Bonding with Spatchi

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Michael James Watson
Seeking out the garden She finds Cicero curled around a branch, looking fat and happy, with a snake's contented demeanor.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah grins wide she walks up to him.
"Ohhh Cicero guess who is back."
She holds out her arm towards him so he can easily slother over if he wants.
"I missed you"

Michael James Watson
He slides senuously over her arm. Gripping his normal places with a feeling of contentment.

Amber Bronkhorst
"Welll i see and feel you had fun."
Alvah stands still for a moment allowing Cicero to nestle in how he wants.
In the meantime Alvah looks calmly around the garden.
When Cicero is settled she is ready to leave again. With a pirouette she turns ready to wander about.

Michael James Watson
As she wanders about the castle she notices something. Many of the pathways, stair cases, ramps, doors, emulate similar rises, falls, arches, and movements made in the Rasak runs. Looking around the castle with a newer appreciation to castle warfare she sees much of the training at Rasak done to train Elites to fight well in the environments of the castle.
She sees Spatchi sitting in an Alcove reading a heavy book. A plate of grapes and a tankard by her feet. Looking up she catches Alvah's eyes. Swinging her feet around to dangle she smiles, "Well, ready for the Elite Run tomorrow morning?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles
"Ey Spatchi. Yeah ofcourse! Would love to run again. Strangely enough i did miss the morning runs... or just the idea i just had the time and could do them. "
She shrugs
"How have you been doing?"

Michael James Watson
"Fine, though if they were shipping you off to Rasak I'd like to have known. Delwin had to tell me. Dwyn was apoplectic but i calmed her down. I know you like her but her thinking is serious odd."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah frowns
"Dwyn was apoplectic? why? what was she thinking?"
She then shrugs
"yeah didn't expect to be shipped off right away, one moment talking to dad the other moment, tadhaaaa on Rasak. "

Michael James Watson
"I don't know. Her daddy issues make yours look like milk and cookies. Of course her culture allows things the Amber culture considers improper.. Not that it didn't happen here i guess. Arlo tells me Chaos is not big on respecting, or noticing, family ties when it comes to violence or passion. Vek is a case in point. Anyway..As I understand it Rasak is occasionally used to drum loyalty into people. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods
"yes her daddy issues are abundant. and hey and i don't have daddy issues! But yeah i heard about Chaos being.. different. At least some guys are quite hot... " Alvah grins
"but you didn't hear me say that. "
she then waves her hand dismissive
"it is still your own choice if you go there or not so drum loyalty into people is... well your own choice then."

Michael James Watson
"Rasak? You're loyalty is your own as long as it doesn't cross the King of Rasak. Then he can tugg your leash. But the likelihood of that is small. Its said among the Elites that Benedict sent Shaz Far, a Chaosian nephew of Vek's to Rasak in order put a chain on him when he became an enemy of Amber. I understand Vek orchestrated getting Shaz Far to think going to the Amber Military Acadamy would be good experience once war with Amber came. They are both Hendrake;s after all."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Yeah i didn't think that whole leash would stay put but then again, it is what you said.. little chance that he would pull the leash. "
Alvah leans against the wall and just stares through the hallway
"That whole thing with Chaos is just interesting. you know funny thing, one side is warning me about the other... it feels a bit like a tug o war. So i guess i have a dinner to attend to tonight. what are your plans? figured to say yes to one thing makes me able to say no to the next and do stuff i want."

Michael James Watson
"Chaos is a bit over my pay grade. Though, speaking of pay grade...i did one thing last week. A lot of Elites do it. I requested a billet in Green Water. The place is called Cara' Cluster. Its an off duty spot we Elite go to when we have extended leave or easy duty. I've been approved for a 3 bedroom island.. ah... rank is not talked about there. There is a Hat at the Door policy.. So, you are allowed there but ....look, you are not as high maintenance as some principles. I'd love to have you come help me set the place up. ITs been a long time since i had more then a bunk in the barracks or a hammock in an attic. From there we can talk about what you want to do next. Im told a lot of young amberites find a place to spend a few decades.. I like the idea of setting down roots in some shadow. learn a new trade.. I hear you have been cooking.." She chuckles.

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah takes out something out of her pocket, looks at it seeing its a pen she shrugs and starts twirling it in with her fingers.
"So you get a place of your own, tha tis pretty neat. and hah that is a compliment i guess, that i am not that high maintenance. Sure i'll help you, have nothing else at the moment in the books. except for tonight. Dad is saying we are going to have an argument again, so i guess it would be good to be away. "
Alvah leans back against the wall
"That whole thing at the pattern was just awkward. "
She smiles to Spatchi
"but yeah i want to help you, but don't expect me to cook for you, i can bake brownies... an omelett and well yeah. don't expect more."
She rumages through her pocket again takes out a little ball shrugs and starts bouncing it against the wall.

Michael James Watson
"Then unless they wrap you in burlap and ship you off to Fantalin we can head down to the Cluster tomorrow? "
She starts spinning her elite dagger around her hand in a similar manner as tossing the ball.
"As for your cooking, unicorn forfend. But i thought i might like it. This is my first protective detail and a friend, an Elite...... well, Rede..... always talked about his experiences as a protector. They did a few years as police in a tech shadow before they went to Star Fleet academy. He served for 5 years on a star ship... Hard to imagine. He said they spend several years living in an adventuring world as merchant guards.. My friend Alec, she's a Dreanan Blue, so she grew up in a sword age, was an Elite to Lady Carissa and lives on Randal, a world in the Vulsara universe. She learned to race motorcycles and became something of a mechanic. While on duty she met Alexi Regor, a Regorian prince, and they are raising a child on Randal. there something you might like to go do for, oh, a decade?"

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah lets out a sudden laugh and shakes her head.
"they won't do that, the burlap sack and shipping off to Fantalin, how much my dad probably would love that to happen i think he knows better then to do that now. So yeah we can go tomorrow, before or after the elite run?"
She grins
"Oh i have stories about my cooking, there is a reason why my father and the head butler shunned me from the kitchen at a point. i actually think the final straw was after the exploded brownies."
Looking at Spatchi she blinks
"i am your first protectee, wow that sucks. they must really not like you, saddling you up with me. But i do hope we can become such friends as you describe. and do fun stuff. "
A slight smiles appears
"you talk about Rede with a sense that sounds like longing, you were a thing?"
Alvah then stands up straight and bounces the ball a bit harder against the walls
"you know i never really thought about those kind of things like further training, settling down. Although after Rasak i kind of realised i have been throwing away some years. After i had 'quit' the marine corp in my home shadow the only thing i really did was work, and i didn't do it for the money.. i didn't need money i just had a sense of uselessness and ofcourse i love the thrill of the job. "
Exhaling a long breath Alvah stops and stares to the floor.
"i was actually planning on geting something back for some people involved with Amber... you know get some good will towards me. And i still want to do it. But maybe i shouldn't rush it. Live a little.
My last boyfriend for example was.... "
Alvah starts to go deep in thought and count
"okey this time thing is already confusing.. it was before i even joined the marines. Maybe it would be good to just go out and about, see the sights. make friends." She winks to Spatchi "but settling down won't really be in that list just not my style..."
She turns to Spatchi and shrugs
"so no no active plans more vague ideas... and an urge to run away from things that are getting personal and hard. "

Michael James Watson
She laughs. "Oh don't pity me.. Protective detail is a huge honor for elites. And I asked for it. They picked me for you for my upbringing and special skill sets. And a certain flexibility with the law. I grew up in the Gray Guild and spent a lot of my youth as little more then a thief. I was asked if i would be willing as an Elite to be involved in criminal acts? I told them that within reason I was. I think they hope that my partnering with you will keep your criminal proclivities in check. The Gray Guild has certain rules and as long as we don't go passed them we should be ok."
She hmmms, "Rede...Yes, we were a couple for a time. Elites often hook up. Similar experiences., Things we can't talk about to anyone else. He is sort of a disappointment to his father and grandfather. He went wild for a time and ran through the Gray Guild. He is friends with Darcy Rozero, Arlo's Elite. Our relationship was no approved of by his family and there was something of a blow up..Im mostly over it"

Michael James Watson
"Time is tricky. It boggles my mind. I spent 13 years at Rasak and came back and the potted plant in my quarters was not even dry...Also, Age is a facotr of enthusiasm in Amber. So..if i go into shadow I might age, until I returned here.. So... What would i do if i had the time? Rede took me to a restaurant in shadow. In Nenton. The served amazing food from a country called Mexiko. I have often thought of finding such a shadow and getting work as a cook. take a few years to master the craft, of sorts. Maybe some night work in that shadow. Something that won't get me in trouble in Amber. Not settling down, just, doing something different away from Amber. How does one whittle away immortality?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"That sucks that it didn't work out between you two. wait wasn't that also the thing with that city guard chief here? who you beat up? "
Alvah laughs
"yes i got a plant from Dwynwen for my chambers and it was doing great... and my dad was in my room which wasn't that great. i have the feeling i'll never really have a sense of privacy. "
She smiles hearing of Spatchi her wish
"that actually sounds nice, i have been to mexico... or well on the shadowworld i am from. Woulnd't be to bad actually. finding a place like that. "
Alvah then moves in front of Spatchi and smiles
"keeping my criminal proclivities in check might be an issue. "
she starts to empty her pockets boots and such. Taking out spoons but perhaps a coin here and there. or something of a bit more value.
Alvah shrugs
"Hi i'm Alvah and i got a problem. "
"Gray guild, reminds me talking to Fisk soon. but i can do that when i'm not here as well. And Spatchi do you really want to avoid getting in trouble here?"

Michael James Watson
She pulls a bag from under her tunic. Pours buttons, a small skinning dagger, a few coins, a signet ring, a deck of cards-not trumps, and a collection of dice
"I'm Spatchi.. We know. This is one of the reasons I was thought of as your Elite."
"There is a difference between troubles. One of the reasons i left the guild is that so many of the elders of the guild stole without need and hoarded rather then spent. There are poor in Amber that live on the king's Bread and the King's Water and the King's Table. Families that gather meager coin through hard labor. Yet the guild allows for a member in good standing to steal the last coin of a person. I couldn't stand it. There is a lot of difference of opinion in the guild. What targets are taken? We are not assassins so we discourage mugging and assault-But members in good standing do it. We don't condone kidnapping and ransom; yet its done. "
"I was in the upper part of what's called the White Side. I stole from the rich who would hardly miss it. Many didn't. There are many noble houses that treat their servants and their customers as little more then slaves. Stealing from them was a pleasure. And I spent what I took. Fed myself, fed those in the Beggar's Guild. I enjoyed the Short con and the Long con but why con the poor? It wasn't out of desperation, it was simply cruel.. I enjoy being a Putpocket as much as Pickpocket. Some members in good standing were on the Black Side of the guild and they enjoyed the suffering of others."
"So, i guess when you ask if i want to avoid getting in trouble I guess i should ask you what kind of trouble do you want to get into? "

Amber Bronkhorst
"that is..... amazing, thank you! I alwasy feel like i should be horribly ashamed of everything i do. Still i got the feeling i do everything wrong. but knowing just... i am not the only one! it helps. "
Alvah picks up her stolen things again and puts them away.
"Although the idea of starting a cantina somewhere in a version of mexico does start to sound better and better. Maybe. the good i want to do by stealing that banner i can also do here. If there are so many as you say that are being treated horribly that are being abused by the rich.... what if we work together on it? You teach me what i need to learn here. Together try and make some people less miserable. "
She smiles warmly and wide to Spatchi
"i do think that might also be the reason why they put us together. Honestly noone is that stupid to not see this happening. And if we play as much by the rules as possible. i see no real big issues. You?"

Michael James Watson
"It may be possible they put use together because my altruism and my clashes with the Black side of the Gray guild to see if we could do some good for the commoners.. and a royal doing so would be good reputations building for the royal house"

Amber Bronkhorst
"ofcourse, ofcourse. they expect us to do this. You know what.. lets... We should do what we are good at. ANd if you show me the do's and don'ts around here in our field of skills. "
She looks at Spatchi and nods.
"maybe we can do something against that Wendy? was it? guy as well. But first tomorrow we go to your place at Cara Cluster. "
Alvah stretches
"so it's a plan then? Tonight i make nice with showing up to some kind of knighting and dinner. and then we have time for ourselves. Have to pick out a dress still. "

Michael James Watson
"Against Wendy? Wyndham Feldane? The Constable of Amber? Chief of Police for the city, really the nation, of Amber? That is the very definition of the people you leave the hell alone. Random's deal with Fisk, and the Gray Guild by extension, is not to steal from royals and a collection of great houses. Feldanes, Uriens, Chantris, Cogswell, Hale, Venway, Mikhale...a few others. It makes no sense to try stealing from them since the retribution would be unworth the effort. It not worth the aggrivation and the effect on my career for what was essentiually family interferance in a love affair between a disreputable elite and the black sheep of a Noble house."

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah nods calmly
"yes against that guy, but if you say it is not smart then, i'll leave it alone.
Yeah heard the basic rules not to steal from royals, good to know the names. So are there many more rich people left next to these houses?"
Smiling Alvah says
"Yeah i am starting to feel this thing, way more fun and a challenge then what i did back home. Unless i have to steal cats... i am not stealing cats again..."
After a short pause she continues
"Should we let Fisk know?"

Michael James Watson
"Well, Cats are good money. Not bad eating. Now lets be clear about the Nobles. I have plans against Wyndham, but they are long range. You can't just break into a guy like that's house. Its the long con or effecting his reputation for someone like him. And what can he lose that is able to be fenced?"

Amber Bronkhorst
"Just cats and i don't get along always.
And i get it i won't interfere with you plan on that. It is your project, if i can help i will.
Thibk that going for his reputation is the best way to go.
Materials can be bought again.
Shattered reputations are tarnished for life."

Michael James Watson
"And lives in Amber last longer then a financial setback. MY plans are contingent on a lot of things. Not the least of which having Rede make his father see reason. Till then, well, what happens at Diago Raks, Stays at Diago Raks. "

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah smiles.
"Alright, then for now that is parked there.
Well i am going to my chambers getiing some rest and then ready for tonight.
Where do we meet up tomorrow?"

Michael James Watson
"Well, you haven't had a lot of time to look over your apartment since you got back. If you object to my impertinence I can have it changed. I had the constructers come add a wall, a door, a tiny kitchenette and a watercloset to a quarter of that spare room."
She points sheepishly to the unused den.
"My obligation is to Random, Benedict and You in that order, and i am clear on my rights to tell Random and Benedict to mind their own business."

Amber Bronkhorst
"Thank you for the heads up. So you have furniture already brought up? And why just the quarter of that room?
You can have that whole spare room."
Alvah shrugs and then gives a wink
"I was about to ask you anyway. As long as you don't mind me dnacing in the living room now and then we'll be good."
She adds
"And it is good to know when to say bud out.... funny enough i don't have the feeling i can. I do it. But i feel i am being very much judged. Might be becauae i am just new and such."

Michael James Watson
She says, "You have a kitchen but its got a wood stove and i doubt you'll ever use it except for heating. You'll have bowls of heat stones probably when the weather turns. And chill stones for the summer i suspect. I have a hot plate, a plate that heats to cooking temperatures, and a Cold plate, that chills stuff to above freezing, and a collection of hot and chill stones. Hmm...You are new to Amber, strictly speaking, and Margot and Rasak don't use them...You probably are for unfamiliar with Continual Items.. We'll pick up a collection on the way to the Green Water. I'll need them for the place..."
She starts throwing the knife to stick in a door frame, summoning it back, another nervous habit.
"Where do I sleep....Where i sling my satchel. I've a cot in the barracks with a trunk of bits and pieces. Ive a few changes of clothes., tools of the trade..all my trades.. but until the billet in green waters I never saw the reason to settle down. I've lived in the squats. Rented at various inns in town. I used to live in Gray Hall. I left Gray Hall directly into the Amber military and have had a bunk wherever i was sent. Being in Protective Service is the closest i've come to having a regular life style. I was told I am a rising star in the Elites. So I asked for the billet. Got it to my surprise. I haven't seen it yet.

Amber Bronkhorst
"Well you are very welcome to stay in my chambers while here. And you can have that whole room. Not that i am using it. "
Alvah smiles.
"Well tomorrow you can check your new place. I'm sure it will be great."
Alvah nods in the general direction of where her chamber ls would be.
"You coming along?"

Michael James Watson
"Yes. My satchel is there..and I only need the room i had built. Its enough.

Amber Bronkhorst
"Alright, just know you can have more space if you want."
She nods to the plate, tankard and book.
"Lets go to our living quarters then. "
Alvah actually smiles wide.
"You know thinking of it... this is the first time in years i am actually being social and making friends. You, Dwynwen. I realized after Merrill left i never really bothered anymore. "
While walking Alvah shrugs.
"Ah well thats the past. Oh one thing i have been working out a route via the balcony to go in and out our quarters. Just so you know."
"Oh i want to stop by Jurt his chamber see if he is in, and if he is okey."

Michael James Watson
Finding his door and knocking there is no answer. He clearly isn't in. She guesses if Tweak sent here to her place in Amber it probably sent him to his place at thin whip's

Amber Bronkhorst
Alvah shrugs,
"I'll contact him soon. Still need to talk to his wife."
She turns to Spatchi,
"But that has no rush. I can always try and trump him."
Going to her own chambers she opens the door and lets Cicero find his own spot.