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In-Game Background

The Blacksky Company was founded by Baelor Blacksky, a Tauren of little renown, when the Orcs first breached the shores of Kalimdor. Baelor was one of the first Tauren to urge acceptance of the new arrivals, although he had little political clout in the Taruen society. He had already been versed well in the art of combat, being a low-ranking officer in the standing militia gathered to fight against the threat of the Centaurs, but also understood that a wealthy man was more often an influential man than a wise one. Finding an old Orc who had been recently freed from the internment camps who agreed with his monetarily-motivated lifestyle, the Blacksky Company was formed after Baelor felt his obvious leadership qualities were being ignored by the standing forces of the Tauren.

He quickly gathered others who were either eager for monetary gain or the acclaim of battle, and with a war already brewing, the regular commission of the Company by both individuals and fledgling nations was all but assured. The Company quickly grew to acclaim with the ferocity of its warriors, tempered as it was with honor and success. By the end of the war, it was one of the most prestigous mercenary companies available for general hire, and its membership had swelled to several hundred of the Horde's strongest soldiers-for-hire.

Peacetime, however, is never kind to a mercenary company; the uneasy truce between the Horde and Alliance following the Battle of Mount Hyjal was horrible for the financial health of the Company. They began to take any job that paid, lowering their wartime standard of ethics in order to try and maintain the now-bloated roster that had come to expect a regular, and hefty, paycheck. Foolishly, and against the advice of his closest confidants, he accepted a campaign into Northrend that would doom his Company, and himself.

Several soldiers in the Company refused to go out with Baelor on his ill-advised campaign, including his son, Blackbraid. They knew there would be no pay for the duration of the campaign, but they felt that the meager wage offered by their employer was not worth the risk involved. Baelor was furious, but knew it would be in the best interest of the Company to allow the dissidents to remain behind in the fledgling city of Orgrimmar, where the Company based. Leaving Blackbraid in charge of the small remainder of soldiers, he left to the frozen wastes of the north to fight. Not a man returned alive.

The Company was shattered, and only a handful of soldiers remained. They went their separate ways for a short while, with no leader to bind them. Once he had overcome the grief and guilt stemming from the loss of his father, Blackbraid took the mantle of Captain of a defunct Company upon his own shoulders, and set out to reform the Company in the memory of his father, and once again raise it to the honor and glory it once knew.

Guild Rules

The following rules are meant to help with the enjoyment of all. Please read them, and respect them. If any of them are issues for you, contact your guild officer, or Blackbraid directly.


The guild has some roleplayers and strives to be RP-friendly as the server we play on is a Roleplaying server. All names of characters are expected to be within reasonable bounds for that race, per the rules of the server. Roleplaying is strictly optional.

/guild chat is generally expected to be IC and the /rpgnet channel is used as a defacto guild channel as it includes folks that are in another KT guild for one reason or another.

Looting Rules

All Bind on Pickup (BoP) items are to be passed on, and discussed afterward. Any roll on a Bind on Pickup item, or any taking of one without discussion and agreement from all party members, is considered EXTREMELY rude etiquette in World of Warcraft, almost to a punishable level.

All Bind on Equip (BoE) items can be rolled on as normal. Only roll Need if you are going to wear that item immediately. Roll Greed if you want it for some other purpose, including selling, disenchanting, sending to alts, saving for later use, or sending to the guild bank. Hit Pass if you don't want to bother with the item at all. If, after the roll is done, someone determines they can use it right away, the item should be given to the person; not doing so is considered quite rude.

If there are any disputes, the highest-ranking officer present, or the Group Leader if no/multiple officers are present, will make all decisions. If there is a grievance in looting etiquette, it should be brought to an Officer, or an officer of a higher rank, if an Officer is the infracting party.

Further discussion and explanation of these rules can be found in the World of Warcraft:Tips article.

RPGnet channel etiquette

The RPGnet channel is meant as a way for people to communicate with each other to enhance the fun the game has to offer. Officers of the guild are charged with keeping the channel fulfilling that purpose. There aren't any "banned" topics, per se, but if an issue becomes heated or causes discomfort, whether about in-game events or real-world concerns, officers may ask people to refrain from discussing that issue. Such things are best moved to a forum topic, where other people playing the game can avoid seeing the argument/discomfort if they so choose, or moved to private tells or a separate channel. You can't avoid clicking on a topic to to avoid reading it in /RPGnet.

There will be, and can be, no enforcement of this policy, since Blizzard doesn't allow registration of private chat channels (there's always a moderator, but no way to secure that officers are the moderators). Therefore, this should be considered a guideline instead of a rule. The only alternative if it is not adhered to is to ask people to stop using the RPGnet channel and only use guild chat, which can be more tightly moderated; this is a less than ideal situation, however as there are people in the RPGnet channel who are from different guilds or choose to remain unguilded.


Blacksky Company is currently allied with Guardians of Legacy. Raiding has its own rules and requirements, many of which can be found on the Blacksky Raiding wiki page. Currently, the only required addons are oRA2 and BigWigs (both available at Curse Gaming's website) or equivalent addons that use the same protocols to communicate (such as CT_RA and DeadlyBossMods). Other addons are often recommended, but those two are the only required.

We also ask that every raider has Ventrilo installed and able to receive transmissions. Broadcasting (via microphone) is not required. Just being able to listen to fight explanations and receive instructions vocally instead of waiting for them to be typed out is a big help!

WowWebStats is a tool that parses combat logs into an easily readable and searchable database of information for each raid fights. The guild's WWS page can be found here. If anyone wishes to upload their own reports, feel free to contact IceShadow to get the 'officer' account name and password, which will allow people to upload and view reports. The WWS account is currently administrated by IceShadow and paid for by davidb.


Blacksky Company has several officers. Officers will have invitational powers, as well as access to change the officers' notes and players' notes (to add new RPGnet handles if they invite). Officers will also be asked to help keep the chat in RPGnet civil. To quickly contact an officer, send an e-mail to blackskyofficers at iceshadow dot com.

Of the officers, two are selected as Senior Officers. They have nearly the same control over the guild as the Captain, including demotion, promotion, and removal from the guild.

All officers' alts will be promoted to Squad Leaders, which will be, in effect, identical to the Officer rank. The only distinction is for roleplay, and to keep track of which character is the officer's main character.

At present time, all officers are selected by the Captain with help from the other officers.

The current officers are as follows (out of date):

Player Name Character Name Rank
IceShadow Blackbraid Captain
brooksd01 Dorahan Senior Officer
Random Nerd Markom Senior Officer
MrHorrible Theomund Officer
Psicorp Audamin Officer


The guild roster page can be found on WoW Armory here:

Quartermaster Corps

Out of date

The Guild Bank can be found at any bank in the capital cities or the neutral towns. It is organized thus:

Tab 1: Items and gear for levels 1-40

Tab 2: Items and gear for levels 41-70

Tab 3: Recipes and reputation turn-ins

Tab 4: Mass quantity materials, such as ore and cloth.

Tab 5: Rarer materials

Tab 6: Raid materials. You must contact a guild officer to get anything from this tab.