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The campaign is set in the year 590 CY, in the world of Greyhawk. The following online resources might be helpful to players who are looking for inspiration.

A PDF of the History of the Greyhawk Wars 479-494CY (TSR, 1991): [1]

The Concatenated Cantons of Perrenland are experiencing a golden age in the wake of the Greyhawk Wars, enriched by a merchant class that prospered from the nation’s neutrality during the wars and mercenary bands that have returned laden with plunder. The ruling council is granting fiefs to minor lords who are willing to seize and civilize borderlands, securing them for settlement and trade.

Lady Alberta Isenberg, the newly minted Baroness of Blutstein, has arrived in the Sepia Uplands with a large retinue of men-at-arms, families of freemen and serfs, merchants, a temple retinue, and a band of mercenaries led by her younger brother. Driving out a band of goblins from the ruins of Blutstein Keep, the baroness’ followers have established a base of operations that may, with luck and hard work, grow into a thriving frontier community.

House Isenberg has gambled their fortune on this expedition, and provisioning it will soon drain what’s left of their dwindling fortune. Other houses have been granted fiefs in the uplands as well, so the race is on to secure a profitable domain. In return for the support and official recognition of the ruling council, a tax of 1/3 of all treasures, artifacts, and commercial profits must be turned over to the ruling council of Perrenland.

Player characters start as minor members of the families and factions in Blutstein. It’s primarily a human settlement, but there are halflings plying barges on the river that provides the only link to civilization, a contingent of dwarven merchants, and a high elf scholar is the baron’s trusted advisor. A few gnomes can also be found, but other more exotic races are rare and will generally be seen as curiosities or outsiders.

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