Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals

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- Main Page; Keep On The Borderlands

  • This large stone vessel can be used to summon a water elemental when it is filled with purified water. The ritual then requires 1 full Turn to prepare for the summoning. After that it is prepared for use. At any time after that, a single round is needed to summon forth a water elemental. The user must maintain concentration on the elemental, neither moving nor casting spells, to control it. If control is lost, the elemental will turn on the caster. The elemental may be released at any time by the caster, so long as control is maintained. Elementals slain or dispelled, return to their home plane.
  • Water Elemental: HD 12, AC 0, #AT 1, Damage 2d8, Move 6"/18", Save as Fighter 12. Appears as a large wave of water 6' tall and 24' in diameter. Can only be harmed by magic or magic weapons. Does 1d8 additional damage to any creatures in water.