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The PCs receive a twenty year old distress call from a settler ship. The settlers crashed on a planet that looked like a bloodshot eye and were barely able to survive. Two years ago one of the settlers apparently went mad and murdered his family, but he's three thousand miles away from town. The settlers decided not to take further action. The victim's sister asks the PCs to investigate.

Bank Job[edit]

A group of well organized pirates have been raiding ships and planets in the Damocles cluster. They're well trained and have local knowledge. They also just stole six decommissioned Imperial fusion turrets. Stop them.

Corporation Games[edit]


Space Cathedral[edit]

The PCs find an ancient artefact, twenty two miles high floating in space. What is it for? Why is it there? All they have to go on are the logs found on the bodies of an Imperial scout force that beat them to it.

Blue Giant[edit]

Daniv is the fourth largest star in the galaxy. A blue hyper-giant of titanic proportions. The miner base on Daniv 1 Alpha has went quiet and the PCs have to find out whether it melted or not. Bring sunglasses.

Petros Magnifico[edit]

Petros Magnifico has a squatter problem, thirty two million of them and he wants them off his planet Now! Or else! (And you really don't want to see the 'or else'.)

Bug Hunt[edit]

It's a bug hunt.

Kong Tiki[edit]

Around the Damocles binary is an iron moon that shouldn't be there, life forms that shouldn't be able to dwell in a vacuum but can, and a bunch of scientists who don't deserve the title. Rescue them from the Mask-apes that have invaded their base.

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