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This is just a bunch of scenario ideas that I have no plans to develop, much.

Jubilee Tour[edit]

Empress Astræ'a is bored and wants to shake things up a little. She declares that her two hundredth jubilee was spoiled by the war so she's decided to have the tour now. When she takes The Throne into Treaty Zone the PCs are sent to keep an eye on her, prevent intergalactic war, and clean up the mess she leaves in her wake.

Brain Food[edit]

One of the corporations has bred Longhorns, a sentient breed of cattle who can better defend themselves against indigenous predators. The cows learn their purpose in life, and rebel. The PCs have to resolve the situation.

Eastlanders V Renovuka[edit]

A good old fashioned world war between two sides who are too similar to live together in peace. Resolve the conflict.

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