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Blank Sheet 5e[edit]

This is for keeping track of characters as they develop throughout the game as well as setting elements.


These will grow with time.


The group travels by foot.

Stormraven - Jurai[edit]


Hyperactive and taciturn. Long legs. May be a bit of a classist.

Doesn't wear armor, carries around throwing knives.

Defense: Knocks projectiles from the air.

Healing: Has the ability to heal herself through will power or some sort of focus magic.

Has some form of magic that focuses on the 'right' form of things.

Able to sense wrongness, maybe to locate a nexus.

Able to push against Wrongness with her Will. ++

Comes from Greywyld Forest, possibly from a Monastery / Convent.

Worships the Goddess Emros

Can make large leaps, as long as there's a place to land, but not more than 5 or 6 feet vertically.

Knowledge of Otherworlds. +


Medley - Imica[edit]

Imica, CG Female Human Bard (College of Valor) 5

Abilities STR 16 (+3) | DEX 14 (+2) | CON 14 (+2) | INT 11 (+0) | WIS 16 (+3) | CHA 10 (+0)

Max HP: 38 | AC: 16 | Initiative: +3
Proficiency: +3 | Hit dice: 5[d8+2] | Movement: 30 | Size: Medium

Acrobatics +3, Animal Handling +6*, Arcana +1, Athletics +6*, Deception +1, History +1, Insight +8**, Intimidation +1, Investigation +1, Medicine +4, Nature +1, Perception +8**, Performance +3*, Persuasion +1, Religion +1, Sleight of Hand +3, Stealth +3, Survival +4
(* = Proficient, ** = Expertise)

Saving Throws
STR +3 | DEX +5* | CON +2 | INT +0 | WIS +7* | CHA +0
Advantage on checks against fear.
(* = Proficient)

Longsword (+6, 1d8/1d10 + 3, Slashing, Versatile)
Dagger (+6, 1d4 + 3, Piercing, 20/60, finesse, light, thrown)
Studded Leather Armor (12 + DEX AC)
Shield (+2 AC)
Memento brass bangles (+1 to Spell DC, advantage against fear)

Class Features
Spellcasting: Three cantrips, eight known spells, ritual casting. Four first level, three second level, and two third level slots.
Bardic Inspiration: 3[1d8]
Jack of All Trades, Expertise (Insight, Perception)
Song of Rest: extra 1d6 for everyone who uses HD to recover HP
College of Valor: Combat Inspiration (add BI to damage or AC)

Spells: Spell Attack: +6
Spell DC: 15
Cantrips: Vicious Mockery, Prestidigitation, Light
Level 1 [4]: Animal Friendship, Sleep, Tasha's Hideous Laughter
Level 2 [3]: Silence, Hold Person, Heat Metal
Level 3 [2]: Hypnotic Pattern, Fear

Gear: Aside from her equipment, Imica carries a fife, fiddle, lyre, backpack, bedroll, 2 costumes, 5 candles, 3 days of rations, a waterskin, disguise kit, shovel, iron pot, common clothes, and a flask of a drink you'll regret. Has 10 GP.

Background: (self-proclaimed) Folk Hero (Custom: Animal Handling and Athletics, Sylvan and Elvish language proficiency)
Rustic Hospitality - since you come from the ranks of the common folk, you fit in among them with ease. You can find a place to hide, rest, or recuperate among other commoners, unless you have shown yourself to be a danger to them. They will shield you from the law or anyone else searching for you, though they will not risk their lives for you.
Other Proficiencies & Languages: Proficient with light and medium armor, shields, simple and martial weapons; has tool proficiencies with the fiddle, fife, and lyre. Is fluent in Common, Elvish, Halfling, and Sylvan.

Backstory: Imica was born in a provincial town in the southlands, located in the wetlands where the Three Rivers meet the sea. She was raised by her grandparents on her father's side, who told her that her mother passed from illness when she was very young, with her father following shortly after from heartbreak. She spent her childhood working and poor until a minstrel came to town, from whom she bought her first instrument and learned how to play. Her grandparents passed soon after, upon which she began her travels, picking up certain tricks of the trade along the way.
Personality traits: "I'm ebullient and brilliant, and so are you" and "I'll respect a person, not a title."
Ideals: "Lords and the well-born have no right to look down on the common folk."
Bonds: "I don't have kin anymore, but I still have the common folk if they'll have me."
Flaws: "I'm gregarious, sure, but that's partly a shield. If they think I'm already an open book, they won't read any closer."

(Sorry about getting banned. Hope this game can continue with you three. Have fun)

Hangs in the back. Chatty.
Basic camping skills, but prefers the comfort of civilization.
Defense: Leather Armor, Relies on Reflexes and dodging.
Offense: Rapier, Does not enjoy killing weak opponents,
Has: Calming music magic
Healing: Has music that aids rest and recovery.
Good at reading people (+)
Very bad at persuading people (--)

Gilgamesh - Keth[edit]

    --Likes dark ale and money
    --Likes Jurai, hates Denholm (sorry daftwager :) )

Eye-sight/situational awareness (-)

Defense: Relies on seeking cover and hiding (-)

Offense: Uses a hand crossbow

Irritable, sour nature at least while injured.

Searching/looting (-)

Nyzelok - Rog[edit]

Likes to be in the action. Looking for an honorable death in battle and worships the "old gods".

Offense: A club spiked with teeth from a large predator.

Defense: A metal shield inscribed with runes and holy symbols.

lorddaftwager - Denholm[edit]

Easily distracted, flighty

Social oblivious

Alchemy +

Identify (smells) --

Investigation (Battle sites) -

Magic (Attacking-Arcane Energy Blasts) +

Magic (Detection magic) ++

Medicine (physiology) ++

Nature (Plants)

Nature (Animals) --

Persuasion -

Spotting (assessing opponents weak points) -

Defense: Hide behind allies

Healing: Has healing salves, possibly herbal remedies.

Character Sheet

Classdunce - Faroth[edit]

Androgynous. Much prefers civilization. Not outdoorsy. Short.

Magical Shielding/Defense +++

Offense: Uses a Wand to channel invisible force blasts.

Investigating (culture background) +

Obfuscation Magic: -

Healing Magic: --

Magically Created Wind: +

Arcane Blasts: -



There are Old Ones, god like figures of some sort.

Canun- A wolf-headed god whose worshippers are cannibals.

Emros- A Goddess.


Predators with razor sharp teeth.

The roads are at least somewhat dangerous.

There is ale served in inns.

Multiple gods exist or at least their names for being taken in vain.

Kobish Silver- A nickel-copper alloy that looks like silver and is believed to be effective for killing certain supernatural creatures. Possibly also used by creatures that don't use iron.


Carasee- The city the group is heading for.

Greywyld Forest- A place with an abbey.

Brindisi- A place ruled by Sorcerer Lords who enslave the people. Some people worship the wolf headed god Canun, who encourages cannibalism. Brindisi is rules by 5 Sorcerer Kings. Frynna the Black, Qapha the Red, Kvriss the Green, Varre the White and Orva the Blue.


Things Magic Can Do: -Put people to sleep -Blast people -Create magic shields -Destroy a bridge (but this is very powerful magic) -Minor healing

Starting preferences[edit]

@Stormraven - Soap Opera/Characterization, Defined Characters @Medley- Slice of Life, Slight preference for Organic @Gilgamesh- Street Level Heroics, No preference @Nyzelok- Varied Challenges, Organic @lorddaftwager- A conspiracy, Organic @ClassDunce - Dialogue/interactions and Some Control over NPCs, Organic