountain that is actually just a thinly disguised Zhengyi in myth. Most of the senior members are not nearly so religious and are merely corrupt crime lords. The Queen herself is surrounded by Inspired that took over the children of the original members who married Sarlonan brides to better infiltrate the Lhazaar culture. Most members are Rogues 2 or Fighter 1/Rogue 1 with more experienced members going up exponentially in skill.

Philosophy: Life is an endless pleasure that must be enjoyed to the fullest but can only be done so by the powerful. Kill the enemies of the God of the Mountain in the name of the Queen of Burning Eyes and you will be rewarded with sensual bliss from the Dreamlilly plant along with female caresses. Wealth and power must be cultivated at all costs with the other races afraid of death too much to not buckle under the fear of the Black Lotus. There is no honor in losing and all operations must be carefully planned but use any methods to achieve your goals.