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A character in the Apocalypse World Chicago game.

Blues the Chopper[edit]

Blues has been building her gang for years, bit by bit, piece by piece. She started as part of a casual band of scavengers - people would come and go, but over time more and more stayed. Blues figures it's because she can keep them fed, keep them focused out rather than in, and because she's got an eye for the next thing to do - lots of her band would just kill and fuck and drink until they run out of scratch, then go steal some more. That ain't long-term, and Blues fancies living longer than that'll let her. Though she's not sure what that means herself, right now.

That doesn't mean they won't do those things, but she tries to keep it down when they're around friends. They need somewhere they can rest and be at least a little bit safe, somewhere they can get the bikes fixed up. It ain't easy keeping them under control, the gang isn't exactly up for restraint, but somewhere deep down she figures they know she's right. At least, the one's that don't realise that don't last long.


Woman, with a narrow face and weary eyes, wiry body.


Cool +1 Hard +2 Hot 0 Sharp +1 Weird -1


  • Pack Alpha
  • Fucking Thieves

My Bike[edit]

Speed 0, Handling +1, 0-armour, massive 0 Rugged, Aggressive Roaring muscular Bucking

My Gang[edit]

15 well armed and self-sufficient bastards, on picky high maintenance bikes. (3-harm gang small savage 1-armour +rich, vulnerable: grounded)


  • Magnum (3-harm close reload loud)
  • Machete (3-harm hand messy)
  • Heavy leather jacket (1-armour), rugged and much patched jeans, heavy boots.
  • Oddments worth 2 barter



Advances Taken[edit]