Blinov Yegor

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Blinov Yegor is a character in the "SWN: On the Perimeter" campaign for the Stars Without Number RPG system.

Character Name: Blinov Yegor

Player Name: Shipyard Locked

Character Class: Psychic (Biopsionic)

Character Level: 1

Background Package: Urchin

Training Package: Adventuring Psychic


Languages: English, Russian

Special Ability: Psychic powers


Skinny, short twenty-something with brown bangs over his eyes and oversized headphones. Really digs exotic sodas.


[12] - STR (0)

[14] - INT (+1)

[17] - WIS (+1)

[12] - DEX (0)

[12] - CON (0)

[13] - CHA (0)


[4] - Hit Points

[2] – Psi Points

[5] - Armor Class

[0] - Attack Bonus

[20] - Movement in meters/round


[13] - Physical Effect

[12] - Mental Effect

[15] - Evasion

[16] - Tech

[14] - Luck


[0] – Culture/World

[0] – Culture/Criminal

[0] – Stealth

[0] – Survival

[0] – Combat/Projectile

[0] – Tech/Medical


Biopsionics (primary) – Biostasis – Psi Cost: 1

The biopsionic can maintain the vital life processes of a mortally wounded teammate with a touch. The biopsionic may restore to life a creature he is touching that has been dead for no more than six rounds. There is a 100% chance of success if this power is used within three rounds of death, with the chance decreasing by 25% for each round afterwards. The creature is set to zero hit points and remains unconscious until it receives medical attention. It will die if it does not receive such attention within 24 hours. This power does not function on creatures that have been torn apart or otherwise mangled beyond conventional surgical repair, nor those dead of poison, disease, or old age. This power adds 2 System Strain points to the target if successful.

Precognition – Omen – Psi Cost: 1

The precog may force a brief subconscious examination of future possibilities. The precog must have a relatively straightforward choice before her- perhaps to open a box, swallow a pill, or go into a spaceport bar. The precog will receive a distinct sense of whether following that course of action will result in physical injury or mental distress within the next ten minutes, according to the GM’s best judgment of likely outcomes. This power can be used only once per hour.


[1107] - Credits


-- Semi-automatic Pistol (1d6+1; Range 30/100m; Rds 11; Tech 3)

-- Woven Body Armor (AC 5; Enc 1; Tech 3)

-- Ammunition, 20 rounds X2 (Enc 2; Tech 2)

-- Backpack (Enc 1; Tech 1)

-- Medkit (Enc 2; Tech 4)

-- Lazarus Patches x 2 (Enc 1 each; Tech 4)

-- Compad


Street urchin turned psi-medic for hire, but more loyal than you’d think. Follows commander Aleksandr around because of their shared Russian heritage, but doesn’t go for the whole “father figure” shtick.