Blood and Darkness Mazattren

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Character Name Player Name Rank Age/Experience
Mazattren Rincewind1 Incubi Adult/500
Combat Defense Health Intrigue Defense Composure
22 13 13 15


Agility Animal Handling Athletics Awareness Cunning Deception Endurance Fighting Healing Knowledge
6 1 7 7 3 3 5 7 1 3
Long Blades 7B Streetwise 1B
Marksmanship Persuasion Pilot Status Stealth Survival Thievery Warfare Will Destiny
2 3 1 3 5 4 3 1 5 1
Intimidate 3B Sneak 1B Track 4B


  • Eldar Senses
  • Grace of the Eldar
  • Armor Master
  • Berserker
  • Blood of Rhoyne
  • Danger Sense
  • Dutiful
  • Heirloom (Ancient warsuit)
  • Respected
  • Sinister
  • Water Dancer I
    • Water Dancer II
  • Weapon Mastery (Klaive)


  • Childhood Disease
  • The Thirst
  • Flaw (Warfare)
  • Threatening
  • Marked
  • Furious
  • Haughty
  • Debt
  • Cruel Insanity
  • Nemesis


  • Superior Warsuit (AR 7, AP -1, Bulk 0)
  • Klaive (Damage (Athletics +2), Powerful, Power Field (3), Two-handed, Unwieldy, Vicious, Training 2B)
  • Tormentor


Talk, intrigues, cheering of the crowd...all useless. Only bloodshed sates the Thirst. Only murder grants release. Glory to Khaine!

A simple truth that every Incubus has to accept - or die. Like most Incubi, Mazattren doesn't speak much, especially regarding his past. On the rare occasion he speaks upon that subject, he simply remarks that while Incubi training may perhaps be one of the harshest ordeals available to Dark Eldars, nobody asks who you were - so neither should you, now that he is finished. And only a madman'd provoke those mercenaries - after all, they favour nothing more then a fine sacrifice to Khaine. Should someone wish to commit suicide, a sure way for Mazattren to loose it and start trying to rip your guts out is mentioning the name of his sister, Haziren.

Unlike most Dark Eldar, Mazattren cares little for ornaments on his armour save a few razor spikes. Ornaments'd only get in the way, and everyone whom matters has only to take a look at him, to know whom he is, and the rest is prey, fit only to sate his Thirst. He always keeps his equipment in mint condition, especially his two favourite weapons - Klaive and Punisher. The only thing distinguishing him from other Incubus is the fact, that a few loose pieces of his Initiation victim's Spirit Stone are carved into the right side of his warsuit's mask - a testimony to the accident he suffered during his final training's rite of passage.

He got shoddy, careless, and the Aspect Warrior he was trying to kill punished him for that. The foul Eldar managed to get a lucky shot at him - blowing a part of his face, causing Mazattren to talk now with an odd "throaty" voice with unnatural pauses - an effect that doubled by speech systems of his warsuit makes him sound disturbing even by his race's standards. This incident is also probably the reason why he hates Eldar with a passion odd even for their dark kin - if he sees an Aspect Warrior of Dark Reapers, Mazattren goes absolutely berserk, and stops at nothing to slay them. The only thing that'd prevent him from doing so is the "leash" of Dracon he serves - above all, Mazattren will not put his master in danger, as it'd speak ill of Incubi reputation. Usually.