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This being the great and glorious wiki for Break On Through (To the Otherside), a game created in the year two-thousand fifteen of our Lord by hippokrene. Within it, noble heroes do battle with the forces of corruption, cruelty, ambition, and madness for the spirit of the world.


Debbie Bartell, tiefling sorcerer, played by Unka Josh
Harisa Čorbadžić, human ranger, played by Alice Sara
Matthias Drachwald, tiefling rogue/warlock, played by Xhaosdaemon
Kelly Franks, human paladin, played by squidheadjax
Audrey Luthier, half-elven bard, played by Stormraven - Taken into federal custody.
Michael Mohan, human cleric, played by rbingham2000
Tobias Stone, human warlock, played by Caias Ward - Taken into federal custody.
Robert Stroud, dwarven fighter, played by Bira

Major and Minor Characters[edit]

Tyfereth, a deva who served in the Dawn War and became Keeper of the Cenotaph, the temple and tomb for Serpent Lurking in the Black Waters. She was summoned to Homeworld by a priest of Gruumsh evoking her with her true name and binding her to his service.

Caroline, Vincent, and Enzo, three scientists saved from the contaminated base. Caroline was the assistant director to the lead scientist, Vincent a communications technician, and Enzo a biochemist from a private pharmacology lab in the AE.


The Devil[edit]

After visiting a friend in hospital, Robert Stroud heads to Blueberry Hill restaurant and finds a partially eaten body by the dumpster. He contacts police but returns later that evening, investigating the area for signs of Otherworlder activity. Two officers notice his van and begin to search the abandoned buildings in the Blueberry Hill lot, only to come face to face with a shadowy horror.

Robert pries a steel bar lose with his bare hands and pummels the monster, killing it. He's sent home and the body is taken to the FBI's special lab in Las Vegas to be examined. It seems this creature has struck before.

Special agent Amanda Mulgin is handling the investigation, and contacts Robert to set up a meeting.

The Pope[edit]

Debie Bartell, Michael Mohan, and Kelly Franks are on the trial of a cult of Gruumsh and end up in an abandoned Las Vegas strip club. Within it, they find a portal to the Otherworld and a rave. They manage to throw off the powerful trance of the music, but Michael sees a powerful vision of a priest with bloody hands. He flares with burning righteousness and alerts the guards to the groups presence.

After a brief altercation with the bouncers, one of them whispers a code-word, "Havoc" into his microphone. As the guards flee, the dancers begin to scream and fall down. Soon small creatures burst from some of them. Micheal and Kelly tend to the dying dancers while Debbie discovers the source of the unholy power - the DJ's music - and takes her out.

Authorities are alerted and Micheal makes sure the dancers make it to ambulances outside.

The trio investigate the 'warehouse' the rave was in and discover it's a temple with shrines to several gods within. Under the dance floor, they come across an angel whose wings/harmonies have been taken. She tells them of the priest who performed the ritual: a orc with one smoking eye.

They untie her and decide to bring her to the real world.

The Tower[edit]

While merrily minding her own business, Harisa Čorbadžić was sucked into a disaster she does not yet recognize, but will hopefully live long enough to see bloom. The ranger followed two gnolls until she spotted dark smoke in the distance. At is source she found a small, burned out military base with a single, wounded soldier outside it.

Upon a nearby rocky outcropping sunbathed flying, reptilian beast about the size of an elephant.

Harisa snuck to the soldier, healing him, and inquiring as to events. He led her to the middle of the base and then downwards into a secure facility that has suffered a horrific outbreak of biological specimens. After fighting off a small but ravenous group of lurkers, they encountered survivors making fort in the communication center.

Not all was as it seemed though. The scientist who treated Harisa told her that there was something terribly wrong, another Otherlander had been murdered, and the soldiers were coordinating with the main base as they said. Harisa decided to take matters into her own hands and persuaded the captain to let her, the wounded solider, and a few scientists free.

Returning to the topside, Harisa now has the task of getting a group of non-Otherworlders to their base. But first, how to get by that dragon?


Base One, the military headquarters of the AE presence in the Otherworld. Located in an abandoned(?) dwarven ruin.

European Alliance(AE) was created in response to increased aggression from the Warsaw Pact nations, especially the Soviet Union, after the Budapest Intrusion.

Tajínvall, that great port city on eastern edge of the silver sea. Its docks are heavy with trade and its walls blackened by the many magics that have failed to bring them down.