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The following is a list of some of the more influential NPCs in Bludstein.

In the court of Lady Alberta at Bludstein Keep:

Lady Alberta Isenberg, Baroness of Bludstein: the eldest daughter of a house that has suffered much misfortune in recent years, the Lady Alberta hopes to turn her family's fortunes around by staking a claim the the ancient Bludstein Keep and the surrounding lands. Lady Alberta relies on a core group of loyal advisers, including her consort Tankred, but it is well-known that she is a daunting force of her own, having overseen her family's businesses in Traft for many years.

Lodevik Isenberg, younger brother of Lady Alberta and mercenary captain: Lodevik made his fortune in the Greyhawk Wars, where it is rumoured that his mercenary company, the Iron Mountain Raiders, fought for employers on both side of the conflict. He has brought a score of his veterans with him to Bludstein, along with twice as many young sellswords eagre to make their fortune fighting for House Isenberg.

Tankred: the consort of Lady Alberta and father of her children. Coming from a minor clan, Tankred earned fame as a bard and is rumoured to have advertured in distant lands during his youth. Now he dabbles in his wife's businesses and various recreational pursuits. He is popular with the commoners of Bludstein, but most of the rest of his wife's household are dismissive of him and his value to the expedition. Since arriving in Bludstein, he has become increasingly close with the merchants of the community and the administration of the expedition's accounts.

Sarula Celannil: High elf scholar, mage, and close advisor to Lady Alberta. Sarula has devoted much of her adult life in study of human history, and is fascinated at the rapid changes in human society. She has come as a friend of Lady Alberta, but is also curious about some tales of this region that were passed down from her grandmother.

Hubert: Elderly chamberlain of Lady Alberta, Hubert has served three generations of her family and is unswervingly loyal and faithful. The journey to Bludstein was a difficult one for him, and he is in frail health.

Armgart Sargeant at arms of the household troops of Lady Alberta. He is a veteran pikeman who served in the Auszug (standing army) of Perrenland for many years before taking employment with House Isenberg. He commands a force of about 20 men-at-arms and the citizen militia that all of the free men and women in Bludstein must serve in. He is also technically in command of the mercenaries, but in reality they listen only to Lodevik.

Mother Bertina, Priestess of Allitur The Old Kerk has appointed Mother Bertina as their representative in establishng a temple to the patheon in Bludstein, and looking after the spiritual wellbeing of Lady Alberta. Her cold manner has made her an outsider in the court, but the temple is the spiritual center of the community and especially those who hold tightly to their faith. She oversees a small retinue of clerics and men-at-arms, and several freemen are directly employed in the construction of the new temple.

Ulrich Steuerber: Representetive, judge, and tax collector for the Perrenland Council. It is his duty to ensure that Lady Alberta upholds her duties (most importantly the conveyance of a 1/3 tax on treasures and plunder) and enforces the laws of Perrenland.

Bruna Daughter of Hubert, she oversees the kitchens and servants of Lady Alberta's household. Normally nothing goes on within Bludstein Keep that she is not aware of, but she is currently busy caring for her father in addition to her other duties.

In the settlement being built on the land between Bludstein Keep and the Blutwasser River.

Sir Degenhard An elderly paladin of Sir Cuthbert who still carries an iron-shod greatclub as he goes about his daily duties. Sir Degenhard now oversees the daily temple services and runs a school for the youth of the settlement.

Hanner Dyn Leader of the halfling riverfolk who ply the waters of the Blutwasser River. He has set up operations in a small building by the docks that also serves as a barracks for the halflings who work on the barges. All of the supplies for Bludstein must be delivered via the river due to the ruggedness of the surrounding terrain, making the halflings indispensible to the future wellbeing of the settlement.

Pekka Silvertongue Dwarven merchant who runs the general store in the Bludstein settlement. Drawn here by rumours of the strange blood red and black rock that the lower levels of the castle are constructed from, she is happy to stay and make a profit off of supplying the new settlement.

Leano the Metalsmith Once a successful adventurer, he has now retired to a life of smithing, but still serves as a sargeant for the militia when not too busy at his forge. His warm personality and tall stories of adventure make him incredibly popular amongst both the free men and women, and the serfs of the settlement. His forge has been fired day and night in recent days, as he steps aside from his militia duties and turns to mending the armour, weapons, and tools of the busy settlement.

Kuno the Carpenter While Kuno is a small, unimposing man, he wields influence as the carpenter tasked with overseeing the construction of wooden builings in Bludstein Keep and the village, potentially overseeing dozens of men in times of peace when the militia duties are relaxed. He increasingly is being called on to represent the common folk in bringing forward requests and petitions to Lady Alberta.

Randolf Stoneman Large, imposing, and loud, Randolf is the opposite of his close friend Kuno. An experienced stonemason, he is in charge of the work crews rebuilding the stone walls of the castle and village.

Bernharde the Hillman One of two residents of community who lived in the Sepia Uplands prior to the expedition's arrival. A ranger who has long taken Perrenland silver in exchange for patrolling the borders of the Uplands, he volunteered to guide the expedition upriver to Bludstein.

Rizalina A gnomish druidess who appeared in Bludstein shortly after the battle that drove off the goblins. She comes and goes at odd hours, rendering aid to the settlers and seeming to keep a watchful eye when they venture into the nearby woods. It's suspected that she must have a home nearby, and may originally hale from one of the gnomish settlements that are rumoured to be located in the Uplands, but she has said nothing of her background or personal life.

The Band of Wine and Song This band of flamboyant adventurers has attached themselves to the expedition. Baroness Isenberg’s fief grants her ownership of all treasure and artifacts discovered in her new lands (with a 1/3 share to the ruling council of Perrenland), but the Band of Wine and Song has negotiated a deal to keep 1/3 of all treasure they discover, along with provisioning for their expeditions. They are a lively group of adventurers led by the larger than life, flamboyant' Ragadoccioa (deceased), half-eleven bard whose rapier is as quick as his wit. His companions include Sinder (deceased) a gnome mage and alchemist with dangerous love of pyrotechnics, Reas (deceased) a often-inebriated monk of dubious piety, Aaron Lightfoot (deceased) a barbarian with a love of axes, and Lovely Lauralee (missing) a proud thief and pickpocket.

In the mercenary camp. Lodevik's trusted lieutenants.

Bruno One-Fist Veteran quartermaster of the Iron Mountain Raiders. If you are seeking to purchase something unavailable in Bludstein, he may be able to find it, at a price. His colleagues say that he grips his coins twice as firmly with his remaining fist, to make up for other hand lost to a ravenous demon in a particularly bloody battle. He wields a specially-designed heavy crossbow with a mechanism that reloads it automatically.

Batari A powerful sorceress and rumoured paraour of Lodevik Isenburg. Her ebony skin tells of a faraway birth, and the magics she wields spark rumours of infernal pacts.

Kraala Redeye When the Iron Mountain Raiders returned from the Greyhawk Wars, they brought with them a half-orc girlchild that had served as their mascot in the closing months of the war. The child has now grow to a woman and one of the fiercest warriors of the current company. She is scorned by many in Bludstein, but never to her face.

Korbin A small man who might easily be mistaken for a camp servant when he draws his fleabitten cloak tight. But a glimpse under that cloak reveals a collection of mysterious tools and strangely crafted knives. He serves as a scout of sorts, and procures many of the more peculiar items that Bruno One-Fist sells.

Hilger the Giant Rumoured to be a half-ogre, the powerful Hilger is the fulcrum of the Raiders' pike line, his plate-armoured bulk and deadly fighting abilities holding his comrades steady in the face of charges from knights and demonspawn alike during the Greyhawk Wars. Age has not made him any less daunting.

Other NPCs: Just because an NPC isn't on the list above should not be taken as an indication that they are not powerful. Many of the NPCs listed above have followers who are quite experienced in their own right, and potentially dangerous to anyone who wrong them in some way.

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