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Some people live in the past and it does not serves them well, then there are those that make a living by living in the past. As a leading authority on Medieval History and Heraldry he had his dream job, and he did not have to leave the fantasy world behind. The Professor was asked to speak at most of the major Universities.

It was on a "expedition" to a lower London junk shop that he found something that would change his life, he found a pendent with an unknown heraldic design. He was familiar with most coat of arms but this one, though valid, was not recorded anywhere. The piece was inexpensive so he bought it and set his mind to finding the owner of the crest.

In his library that night he sat staring at the pendent when a glow began to form around him, in a shimmering instant he was incased in a suit of "High Medieval" armor. It had no weight and was easy to move in, his strength was increased and the suit came with a sword and steed. A hero was born that night.

He has had trouble finding a good name for the armored knight, "The Knight Reborn", "Knight of the Flying Steed", the names go on and on. Right now he was settled on "Blazon"

Blazon PL 12 (180PP)

Init +9; 30ft (Run), 40ft (Flight); Defense 27/18 (8 Base, 3 Dex, 6 Powers); BAB +8; +12 Melee (14S/10S Various Effects + Energy Field), +12 Ranged (10S/10S Spear + Energy Field); SV Dmg +4 (12 Protection), Fort +10, Ref +9, Will +4; Str 14, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 20, Wis 16, Cha 10 (Total 74PP)

Skills: Ride 3/+7, Handle Animal 3/+7, KS: Medieval History 3/+8, KS: Heraldry 3/+8, KS: Law 2/+7, PS: Teaching 4/+9 (Total 18PP)

Feats: Attack Focus (Weapon), Move By Attack, Attack Finesse, Heroic Surge, Identity Change (Total 10PP)


  • Armor (Protection) +12 (Source: Mystical; Extras: Super Strength, Super Constitution [6], Super Dexterity [6], Super Wisdom [1]) (Cost 5 / Total 37PP)
  • Magical Sword (Weapon) +10 (Source: Mystical; Extras: Energy Field [Light/Heat]; Power Stunts: Duel Damage, Penetrating Attack, Energy Blast, Stun, Fatigue) (Cost 2 / Total 20+10PP)
  • Flight +11 (Source: Mystical; Extra: Stun Attack; Flaws: Device [Pendant], Wings) (Cost 1 / Total 11PP)