Blood of Arden

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Blood of Arden.


There are places across the Nine Worlds where Creation happened early - the first places, appearing, in one form or another, across all the early Myths and legends known.

Such is Arden. The first forest, surrounding the homes of the first gods, the creator spirits. Home of the Green Man, the Great Mother, the Deep Woods.

There is an Arden in every world. Their deep roots touch each other across the nine world, tied to the Great Tree that supports all creation.

Arden is a homeland for you. As a citizen of Arden, you grew up amongst the many societies that make up its people, grew up sheltered by an old and deep society that lived, in large, apart from the rest of the world.

Quick history.

Ancient Times. Creation Myths. The Great Powers form/find the realms known as the Nine Worlds.

              Reptilefolk and Giants fight vast battles. Dragons are born.
              The first Gods appear, bringing various races into creation. 
              Gods wars, adventures.
              The various owners of the Nine Realms are settled.
              The beginning of the Worlds.

Dawn of the World

              Various races find their ways into the world. Early lifestyles established.

Over a Thousand years ago. The first Council of Immortals formed.

360 years ago. Night of the Moonburn. The Immortal Council and all of its works are obliterated when a piece of the Moon falls to Earth, releasing a huge amount of physical and magical energy.

240 years ago. The hill tribes of the Lees mountains unite in a campaign to conquer the lowlands to the North and East.

210 years ago. Empire of Lees formally declared.

160 years ago. Succession crisis. Thirty years of civil war.

130 years ago. Eran Republic unites most of old Lees empire as Lees Republic (Earanon).First formal contact with Arden.

120 - 40 years ago. Slow accumulation of small border kingdoms and island nations into the Republic. Undeclared rivalry with Rhygian colonies.

40 - 20 years ago Golden Age. No wars. Spread of Trade and Culture. Peace Treaty with Rhygia.

20 - 5 years ago. Goblin Wars. Culminates in the Battles of the Lees. Rhygian and Ardenni forces involved in many battles.

5 years ago.

     A good half of the Republic has been despoiled. Many of the ruling classes and Men at Arms killed in the final battles. 
     Post-War skirmishing with remnant goblin armies. Many refugees in the healthier parts of the Republic. Rebuilding efforts in some areas.

House Rules

Humans from Arden have 1 extra point in class abilities.Demi humans are as per normal. (Mature Magical culture)

Example: Human Fighters.

    Heroic fighter: As fighter with d10hd.
    Ferocious fighter: As fighter with monster to hit chances.
    Temple fighter: with 1/2 clerical.
    Arcane fighter: with 1/3 magical.
    Skilled fighter: with 3 proficiencies.

Hit Dice:

    Become Hero Dice (character agency). They still act as hp by default, but are used to represent luck, skill and resistance to painful but minor wounds.
    Characters and some monsters roll their HD on the spot to negate damage. You can also use them to change an attack roll, proficiency roll or saving throw by the
    average result of the HD used. 

Con points

    All characters have their Con as a base substitute for HP's. Once your hero dice are used up, you start taking CP damage. More than half leaves you badly wounded
    (-4 to everything), more than 3/4 means you're unconscious. More than Con means you're dead.

Magic Rules (Borrowed from RStites)

    Magicians can know many spells from each level, but most can only be cast after sitting and preparing for about an hour per level of power of a spell. A Mages spells per day
    are the ones they can cast quickly. These spells take as long to change as they do to learn - one week per level.

Henchmen and hirelings

   Henchmen are generally your standard classes, with no modifying extra point.
   Hirelings are 0th level/1st level Elites in their class (generally fighter).

Build your own class

   PC's can modify a basic class to suit their tastes, building their 'take' on any of the classes from the earlier editions of D&D. 


   Gained by meeting objectives. Think of it as tallying up the treasure value of a dungeon and doling that out as XP for dealing with what lies within, whether you gain the
   actual treasure or not. Monster xp will be given out on a tally system (with every contribution sharing), to vary up individual xp a little.