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Some would say that Borealis is a champion of the Canadian ideal, others believe that he is a villian, the line is a very fine one.

He was not always like this, there was a time that he was a member of the parliament and acted in the best interest on the people, but he found that his fellow men were not as interested as he was in doing the common good. This angered him greatly and he left Quebec for good.

He was in the Yukon, enjoying the beauty of the wilderness when he looked up to the lights. The Aurora was in action this night and spectacularly so. The lights came down and touched him.

He now has the raw power to change was he does not like about Canada, he just cant find a way to do it without hurting innocents

Borealis PL 20 (300PP)

Init +3; 30ft (Run), 70ft (Teleportation); Defense 22/19 (9 Base, 3 Dex); BAB +8; +12 Melee (11S Punch), +11 Ranged (14S/L Various Effects); SV Dmg +4, Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +6; Str 18, Dex 16, Con 18, Int 18, Wis 18, Cha 18 (Total 88PP)

Skills: Diplomacy 8/+19, Sense Motive 3/+14, Gather Information 5/+16, Computers 3/+14, PS: Lawyer 5/+16, PS: Speaker 8/+19, Listen 4/+15, Search 3/+14 (Total 39PP)

Feats: Darkvision, Assessment, Headquarters, Iron Will, Indomitable Will, Leadership, Connected, Power Immunity (Total 16PP)


  • Energy (Light) Control +14 (Source: Mutation; Effect: Dazzle; Extras: Absorption, Teleport, Force Field, Illusion, Incorporeal; Stunts: Mind Control, Energy Blast, Snare, Disintegration, Duel Damage ) (Cost 7 / Total 98+10PP)
  • Super Strength +7 (Source: Mutation; Extras: Super Wisdom, Super Charisma, Super Intelligence) (Cost 7 / Total 49PP)