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Brian "Trick" Kilpatrick[edit]


Mirrors show what is within, not what is without[edit]

Attributes d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Physical d8 || Mental d6 || Social d8 || Magical d10

Distinctions d8[edit]

Son of Stone and Shadow: Only real difference twixt stone and shadow isn't the amount of available space each possesses, but the amount of concentration required to cross that space.

Check002.png True Son: Whatever sired you into the world knew a lot about the spaces in between. Take or step up a d8 Freak! complication to step up or double Physical for an action to take advantage of the spaces in between to reach into and cling to and move through apparently solid surfaces. Spend a PP to do both.

Strong Charm of the Law: Raised by law enforcement officers, Trick knows that perception is more advantageous than truth. He's got a silver tongue, especially when talking up authority figures.

Check002.png Silver Tongued Angel: Sometimes it's best to downplay your strength when pouring on the charm. Step back Physical for the scene to step up or double Social for an action. Spend a PP to do both.
Check002.png Flip the Script: Ya don't smell so sweet to the folk in charge, but the bloke you just deflected their attention from is all grins and smiles. When you draw down the attention of authority on yourself to protect a friend, classmate, or someone who can't help themselves, earn a PP.

Never Without a Mirror: Tiny framed mirrors - squares, circles, triangles, shards - Trick is constantly making them in his free time and tucking then in his shirt, his jacket, his socks, and his pants pockets.

Check002.png Shooting in the Dark: Sometimes you aint got control of a situation but you still hafta act. Gain 1 PP when you use your power without engaging a reflective surface you own or control.

Relationships d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Ryan and Roger Kilpatrick (Parents): d6 Of the pair, Ryan was the one that looked like a lost lumberjack and Roger looked like a school teacher if school teachers were selected by central casting of GQ Magazine. Both were homicide detectives and they just recently moved to town.

Briil: (Tutor): d8 To the untrained eye, Briil looks like a pet rock of some slate-like composition, but is actually a moderately aged earth elemental who acts as a tutor for Trick who is behind on elemental magics.

Jayne Cobb (Student; yes that's his name): d6 The jokes that no one in magical circles seem to get, the short red hair, the lanky frame, the orange toboggan hat, the firefly jokes that no one else in magical circles seem to get. Trick is new to school, but they've been fast friends since the first day when he snapped, "Did you pack the grenades?" at the shy kid sitting by himself in the lunchroom

Power d6Arrow03.png[edit]

Reflection Magic: d6 Trick can transfer matter or energy through any reflective surface currently reflecting it and out another such surface within range. *

Check002.png I Spy with my Mirrored Eye: You can use any reflective surface near you to see out of a reflective surface within range. Spend a PP to connect a mirror in your possession to one within range for the remainder of the scene. Only one such connection can be made at a time. It can be broken at will but costs another PP to activate a new connection.
Limit: Must be a reflective surface to hand and one reflective surface in range.
Check002.png Pop Goes the Weasel: Roun' n roun' th mulb'ry bush, Monkey chased th Weasel. Monkey thought it all was fun, until Weasel pulled a gun. When you step into danger to use your power defensively, step up or double Magical for an action. Spend a PP to do both.
Limit: Must be a reflective surface to hand and one reflective surface in range.

* School grounds and surrounding environs sound fair for "range"?


Trick suspects he might not be entirely human. He looks entirely human, if of the plainer end of the human spectrum in appearance. Unfortunately his magical power could point to earth magics, shadow magics, or even reflection magics. That last one comes closest, but usually refers to illusions and what he did was anything but illusory.

Cops see a lot of shit. The cops who were on call when his parents went over the uptown bridge weren't the sort to pretend they didn't see the shit they saw.

They had adopted him eyes wide.

His dads were great. Not a magical finger between the twenty they possessed. But lots of love, lots of understanding of the things boys went through, and when the magic thing hit with puberty it didn't even phase them. They got him in touch with the right people and got him in the right school.

Their recent move meant a new school, but it was another Magical school, and that was what he needed.

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