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The planet Boros is not very industrialized. It has a lot of prairie land where you find sprawling ranches and farms. Boros’ cities have some factories that manufacture goods, though the products are meant mostly to be used on the planet.

The major industry of Boros is scrap metal. Parts that didn’t meet the Alliance’s rigorous standards, castoffs, damaged parts, and plain old junk find their way from Ares to Boros. Smaller and less reputable tech-companies hoping to pick up the scraps of Alliance contracts keep outlets on Boros. Small wonder that folk see Boros as a good place to find parts for almost anything, often at a good price. Better still, the planet has few landing restrictions. Ares is, of course, off-limits unless you can prove that you have a damn good reason to be there. Assuming the patrolling Alliance doesn’t just shoot you first to be on the safe side.

The largest city on Boros is Vandenburg, which is the center of its scrap and recycling industry.

  • Boros is home to the Earhart family on their ranch outside of Larsen City.
  • Racey, on of the JJB girls, was set up as a driver in Larsen City.
  • Summer 2522 - The Alliance has stepped up security in and around Boros, and its moon Ares. Armed marshals patrol the streets of most cities. There are "security visits" to the more remote towns and ranches. Bounties for insurgents are obscenely high resulting in some tensions with the locals.