Bludstein Rumours

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This page is for the recording of rumours, tall tales, suspicions, gossip, etc. There will be no fact-checking. The DM may post the odd note up here, but players are welcome to edit freely.

-Among those who know the truth of things, it is widely understood that the 13th Arm vanished after the Greyhawk Wars. Some believed it was shattered to bits when Anarazel was banished during the Flight of Fiends. Others believe something as vile as the Arm couldn’t ever be destroyed. They say not even the Abyss would take the weapon back...and that it’s still out there in the world, just waiting to be found by someone brave or foolish enough to wield it.

-Not everything at Goodcuts Meats labled "chicken" is actually chicken. You've been warned.

-One of the more powerful goblinoids in the region is a giant bugbear called Iron Tooth.

-Hags have been seen in the nearby swamp and are known to have a fondness for halfling flesh.

-There is a tower nearby that has been inhabited by a group of goblins.***update***...this rumor was true and was delt with. Undead and other monsters were here also.

-The Band of Wine and Song found some barrows that they claimed were full of tremendous amounts of both undead and treasure.

-Unsubstantiated rumours have been circulating around the docks about a monstrous serpent sighted in the river.

-Locals have been gossiping about the possible agenda of a strange "cat man" who had wandered into town and disappeared soon after.

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