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The creatures here are fairly specific to the Treaty Zone and more specifically, to the campaign sub-sector.




Slough are long wood skinned segmented beasts like tree limbs connected by universal joints, each joint having one grasping limb and each slough having between 5 and 10 segments. When crossing open terrain they have all the speed and grace of a deck chair falling down stairs. In forested swamps they brachiate though the trees, and they swim like clumsy water snakes. Greater slough are huge, each segment the size of a person. Lesser slough are sentient and each segment is about the same size as a human arm.


The Flarin are a race of highly advanced intelligences that resemble large lilly-pads. Their homeworld and preferred colonies are clean wet worlds with lots of standing groundwater and not much weather. The Flarin are utterly precise mathematicians, brilliant scientists, infuriatingly logical and about as much use in a fight as a towel which has been nailed to a floor.

They deduced the physics of space travel after encountering an Oruc survey team on their home planet.

The Flarin have one small psychological glitch which sets them apart from humans, they get very, very embarrassed when presented with the concept of 'Up'. Flarin are flat, less than six centimetres thick and a good three meters across. They float on the surface of still water, bumping into each other, and they are naturally buoyant, they cannot sink. In ancient times, the only time a Flarin encountered the concept of 'up' was when another Flarin climbed on top of it to mate. In a Flarin's mind, 'Up' and 'Down' are sexually charged concepts and conversations on the subject are only fit for private pools between two intimate parties.

Three dimensional mathematics and pornography are closely linked subjects in Flarin education.

This tiny little glitch was of little interest to anyone, until the Flarin had to hammer out the boundaries of the treaty zone. They skirted the problem by completely ignoring the vertical components of the Galaxy. Which is why all galactic maps are top down charts divided into hexes.

An average Flarin has

Body 4, Mind 8, Soul 4

Personal gear 1 (a translator, comm device, misc tools), Special Movement (Water walking), Highly Skilled (var)

Awkward Size 1, Restricted Ground Movement 2, Inept Combat 2, Not So Fast 2, Not So Strong 2, One Arm (Fronds) 1, Sensory Impairment (can only feel ripples and touching) 2

A Flarin will have at least four levels in any knowledge skill it knows.

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