Bloody Angle

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The Bloody Angle is a district in the far west of the city about a mile outside Borlak's Gate. It is a area that caters to bloody pursuits. Its the Meatpacking district.

For a city the size of amber a great deal of food is imported. While a great deal of meat is imported under simple preservation spells the majority of meat is herded into the Bloody Angle to be slaughtered.

Nearly every type of animal that reaches the plates of amber is dispatched and prepared here with the exception of sea foods. The most common meat animals are sheep, PNB, cattle, chicken, turkey , and pig. Manticore and drake are provided in respectable amounts by the Rangers.

There is a 100 meter run of PNB at the far west of the Angle that is hunted daily.

Along with butcher businesses and abattoirs are associated businesses.

  • Tanners make up a large portion of the business for obvious reasons. Leather is a common material used by craftsmen and it is prepared in all shapes and sizes.
  • There are here in respectable numbers. Leather & fabric are colored in many colors in hides and bolts as well as finished pieces.
  • The Angle is an extremely inexpensive place to rent workspace so many craftsman rent space here.,Leatherworkers are common. Feather workers prepare feathers for use by many other craftsmen.
  • There is a large residential community here but it is looked down on by nearly the rest of the city. King Random has had a large residence here since he was young. He owned a gambling hall tavern here for centuries that sponsored gambling on many topics. Card tables. Pool tables of many designs. Its been commented that Random's Card Hall was a more respectable establishment but had a lot of similarities to Thin Whip's Place.
  • There are a lot of restaurants in the Angle for obvious reasons. A common type of restaurant are called Scrap Houses. These places get scraps from the abattoirS and cook a wide variety of meals. Tacos are common. Loose meat sandwiches are common. Seasoning is one of the things that separate places.
  • Stew Houses prepare many types of stews that are shipped to store across the city. They are frozen by the gallon in the Angle to be reheated by the consumer at home. Many grade of stew is made using a wide range of spicing. Stew is a common daily food for Anmberites.

Frozen Scrap is a commonly purchased product in the city but it is to some degree looked down on. But it is a cheap protein. The cheapest is a full mix bag. The next cheapest is PNB scrap

Scrap consisting of fish is commonly available in the Harbor District.