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The Blighted Land-TirCon

This version of the Blighted Land, a Jeweled Amber Shadow, is reworked for use during TirCon.

The Shade of Amber it is part of is similar to the regular game and the details of game mechanics, general people, are all the same.

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The explanation of the world of the Blighted Land written by Prince Bleys of Amber and included in the Diners of Amber pamphlet[edit]

This is just an invitation to commit violence.

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The Blighted Land

On some worlds people are just bound and determined to make their lives dangerous and short. They take huge risks and, if they are lucky enough to survive them, may get no reward at all.

This is an Earth/Aerth/Urth world that has seriously lost control. It is a testament though to how people can survive almost anything. To go over the political dimensions of this world would be pointless. They change. Sometime around the late 1900s all law and order slipped away. Wars, nuclear disasters, militarization, easy availability of weaponry, advancing technology despite worldwide carnage, an extremely vibrant commercial climate and little regard for human life are all big elements of this freak show of a world. National governments ceding great sections of their countries to corporations more able to provide services to the populace. Many countries became little more symbolic. Countries turning their military against their populaces. Countries creating huge prisons for criminals of every type. One of these is the New York Federal Penitentiary at Manhattan

The remaining Chikago metropolitan is over seen by the Frasika_Spire[[1]]. A large Arcology at the top tip of Damnation Ally, a region of nuclear devastated land across the heartland of what was once the American Nation.

Many of the people on this world have begun calling it the Blighted Land.

Nuclear disasters destroyed vast swaths of it. Industrial waste and human refuse have spoiled another chunk but some of that is being recycled. City-States, corporate oligarchies, criminal organizations, heavily armed communal groups, and small Regional governments rule this planet. Many people cluster around huge corporate compounds that still do most of the producing. Transportation of goods has become a death sport. Technological advances were extraordinary in the face of necessity and the greed and malevolence of the rich.

The roads of this world are dangerous. There is an active sport called Autodueling that pits drivers against each other in both organized and chaotic conflict. The sporting angle of it gives a modicum of legitimization to the production of equipment that is then used, often as not, to further the insane degrees of regular violence on this world. National legal systems have allowed death-sports as a defined exception to the laws defining Murder.

Transportation of goods is done on the ground and on highways despite the road warrior culture for two reason.

First is the availability of easy to construct, extraordinarily dangerous remote control drones has all but eliminated air travel. Its difficult to mount enough armor on a plane large enough to ship cargo in. There is an underground anarchist organization called the Civil Air Patrol, that treats destroying flying vehicles as a sport. 10 points for a Cessna, 50 point for a F-4, 500 pips for UPS Air Delivery planes. Effort Shadow does not judge good and evil, but it does punish the stupid.

Addendum to the Diners of Amber article

Caine brought me here once. He said he wanted to find a world that had taken consumerism and militarism to the extremes. Someplace he could get a vehicle built for dangerous work. He found it. I spent a bit of time learning the hows and whys of this place and it makes no sense at all. It is a conflict of paradoxes.

This world is one of the most stupidly violent worlds I ever found, and i've looked, but it keeps you on your toes.

World Description[edit]

The war began in fire in the year 1990. It has never really ended.

The world is struggling through the aftermath of a global nuclear holocaust. The war began suddenly and for what all sides said afterwards were uncertain provocation. Nuclear weapons ruined the breadbasket states of the United States of America and the Oil and Gold ranges of Sibera. The rest of the world followed suit in their own wars and the nations of the world fell apart.

What the people of the world do not know is that during the Black Road War between Amber and Chaos two intrusions of the forces of Chaos occured, like they did in Lorraine. One stretching from the North Dakota to the Gulf of Mexico and on east of the Urals to the Pacific Ocean. The USA and the USSR each responded thinking the other was attacking it. Other nuclear powers responded on their own.

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