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  • Name: Carolina Leah Hamill
  • Species: Human
  • Rank: Lieutenant, junior grade - "Onwards and Upwards"
  • Department: Conn - "Why let other people fly?"
  • Stress: 13
  • Damage Bonus: 4


  • Human: Humans are adaptable and resilient, and their resolve and ambition often allow them to resist great hardship and triumph despite great adversity. However, Humans can also be reckless and stubborn, irrational, and unpredictable.

"Humans drive Vulcans nuts."


  • Where you come from matters less than where you are going. - "This must be true, or else I'm screwed."
  • A mediocre decision made at the right time is better than the perfect decision made too late. - "A too-common failing among older officers is to talk talk talk until there is no time left to implement a decision. Then they just shrug their shoulders and screw up the next problem."
  • The Federation is a beacon of hope shining against the darkness of despair. - "If we aren't here to make the galaxy a better place by our presence... why ARE we here?"
  • The biggest smile may hide the sharpest knife. - "I learned this from my family, but forgot when I left them. The ambush that killed Chief Weber made sure I won't forget again."


  • Control 9 - "I'm pretty cool."
  • Daring 11 - "I drive Vulcans crazy. It's awesome."
  • Fitness 9 - "I wonder if the crew would like to start up an intramural soccer league?"
  • Insight 9 - "Better than most of the people that I knew at the Academy, but still too slow to catch wind of a betrayal."
  • Presence 9 - "Surprise! People listen to those who get things done."
  • Reason 9 - "Smarter than the average moron."


  • Command 3 - "I come from a family of can-do, take-charge kind of people. Yes, this means that I can come across as a bit of a jerk, but I'm working on it."
  • Conn 4 - "Piloting is my first and best love. To soar in the void, freed from the past and heading to the future."
  • Security 4 - "A girl has to protect herself. And everyone else, when a commanding officer mucks it up."
  • Engin 2 - "It's hard to fly well if you don't understand how the engines work at all."
  • Science 2 - "Sensors are fun."
  • Medicine 1 - "Outside of some basic EMT training, this is not really my wheelhouse."


  • Composure: The character is good at remaining calm, useful where clear-headedness is needed. It is also vital when not revealing feelings or thoughts to an adversary by maintaining a ‘poker face’. Vulcans, for example, have the discipline and emotional suppression to remain impassive during traumatic situations. - "Calm in the face of insults, threats and crises. Learned that from my family, the assholes."
  • Small Craft: The character flies shuttles, runabouts, and fighters as if they were an extensions of their own body. These handle differently from starships and, while this doesn’t matter during routine flights, skill with small craft can be the difference between life and death in a crisis. Many small craft need only one or two flight crew, so this Focus cover operations, tactical Tasks, engineering problems, and the to-be-expected piloting and navigation. - "Spent time racing through the outskirts of the capital on my homeworld, and never really lost the taste for it."
  • Shipboard Tactical Systems - "A long way of saying, 'The things that make other things go boom.' "
  • Astronavigation: The character is an expert at interpreting and studying star charts, and picking the best route through a region. Space is not an empty void, and astronavigation requires understanding of subspace fluctuations, gas density variations, cosmic background radiation, gravitational distortions caused by stars and singularities, and a bewildering variety of factors that can change journey times by days, weeks or even months. - "It may be rude to say it like this, but I'm always looking for the best way to move on."
  • Combat Tactics: The character is a skilled in deploying ships and soldiers, and in coordinating the application of force from many sources. They have an appreciation of past tacticians and strategists, and have studied significant battles. They may also have a talent for games of strategy, such as chess or Stratagema. This Focus is useful when creating Advantages related to a battle plan or maneuver, or when giving bonuses - "Y'know, after getting into one massive running firefight through diplomatic quarters on a hostile world, I decided that maybe, just maybe, I should get better at understanding how everything works."
  • Hand Phasers - "When it comes down to the weapons being drawn... Shoot first. Shoot last. Shoot often."


  • Technical Expertise: Whenever you attempt a Task assisted by the ship’s Computers or Sensors, you may re-roll one d20 (which may be the ship’s die). - "The navigation sensors are SO awesome. They can pick up transmissions, too."
  • Constantly Watching: -1 difficulty when detecting danger or hidden enemies - "I'm not paranoid. Have people been saying that about me?"
  • Multi-Tasking: Attempting the "Override" Task while at a bridge station including Helm and/or Navigator positions utilizes the character’s Conn Discipline instead of the Discipline normally required for the Task. - "There's a LOT of stuff that I know how to do that I am pretty sure is against regulations."
  • Untapped Potential: Whenever the character succeeds at a Task for which they bought one or more additional dice with either Momentum or Threat, they may roll 1 challenge die. The character receives bonus Momentum equal to the roll of the challenge die, and adds one point to Threat if an Effect is rolled. The character cannot gain any higher rank than lieutenant (junior grade) while they possess this Talent - "I am young and awesome."


Home & Upbringing[edit]

Species Human

  • Attributes = Control/Daring/Presence +1
  • Talent = Technical Expertise

Busy Colony

  • Value = Where you come from matters less than where you are going
  • Attribute = Daring +1
  • Discipline = Command +1

Rebelled against Diplomacy and Politics

  • Attributes = Reason +2, Fitness +1
  • Discipline = Conn +1
  • Focus = Composure
  • Talent = Constantly Watching

Starfleet Academy[edit]

Command Track

  • Major: Conn
  • Minors: Science/Security
  • Value: A mediocre decision made at the right time is better than the perfect decision made too late
  • Attributes: +2 Insight, +1 Control
  • Disciplines: +2 Conn, +1 Science/Security
  • Focus: Small Craft, Shipboard Tactical Systems, Astronavigation
  • Talent: Multi-Tasking

Career Events[edit]

Young Officer

  • Talent: Untapped Potential
  • Value: The Federation is a beacon of hope shining against the darkness of despair

Required to Take Command

  • Attribute: +1 Daring
  • Discipline: +1 Command
  • Focus: Combat Tactics

Conflict with a Hostile Culture

  • Attribute: +1 Fitness
  • Discipline: +1 Security
  • Focus: Hand Phasers

Finishing Touches

  • Attribute: +1 Daring, Presence
  • Discipline: +1 Command, Engineering
  • Value: The biggest smile may hold the sharpest knife



Emmaliene1cosplay.jpg Emmaliene2cosplay.jpg

Lieutenant Carrie Hamill is a Human Woman of average height and lean build, often with a half-smile when faced with danger.

(photos are of Emmaliene, a cosplayer on deviantart)