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The Astræ'an Empire has a formidable space navy consisting of twenty one fleets of ships. Each fleet is assigned to a specific sector and zone of the galaxy and is commanded by a Admiral of the Fleet. Generally speaking, each fleet has ten Wings and each wing consists of two billion troops and eight billion support personnel. Each Wing has one hundred battlegroups. Individual battlegroups tend to be specialized fighting forces. A battlegroup has a Duchy assigned to it, these Duchies are expected to supply that battlegroup with everything it needs. There are therefore at least 29,900 Duchies in the empire. In addition to the fleets, each duchy maintains a fleet of planetary defence vessels. These fleets are a source of extra personnel, training and a good place to dump problematic individuals for the battlegroup.


From the top down, the imperial naval chain of command is;

  • The Empress
  • The Handmaidens of the Empress
  • Grand High Admiral (commands the navy)
  • High Admiral (his second in command)
  • Admiral of the Fleet (commands one fleet)
  • Flag Admiral (second in command of a fleet)
  • Vice Admiral (commands one wing)
  • Rear Admiral (commands ten battlegroups or one wing naval headquarters)
  • Group Captain (commands one group flagship and one battlegroup)
  • Captain (commands one ship)


Fleet # Title # of Wings Famous Wings/Battlegroups/Specialities
1 First Imperial Expeditionary Force 10 Diamond One, Hammer of God (Elite special forces)
2 Grand Imperial Fleet 11 Imperial Rangers, Sorathia (now an independent nation)
3 Third Imperial Expeditionary Force 10
4 Grand Northern Fleet 10
5 5th Fleet 10
6 6th Fleet 10 Couriers
7 Home Guard 10 Diplomatic shuttles (spies), financial institution security
8 8th Fleet (Colonial Guard) 10 Extreme environment specialists. Hunchbacks (high G), Desert Amazons, Vacuum Angels, Winter Witches
10 1st Imperial Cavalry 8 Fast attack wings
11 Grand Eastern Fleet 10
12 2nd Imperial Cavalry 8 Fast attack wings
13 13th Fleet (Old Guard) 10
14 3rd Imperial Cavalry 8 Fast attack wings
15 New Imperial Army 10 Diesel Boys - Armoured Mecha Infantry (replaced 9th fleet who were destroyed for resisting the Empress)
16 The Astræ'an Guard 10 A bunch of tossers, noblemen playing soldier for the ballroom circuit
17 Grand Southern Fleet 10
18 Grand Western Fleet 10
19 19th Fleet (Peacekeepers) 10 Peacekeepers - naval investigations
20 Imperial Hellfires 4 Special Weapons Wing, Madmen who fly around the galactic core
21 Imperial Guard 10 Heralds, Spring Guard, Summer Guard, Autumn Guard, Winter Guard. The fleet accompanies the throne.
22 Deathwatch 10 Lost Souls, Highgrounders, Black Sky Deep space patrol

Assigned Sectors[edit]



The entire treaty zone war was fought by three imperial fleets, with some assistance from a fourth; The First Imperial Expeditionary Force in the rim zone, the Grand Imperial Fleet in the Outer zone and the Third Imperial Expeditionary Force in the inner zone. The Colonial Guard (8th Fleet) provided support and specialist troops when required, and the Special Weapons Wing of the Imperial Hellfires also played a part, supplying their High Energy Combat Archaeology team on occasions.

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