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Even with the opening of the boarders, some things that happened during the dark days of the cold war, are still secrets. Like the nuclear incident that happened at Naval Shipyard in Kiev.

He was one of the people that were charged with "cleaning up" the mess. It did not go well and most of the people ordered to enter the ship soon died, except for those that became mutants.

After it was discovered that he had powers, the government sent him to the Interrogator. As one of the most powerful mental mutants ever discovered the Interrogator was charged with insuring the new mutants loyalty to the motherland. He almost killed the Interrogator, but then he had a change of heart, or more likely, mind. He has been assigned to Mass Reaction and he is approaching it like a Siberian post.

Bomb is no fun to be around, his personality is crappy, his moods are all the same, crappy. If someone voices a plan, he tells all the ways that it WILL fail. He will always find the worst in a situation and not hesitate to put it into words. He is the most hated member on the team and everyone would be very happy if he was reassigned or better yet "vanished"

Bomb PL 10 (150PP)

Init +2; 30ft (Run), 50ft (Teleportation); Defense 19/17 (7 Base, 2 Dex); BAB +6; +7 Melee (1S Punch), +8 Ranged (9S Radiation+ Dazzle); SV Dmg +12, Fort +8, Ref +7, Will +0; Str 12, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 10 (Total 50PP)

Skills: PS: Sailor 6/+9, Sense Motive 4/+4, Listen 5/+5, Taunt 5/+5, SC: Nuclear Engineering 6/+9 (Total 26PP)

Feats: X-Ray Vision [Flaw: Only turn after using Energy Blast], Accurate Attack, Point Blank Shot, Far Shot (Total 7PP)


  • Energy (Radiation) Control +10 (Source: Mutation; Extras: Explosion, Dazzle [Triggered: Energy Blast], Force Field, Teleportation [Limited: Base Move Only]; Stunt: Penetrating Attack) (Cost 6 / Total 60+2PP)
  • Amazing (Fortitude) Save +5 (Source: Technology; Extra: Reflex; Flaw: Device [Costume]) (Cost 1 / Total 5PP)