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Culture: Woodman of Wilderland
Standard of Living: Frugal
Cultural blessing: Woodcrafty
Calling: Scholar Shadow weakness: Lure of Secrets
Specialties: Beast-lore, Herb-lore, Rhymes of Lore
Distinctive features: Patient, Tall, Bird-Speech
Body: 3 Heart: 5 Wits: 6
Body (favoured): 4 Heart (favoured): 7 Wits (favoured): 9

-Common Skills-

* Awe: 0
* Inspire: 1 Reroll
* Persuade: 0
* Athletics: 2
* Travel: 2
* Stealth: 2
* Awareness: 3
* Insight: 2
* Search: 0
* Explore: 3
* Healing: 3
* Hunting: 2
* Song: 4
* Courtesy: 0
* Riddle: 1
* Craft: 1
* Battle: 1
* Lore: 3

-Weapon Skills-

  • Long-hafted axe: 0
  • Quarterstaff: 3
  • Dagger: 1


  • Feathered Armour (Leather Corslet) of Cunning Make
  • Brethilhiril, Staff of the Eldar (Protect Companion, Harass Enemy, Inspire)


  • Herbal Remedies (Fragrant Weeds & Poison Remedies)
  • Staunching Song (If wounded, roll Song to get Wis/x2/x3 End back. Spend Hope to do this to another.)


  • Staff damage: 4 edge: G injury: 14 enc: 1
  • Dagger damage: 3 edge: G injury: 12 enc: 0
  • Leather Corslet protection: 2d enc: 6
Fatigue & Endurance
Endurance: 7 Starting Endurance: 25 NOT WEARY
Fatigue from Encumbrance: 7 Fatigue from Travel: 3 Total Fatigue: 10
Default Journey Role: Scout
Hope & Shadow
Hope: 7 Starting Hope: 15 MISERABLE
Temporary Shadow: 7 Permanent Shadow: 0 Total Shadow: 7
Fellowship Focus: Mirabella
Protection & Damage
Armour: 0 Headgear: 0
Parry: 7 (6 in enclosed spaces)
Damage: 4(+3) Ranged: 0
Experience & Advancement
Wisdom: 3 Valour: 4
Experience: 10 Total Experience: 32
Fellowship: 9 Advancement: 9 Treasure: 32 Standing: 0

Background Brannock stands tall and straight as a young poplar, dressed in a brown hooded robe and cloak. He cultivates what could be called a beard if one were forgiving and his gangly frame and broad shoulders lend him a slightly startling appearance at first.....

Brannock never really fit in with the other folk in his family, whilst he was happiest in the woods he never quite got the point of killing the animal when there was so much more that could be learned simple by observing it. His knowledge of herblore and edible plants kept him in good standing with the older members of his family even as he endured the ribbing of his younger brothers and cousins.

But it was the first time that Brannock was allowed to visit Rhosgobel that he knew exactly what he wanted to become.......of course he knew that it was impossible....blasphemous even.....but some part of his mind locked its teeth into the idea and would not let go. If he had been within one of the great southern cities he would have buried his head in the ancient libraries and maybe never have emerged. But there were no libraries in the old wood, and he would not go to the source, as it were, he knew those impossibly ancient eyes would divulge his hunger in an instant.

Instead he honed his mind and awareness even more, hoping that intense study of the natural world would reveal some glimmer, some spark, some .....shadow of the secret power he had glimpsed. Brannock does his best to make himself as useful as possible to his people; setting bones, delivering children and stitching up those who insist on playing with pointy things.......but always his eyes are searching for traces of ancient power in order that one day he may have a Greenwood to watch over of his own, where he will be known as.....not a Wizard.......certainly not......that was not for mortal men......still.........