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Character Build Links[edit]

The Great Super Villain Contest[edit]

issue #1[edit]

M&M presents: "tGSVC, part I" , September 12, 2007. GM: KEVIN
RECAP:  ???
Issue ROSTER:  ???
GM ONLY Notes:
For several months, the anti-social activities of many of the world's most powerful villains have been on the decline. This has been seen in many quarters as evidence that the constant vigilance of the world's costumed champions of justice has been more successful of late; however, some fear that this observed decline is merely an indication that some greater evil is marshalling its forces for a grand assaunt on humankind.
Those fears are correct.
Hidden deep beneath the semi-toxic waters of one of Brick City's chemical factories lies the secret citadel of  ??? , the mysterious villain whose very existence is still unknown. From this sub-terra stronghold, the mastermind has sent forth his emissaries of evil to make contact with the most powerful villains of all. He has offered them an opportunity to prove once and for all which among them is the deadliest threat to the forces of law and order. Their immediate objective will be to embarrass, defeat, and ultimately to destroy the superheroes of Earth. Their final goal will be Power Absolute.
To the final victor in the struggle for supremacy the mastermind has promised  ??? ...
PHASE 1 - the qualifying round
  • Mastermind begins contacting villains, thugs, crooks and other seedy elements, telling them of the contest and its prize, instructing them to begin assailing superheroes and passing the good word to their villainous allies. To participate they must simply respond with accknowledgement. He doesn't mention that every villain on Earth is a contestant - even villain totally ignorant of the contest will be evaluated so long as word of their deeds reach the mastermind.
  • GOAL: Gain points by battling, defeating, and humiliating heroes. The more formidable the hero the more points are awarded for his defeat. Conversely, the more villainsthere are attacking a hero, the fewer points there are to go around. This is to weed out would-be competitors who are unfit to be a supervillain and to evaluate the supervillains abilites and powers. Villains who consistently lose to heroes, or who are too stupid to take advantage of their opportunities, or who are too psychopathic to control themselves under stress, will likely not do well enough to reach the second phase of the competition. The purpose of the contest is to determine the most powerful supervillains (and heroes) on Earth. The object of this initial phase is to weed out would-be competitors who are unfit. Villains who consistently lose to heroes, or who are too stupid to take advantage of their opportunities, or who are too psychopathic to control themselves under struss, will liely not do well enough to reach the second phase of the competition.
    At this stage of the competition there is no interest in causing any deaths. The goals is learning the relative strengths of the heroes and villains.
PHASE 2 - the round of doom
  •  ???
PHASE 3 - the round of death
  •  ???

Issue #1 OPEN[edit]

  • Aid Mark with character building.
  • Hand out handouts!
    • Brick City folder
      • pencil & pocket
      • maps & pix of Brick City
  • Offer the players for someone to "chronicle" quotes for the game. = +1 HP per session.
reoccuring themes[edit]
  • Therapy sessions: with PCs talking about their Heroic Motivation
  • Wren narrates "and that's how it happened..." (note to players that it might NOT have happened that way according to continuity, but that's what he remembers...)
GAME ON - confusing opening[edit]
  • NOW @ ... a SIDEKICK speaks... A confessional style talk from Howard "Howie" Gilbert [formerly "Wren" of Firefox & Wren] wants into the PC super team. He's met them at the free counseling therapy meetings offered by C.H.O.R.E. (the Commission for Heroic Operations Reward Endevor) system.
  • MEANWHILE @ ... EARS Group Therapy office: Dr. Bloom, M. Ed., LMHC
  • PREVIOUSLY #1 @ ... Individual buttkicking (Roll Initiative!: Allow Players to choose their location based on initiative roll. Roll 50/50 to start scene to see if PC is doing good/bad to open)
  • GUS THE DIMENSIONAL: a pawn shop owner, whose pawn shop seems to be a place where interesting gadgets and artifacts find themselves. He has 4-5 of these at any given time.
  • CORN-STAR: with the power to talk to corn, no one thought he could be a hero - especially in Jersey... He's since learned to animate corn and use corn as weapons.
  • THE BEFUDDLER: criminals and friends alike fear getting unwanted tunes looped in their head, causing Confusion and sometimes Nausia or even Draining Will...
  • RED SHIRT: cursed by a gypsy when fighting over the last action figure at a "Space Trek" convention - he now dies and comes back moments later, each time with a random power/ability.
  • PREVIOUSLY #2 @ ... At the C.H.O.R.E. offices (city hall) an angry ex-Hero shows up peeved at C.H.O.R.E. The PCs can choose to fight or talk him down. The man is - "TINY SAMPSON" [PL14 hulk/tom thumb-like hero] one time member of the Exemplars in the mid/late eighties, he is upset that they're not rolling over his 401k plan now that he's fully retired from heroing.
  • MEANWHILE @ ... EARS Group Therapy office: Dr. Richard R. Nash, M. Ed., LMHC
the Mob Plot[edit]
Brick City's local Don's, Don Carmine Cesario, darling daughter "Cindy" is having her sweet sixteen and her senior prom this weekend.
  • NOTE - 16 year olds are typically sophomores in high-school, not Seniors. Cindy is on her first date with the star quarterback, who is a senior.
  • NOTE - this is Cindy's chance to elevate her social standing rather than hang out with her peers, her pop's gotta understand that...
Unfortunately, the Don's rival, Don Julio Vespucci, has made some unwise comments about how it would be unfortunate if "something were to happen" to his pride and joy there...
So Don Carmine has "generously" offered to send a few "chaperones" to the prom. About a dozen of them, actually.
the Cesario Thugs
  • 8 "Thugs", 2 "Gang Leaders": The Don's men lack super-powers (he doesn't think that's 'fair,'), but be well-armed and experienced.
So the senior prom, already a festive event, is 'policed' by a dozen of the Cesario's made men, hardened criminals packing concealed weapons all, doing their level best to "look inconspicuous", since darling Cindy has put her foot down and insisted that "daddy" doesn't "make a scene".
It turns out that the rival, Don Julio, wasn't just blowing smoke and he's hired from NinjaCo (a fledgeling franchise of assassins) to show up to "make a scene", not "tipping his hat" to show for sure it's from the Vespucci family yet...
  • The heroes are stuck in the middle of a senior prom turned gang war, with a petulant mafia princess freaking out that "daddy" has ruined her senior prom by dragging his "work" into her very special day.
  • "Daddy's" men will, initially, try to keep things quiet, but once guns, or superpowers, start appearing, they will cut loose with the hardware while students:
a) flee screaming into the line of fire
b) "chivalrously" try to shield their dates and get themselves into even worse trouble
c) sit back and make smart arse comments.
  • NOTE - Cindy may brain a bad-guy, screaming about how he's ruined her evening (or gotten punch on her dress, or mussed her hair, or scared off her date...).
the Vespucci Thugs
  • 13 "Ninja", 1 "super": The rival's men consist of thugs from NinjaCo and a super-powered thug, attempting to use their powers to muscle in on the Don Carmine's criminal empire through fear and blackmail.
    • Super???


  • GUS: as one or more prom attendees raid his shop for accessories (how weird that Gus has the *perfect* prom dress in stock, and one of the made men stopping in to pawn something he kiped sees it and mentions it to princess Cindy, which puts Gus in position to hear about the upcoming dance and potential gang war stuff...).
  • CORN-STAR: was tagged to run a popcorn stand (thus giving him plenty of kernels as potential weaponry)
  • THE BEFUDDLER: could be the Prom's DJ
  • RED-SHIRT: could live up to his name and simply be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The FAMILIES (The Mob)
Mob operations are run from the top down by the city's three ruling families: the Cesarios, Maggios and Vespuccis.

The Cesario Family
Carmine Cesario has been don of the Cesario organized crime family since the passing of his father "Big Nicky" Cesario some 15 years ago. Under Carmine's leadership, the Cesarios are currently the top-ranking of the city's three families. Carmine has no known powers, unless a vast network of henchmen, bribed city officials, and near-impenetrable resistance to prosecution count as powers. (They do.) Legally, Carmine is CEO of the Cesario Import/Export Concern, which operates down by the docks. His younger brother Salvatore, known for his impeccable gray suits and silvered sunglasses, serves as his primary enforcer.

  • Cesario Import/Export Concern: with Carmine as CEO this "front" business operates down by the docks.
  • Don "Big Nicky" Cesario (deceased): The old Big Boss...
  • Don Carmine Cesario: The big boss...
    • Cinderella "Cindy" Cesario: Don Carmine's darling daughter is sweet sixteen this year...
  • Salvatore Cesario: lead enforcer

The Vespucci Family
Julio Vespucci is the don of the Vespucci family, third member of the Mob's ruling council. The Vespuccis run numbers rackets, casinos, and just about anything else designed with an eye toward separating the obsessive-compulsive from their paychecks. Julio Vespucci's headquarters is the Vespucci Cardhouse, a large bar and gambling establishment (all entirely legal, of course) on the west side of town.

  • the Vespucci Cardhouse: a large bar and gambling establishment (all entirely legal, of course) on the west side of town.
  • Don Julio Vespucci:


(Empathy, Assistance, & Referral Service)

A Center for Counseling & Support (hypnosis optional)
"Relieve Your Monkey Mind"
Psychotherapy groups offer a particularly powerful opportunity for positive change. A therapy group is a safe environment in which one can experiment with new behaviors and new ways of looking at one's super heroic life.

Through the C.H.O.R.E. program EARS offer these free and confidential groups allowing heroes (and recovering villains) as well as gay, bisexual, and questioning individuals a safe space in which to explore issues of heroic actions, hero worship, sexuality, homophobia, coming out (both secret identity and homosexuality), family, loss, religion/spirituality, intimacy, race/ethnicity, and relationships and dating - all with a super heroic definition.
* Confidential: When you meet with EARS, your confidentiality and anonymity are assured.
* Certified: You will meet with a Certified Group Psychotherapist of the American Group Psychotherapy Association.
* Free: EARS support is offered to heroes of Brick City at absolutely no cost through the C.H.O.R.E. program.
Peer Groups are a powerful venue for growth and change. Not only do hero (and recovering villains) receive tremendous understanding, support, and encouragement from others facing similar issues, but they also gain different perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints on those issues. Most heroes, though somewhat apprehensive at first, report that the group experience was helpful far beyond their expectations.
Members learn how they can achieve more happiness and more effective crime fighting pressence in general, forging truthful, just, meaningful and supportive relationships with villains and civilians alike. Groups typically meet weekly on an ongoing basis, so that new members are invited to join as openings are created by those who leave. Reasons for joining a group can include all the usual reasons for entering therapy, such as depression or anxiety, but groups are particularly helpful in improving interpersonal heroic tactics.
We offer groups because they works for heroes familiar with team dynamics. We are convinced that the group format is one of the most effective tools for addressing issues common among super-powered individuals.
Learn to manage wandering or obsessive thoughts. The process and structure of the group atmosphere helps members learn how to be mindful about their thoughts as well as remaining mentally-focused and physically on-task. The group is designed to provide encouragement and support in order to lessen the feelings of isolation so common in this stage of super heroic development. . You will learn and practice deep breathing, stretching exercises, understanding your monkeys (thoughts), Buddhist meditation practices, etc. to help you manage anxiety mindfully.
Working effectively with heroes (and recovering villains) who are experiencing a wide variety of difficulties, with specialized training in many types of therapy - feeling passionate about helping you find what you want and need in the super heroic lifestyle you've chosen. Listening with compassion and respect, no matter your super hero grade, working diligently to help you build on your strengths, find hidden resources in yourself, downplay your weaknesses and vulnerabilities - arriving at the answers that are right for you. Many true heroes already have what they need to solve their problems, but feel stuck. EARS will help you improve your arrest rate, feel more in control, learn to reduce your worries, and live a full, joyful heroic life.
The EAR philosophy of practice is “The problem is the problem; you are not the problem”. It is EAR's role to assist you in disentangling yourself from the dominating influence of criminal element and help you regain control over your life.

issue #2[edit]

M&M presents: "tGSVC, part I" , September 19, 2007. GM: KEVIN
RECAP:  ???
Issue ROSTER:  ???
GM ONLY Notes:

issue #3[edit]

M&M presents: "tGSVC, part I" , September 19, 2007. GM: KEVIN
RECAP:  ???
Issue ROSTER:  ???
GM ONLY Notes:


City Things[edit]

  • the Villain Awards: being up for an "Enemy" Award.
the Annihilation Room: a seating section
the Most improved Villain of the Year Award

Ordinances and Laws[edit]

Social Aids[edit]


standing in line to cash in the coupons for dumb gifts
save the coupons up to get the good stuff like with the fairground tickets.
special offers of just about any sort that you receive with your credit card statement
exchange some of their points/reward dollars for tickets to theme parks, airline upgrades, magazine subscriptions, sunglasses, free superhero business cards and return address labels (just pay for shipping)
discounts at local second rate clothing stores (for all those suits they'll be leaving in phone booths)
discounts on large framed eye glasses (same reason)
discounts for drycleaning (for their super suits).
a free home make over for their hideouts (On the popular "Secret HQ for You" TV show for d-listers, like trading spaces or spouces but for team HQ's and/ or team leaders)!
  • "Super Welfare": snide super (one with hefty endorsements) refer to the checks that the B-list heroes wait in line for as "welfare" checks...
  • Hero reward points will be revoked, causing their prizes to get repo-ed on the convicted's premature escape from justice. Heroes can retain these points with their successful recapture of the villain. Recieving rewards from the conviction of super-criminals, including additional rewards for time served.
The heroes get into a really tough knock-down drag-out fight with a known super-villain and eventually are victorious. They are giddy and high-fiving each other all the way to the CHORE offices where they fill out the paperwork for their claim.
  • Reviewer: "Hmm it says here that you battled against Eviscerator at 5th and Main near Central Bank."
  • Hero 1: "Yeah! We kicked his butt!"
  • Reviewer: "Well Eviscerator is currently rated as a class C felon of minimal threat level..."
  • Hero 2: "Class C!?!? Minimal threat level!?!? His power is to make peoples guts explode!"
  • Reviewer: "True, but that is only one person at a time, which hardly classifies him as a Person of Mass Destruction."
  • Hero 3: "He exploded my guts!"
  • Reviewer: "You look okay..."
  • Hero 3: "I regenerate."
  • Reviewer: "Oh, I see. Regeneration negates the injury claims that you cited on the back of your claim form."
  • Hero 3: "He EXPLODED my GUTS!!!"
  • Reviewer: "Which brings me to the post-battle hazard clause. According to the police you did not remain for the entire clean-up after the battle."
  • Hero 2: "Yes, that's true. Because we were carrying our teammate to the hospital after his guts exploded."
  • Reviewer: "Unfortunately without an injury claim, you won't be able to file a hospital exemption clause for missing the post-battle cleanup; And apparently there was an exceptional mess near the bus stop..."
  • Hero 1: "Bus stop?"
  • Hero 3: "Sorry boss. That was me... it was where I was standing when my GUTS EXPLODED!!!"

C.H.O.R.E. "phase-out"[edit]

Add them both to the campaign for even more fun, maybe the chore stuff is the original that gets phased out and replaced with the cheap system, which is deamed more efficient by city hall(and can be run from another country at a fracton of the cost) make i a premium rate line aswell to add to the highjinx


the Commission for Heroic Enterprise Award Program: The heroes earn points similar to frequent flier miles, with outrageous restrictions on their earning and use. The system could feature a Byzantine telephone application system which (after suffering through a series of confusing choices and inscrutable instructions) inevitably requires the heroes to “stay on the line to talk to a customer service representative.” For a nice touch, track down some cheesy music on hold, and play it for your group while you go hit the bathroom, make yourself a sandwich, etc…
adding them both to the compaign for even more fun, maybe the chore stuff is the original that gets phased out and replaced with the cheap system, which is deamed more efficient by city hall(and can be run from another country at a fracton of the cost) make i a premium rate line aswell to add to the highjinx

Robert's Rules of Disorder[edit]



Institution of National Evaluation Process and Transaction

Game Plot Ideas[edit]

  • "Heroes or Zeroes!" You decide!: The heroes can always be approached by a TV producer who is looking to have them star for a few segments in his reality TV show.
  • "HQ Redo": An entire game where the heroes are being led around through "missions" or "training".. all the while the heroes' base/hideout is being refurbished. They would return to a camera crew in their faces and a designer flaunting his/her idea why the entire base is painted lime green. Make the missions seem either too easy or just weird. They could have to fight made up hereos that are actually part of the show's staff dressed in bad costumes. While all of this is going on, maybe a real villian shows up and "kicks it up a notch".


Single Villains[edit]

  • SMART & his Neo-Anderthals: as in "ME SMART!!!!" Albert Einstone, Dr. Prof. Albert Einstone, theoretical caveman from Earth's distant past flung into the modern world!! In his world/time "Alb" was the most brilliant "scientific" mind and a "kingpin" style of henchmen and mafia-like rule over his realm. He used things such as advanced wheel tech and fire to suppress, conquer and amaze.

He sends waves of cavemen on the backs of saber-tooth tigers, trained giant tree sloths ("they sneaky slow. No one notice them."), and even elite forces of cavemen riding on T-rexes (because you -have- to have cavemen riding dinosaurs in a silly supers game). Of course, you also need a storyline where Smart goes courting some super model (because he thinks he has to, to seize the "Queen" of the modern world) only to find love with a belligerent, burly woman with more in common among the neanderthals than people of her own time. And what happens when the power behind Smart starts having plans of her own.... the alien tech Smart uses is actually a highly intelligent, self-aware time machine. All those times Smart smacks it with a rock to make it work? It's like letting a kitten bite and claw you because you think it's cute and you want it to think it's all bad-ass. Same logic the machine uses, helping Smart conquer and rampage across the timestream because "aw, isn't he the cutest little thing" (in the background cavemen chase women, buildings explode, and velociraptors cling to the side of an out of control commuter train). Working on the theory of Arthur C. Clarke's 3rd Law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." But when he found a piece of "advanced technology" from beyond our Earth (actually a magical alien artifact, al la "Cosmic Cube")... He found that his experiments and inventions were working well beyond anything ever dreamed!! In reality, what was truly happening was his "every wish" was being made true as his mind (via the artifact) interpreted his wish/ideas into reality as a strange "stone tech" invention (such as lashing several rocks, wood and animal hides together to make a flying machine!) that should/would NEVER have worked without the power of that "magical artifact" giving it the power from his belief that it should work... Finally being thwarted by a caveman HERO (& rival) of his time... the hero grabbed the magic artifact and "wished Alb away!" unknowingly hurling him, a few minions (and the artifact) into the far-far future - our time of 2012! Now alone in his species, but still the most brilliant caveman in history (with his amazing artifact), Alb now seeks ways to get back to his world, or better yet... bring his world/time into our reality. THE PLOT: build a time machine to turn our time/world into caveman time/world!! Though the "technology" he needs to build for this is clearly outside his thinking (so he can't simply "wish" it into tech-existance), so he's discovered that our world has many theoretical time machine plans... he will send his minions into the world to steal every time-travel theory concocted!! (meaning - all the time travel movies of fiction!!) OR... a two tier approach to his plan being revealed. At first it's just a strange series of thefts, and when players learn his motivation they figure, "Ah, he just wants to go home." Then they find out that no, he actually wants to transform the world back to his time and it's a huge threat. Now rather than crazy time travel devices what I'd suggest is that he's stealing famous calendars and clocks. Stonehenge*, the atomic clock in New Mexico, Big Ben, all interner timekeeping websites, and stuff like that. At the same time he's prepping a plan to destroy every other clock and calender in the world! His ultimate plan is based on the idea that time is determined by perception. If everyone in the world can only look to his (famous) timekeeping devices for reference, then only he can determine the time, date, and year. And if he says it's millions of years ago... it will become millions of years ago! That seems sufficiently silly. he committs a crime and then disguises it as an animal attack/vandalism. It looks like one thing, but it's really another! He has tamed the very forces of nature by training animals to carry out his commands. Animals obeying man! Through his ability to generate fire at will, he has set fire to your very dwelling. Ultimate destruction! He has created tools allowing him to propel sharpened sticks with great force. They're called arrows! better take cover! So the gag is, he does some very basic stuff but he has complete mastery of it because he invented it. Villains with trained animals or who shoot bows or cover their tracks with false trails are pretty common, but it's still effective. Old tricks are the best tricks.

  • Clock Commander: Clock manipulation. Start, stop, speed up, or set all clocks with your MIIIIND. Impregnable time release safe? No problem. Need someone important to be late to a meeting? Got it covered. Time bomb? Yeah, it'll go off the other side of the next century. So many things are dependant on internal timers, you could do some serious dickishness with clock manipulation.
  • Dr. Detatch: a villain who can GRAFT arms, legs, parts to his minions - taking them from the heroes.
  • Dr. TNT: minons, which are actually identical robots (that look exactly like the evil doctor) and EXPLODE when triggered. A Triggered damage effect with the Explosion extra. Killing the user seems to be accepted as a -3 flaw around these parts.
  • Do-Over: The Character is a thief. He stole a time-stopping device and is using it to steal $$, Jewels, and Priceless Art. He is remeniscent of the Clock King from Batman, but his only initial motivation is money. He is extremely thorough, and timely in all that he does, and is rather anti-social.
    The Power is built as an area affect. If you look in Ultimate Power, it says that Time Stop affects a bubble of Rank x 5 ft. I contemplated making it happen everywhere, but this really makes the power a bit too ridiculous, and minimizes its effectiveness as a plot device. He has "all the time in the world" have him be ocd, and re-arrange funiture, dust peoples coats, and clean the surroundings in the area of his time stop. State subtlely how things are cleaner, or more well ordered than normal, and casually state that the vault wheel spokes are parallel to the floor, and that lady's hair is redone.... Very Happy. He turns on the faucet, there's a blink, then suddenly the faucet is overflowing and the song on the radio has changed. He opens the freezer door, there's a blink, and suddenly there's frost over everthing.
Personally, I wouln't give him the No Saving Throw Extra. For the first couple of times, every time he uses his power around the PCs, give them a Hero Point for being automaticaly affected by the power. Then, once they figure out that someone is using a time manipulating power on them, start allowing them their saving throws. Or, for even better stealth, figure out how many times you think he's gonna use the power, and give them the HP's at the beginning of the adventure.
Time Stopper villain needs to smash a watch or clock in order to achieve the effect. In this way, he'd leave physical evidence behind to alert the PCs that he'd been there and used his power. They could also anticipate when he was about to do it again. The idea came from the XTC song 25 O'Clock, specifically the lines:
"My spell of hours will make you fall
Each timer that I break
Will halt the flowing sands
Each timer that I break
Will put you in my hands"
  • Cat-Lady: strange lady with dozens of cats
  • Hell-Cow:
  • Mr. See Through: a hero whose hero form is made of solid flat plained glass, his abilities focus on "invisibility" however in times of need he can break and fire bits of his body in glass shards at foes. His major flaw is his massive "glass jaw".
  • Frat-Lad: continual college student who has the ability to eat/drink anything, can do great feats of daring, etc... but only if dared to do so and beer is usually involved.
  • The Impersonator - a villain I am using in a current game. PL 6 villain using the Master of Disguise Archetype, who has an unusual limitation that he can only imitate celebrities and public figures. So the hero (my GF's PL6 character) was quite surprised when she witnessed Wayne Gretzky doing a B&E job.
  • Terry Hardini: a probability controlling/escape artist/magician.
  • Broadcast: Not the funniest name, but this guy was goofy. He was a little nerdy dork who could use his psychic power to animate television images. In one session, the PCs had to cure the city of a plague of indians from a really bad western, a T-Rex, and a squad of mexican wrestlers. I'm think the PCs were more upset about his bad taste in TV shows than his villainous plot to take the city hostage.
  • The Villain: Again, not a spectacular name, but this guy was just cool. The PCs hated him though. He had the emotion control power and the whole city loved him. He also had a psychic-powered ESP recorder. He had the #1 reality TV show in America, and always edited for scenes that made him look really cool and everyone else (heroes and villains alike) really goofy. I used him to provide the "recap" after the session, writing up a web page with a review of the latest episode of Villain Mayhem.
  • Devour: One of the Eternals (ala Sandman). He came to Earth to swallow it hole, but fell in love with a human. When she died, he took her away to spread her amongst the stars. His child has grown in the core of the Earth since then.
  • Mr Wonderful: A former costumed adventurer for over 20 years, who broke his arm while tied to the space shuttle in one of The Villain's Inescapable Traps. Since he was such a popular player, The Villain untied him from the space shuttle when he agreed to retire from the superhero life.
  • Ultimate Man: My archetypical superhero for the campaign. He's kind of a superman knockoff. He was captured by a mad scientist who sought the secret to his superpowers and found the only part of his body that was not invincible, and thus removed Ultimate Man's eyes. Now Ultimate Man is old, blind, and retired, while a new generation of superheroes (my PCs) have sworn to get his eyes back one day.
  • Captain Russia: Now that Ultimate Man is out of the picture, Captain Russia is very dominant in world affairs. He is the archenemy of Patriot.
  • Fallout Boy: So far, this villain has just been mentioned and the PCs know nothing about him other than groaning out loud when they heard his name. I don't know anything about him either. But I will be tormenting my players with this one for awhile.
  • Mr Manhatten: This guy blows up whenever he's exposed to meteor rocks. That's it. Big explosion. He can't help it.
  • Death: The PCs haven't encountered him yet, but he's waiting. He was kind of inspired by the goofy villains and godlings from Charmed. He's an ordinary guy whose been given the Ring of Death and thus became Death and he guides people's souls to the afterlife. He has weird powers that can be used to affect others as well as himself. For example, he can nullify someone's healing powers and stop them from healing. He can astrally project himself to others. Once astrally projected, he can dimension travel via a portal of shimmering light. That's his goal. If anything goes wrong, you have one way out. You can challenge him to a game of chess. He has enough Create Object to make a giant life-sized chess board. His powers only work on people who are dying or rendered unconscious (not asleep). It's a weird writeup, but I can't wait for one of my players to meet death. I've even got a decent line setup in response to the "You're Death?" question. "Well, not THE death. More like A death. Well, YOU'RE death, more specifically. We better get moving along, then." I imagine him looking life a kindly old grandfather with a bad fashion sense.
  • The Roofer: attacked at a charity golf game. Yelling things like "Feel the pain of my razor sharp shingles", "I have shingles for all of you" and "Feel the shingle".
  • Run Nut: master of joggers everywhere. Run Nut became a great villian he had superspeed and mind control with area effect (only works when hes running and only makes others run away) that had the players run all over. The speedster on the team was like "What, do you know how far I can run as a sprint". It was great because the villian got away, players where running or helping people that started running.
  • Dr. Nova-Cane: A dentist who got struck by the radioactive flaming lighting of the super hero captain november. It unlocked his latent ability to conrol sugar and various sugar derived sweeteners. It also gave him one hell of a sugar craving and fused him to his surgical equipment. Powers: Animate objects (sugar based substances only, alt powers of blast and force fieldlinked to obscure (made up or jelly beans usually), Boost on speed and strength (requires sugar consumption), Strike (dentist equipment)
  • PJ – My homage to (rip-off of) Ambush Bug and The Spot. This was when I was playing Champions, so I’m not sure how he’d translate to MM… a Speed 12 teleporter with insanely high combat values, dressed in polka-dot pajamas and a “have a nice day” smiley mask. Since he had no other powers, he was always rigging obnoxious traps and playing pranks on the PCs. Or, he would just pop up at a random moment, slap the brick upside the head, and vanish again. He was also mute, but my exaggerated pantomimes while playing him aggravated the players more than any verbal taunting.
  • The Flying Skull – Take the Hobgoblin, replace his creepy costume with a dippy Halloween outfit, make his gadgets prone to malfunction, and give him all the evil charisma of Eugene Levy. His henchmen were called “The Skullions.”
  • Gordon Flute – a nuclear engineer who was exposed to radiation in a power plant accident. He developed X-level, continuous Mind Control that occurred whenever he spoke – essentially, he’s a nonstop Jedi Mind Trick ®.
  • Luman Air: funny is that his battle suit was made from junk parts. He had fans all over his car bumper shoulders along with headlights, turn signals, flashlights, and one of those scrolling lights that said "I am Luman Air, put the money in the bag or be blown away by my power." They got him because he had to stop and turn sideways to get through doors. and everything was chromed with spiners on some of the lights.
  • Double Check: A villain with hover-skates and a helmet that may or may not look like a hockey helmet. He has duplication and specializes in bull rushing (or maybe just move-by attacks).
  • Chimpanzerfaust: maniacal Nazi gorilla and his squadron of "Chimpanzerfaust" troopers.
  • Instant Ninja: duplicate into numerous copies, but only if he came into contact with water (kinda like the Martian dispensor from that old Bugs Bunny vs. Marvin cartoon). He wasn't a particularly effective ninja (since he was actually just a Pizza Delivery Guy who happened to teach Tae Kwon Do on the side), but when he was doused in or with water, things started to get a little wacky. Whenever the PCs had to deal with him, I'd figure out some way for him to make splashdown, whether it was falling into an indoor pool or getting the fire sprinklers in the building to activate. Hilarity would ensue as the PCs would try to: 1.) Avoid the horde of multiples attacking them en masse with bad martial arts maneuvers, and 2.) Locate the original, who was usually trying to run off with whatever loot he was after during the chaos.
  • Black Steelie: can assume an organic metal body ala colossus, but the added mass gives him a spheroid body not unlike the famed marble
  • Defoliator: a former janitor a for the new york city Conservitory, whose mutant powers awakened during a catastrophic fire caused by a fight between ???. the Stress activated his genetic potential, giving him the power to sense the thoughts of plants, all plants, everywhere in the world, and he can't turn it off. Do you have any idea what plants think about? Needless to say he's quite nuts, and employs various flamethrowers, acidbobms and dangerous chemical defoliants.
  • Tommy Gun - A roaring 20's mobster themed guy with a hi-tech machine guy in a violin case.
  • Dr. Kill All Humans -
  • Freaky Bones - A freak accident turned everything but his skeleton invisible and made him super strechy too
  • Belladonna - The "deadly nightshade" a poison ivy type with plant and poison powers
  • King of Hearts - Either play him as a playboy thief with a card moffit or maybe make him some serial killer who collects the "hearts" of his lovelies
  • Trouble-maker - A mutant with the ability to cause violent emotions to surface in persons in his/her area of effect if mutant does work for ya give them a experimental device (helmet) that produces same effect.
  • Black Aria -A former opera singer who was injured in a freak accident she used the wealth from her former husbands (she marries and then somethign accidental seems to happen to them) to pay for a series of operations and bio-tech vocal cords that grant a wide range of sonic abilities
  • Dr Diablo - A genetics expert driven to create the perfect "being" - to bad most of his experiments all involved up-lifting animals and mix matching any DNA he could come across (animal human mutant alien etc)
  • Frostbyte - Hi tech suit/armor ice themed guy - he loves to steal "cold" cash
  • The Big Bad Wolf - What do you do when a fairy tale character comes to life? Well a misplace spell (some college kids having fun) and the cursed tomb (Grimm's fairy tales) summons this intelligent Beast and with no lil Red to catch his eye he is going to feed on the city itself. A twist on the mindless werewolf archtype. HAHA! I did one with this name and gave him Superbreath; it was hilarious. I had him small, looking like a toonish humanoid wolf who would change when his Rage kicked in.
  • Card Shark - Think Gambit but with trick cards he throws.
  • Dorothy and the OZ Gang - First off Dorothy is a super model turned criminal mastermind - her lackys are trained attack dog Toto - Scarecrow escape artist/thief - Tin man a computer hacker - Lion the strong guy of the group (think Wolverine without claws or mutant abilities)
  • Beatnik: A 'beat generation' style poet who stages crimes as publicity stunts for his latest piece of doggerel. Has henchmen that follow him around clicking their fingers a lot, and fights foes with his 'beat stick.'
  • Folie a Trois: Three mentally ill patients who were placed in the same ward at a psychiatric hospital, and had extremely negative effects on each other. They sparked off and exacerbated each other's disorders, trapping all three of them in a vicious cycle of increasingly violent shared delusions and paranoia. This group madness motivated them to escape, and is driving them through a series of escalating crimes. If separated, they can be made to calm down and restored to relative sanity.
  • Anaconda: A pro wrestler (a grapple-freak mechanically) turned criminal with an affinity for snakes.
  • Baby Boomer: A midget demolitions expert.
  • Captain Collateral: A walking weapons locker around whom bad luck tends to crop up. If he were a character he would definitely have the Accident complication.
  • One-Man Mob: An ambitious criminal who uses a mind-control drug to turn innocents into his unknowing lackeys.
  • Password: Someone with extensive knowledge of computers as well as the human psyche.
  • Ford Tennessee: Once a mild-mannered clerk at the Bureau of Weights and Measures, Melvin Brunhicky suffered a break down and assaulted several of his co-workers for not appreciating precision as much as he did. In prison, he lifted a lot of weights and began abusing steroids, changing from a skinny weakling to a muscle-drenched bodybuilder. His fixation with absolute precision in measurements grew into a true obsessive compulsive disorder. On his release, he contacted a criminal scientist he'd heard about on the inside, and was able to acquire a pair of gauntlets (one fist of iron, the other of steel) that gave him superhuman strength – the ability to lift sixteen tons exactly. He now plots crimes that have to do with weights, lengths, and other statistical and dimensional quanta.
  • Urban Myss: An assassin who kills victims by recreating urban myths -- the hook on the door-handle, the removal of kidneys, etc. She only kills her targets -- no innocent bystanders, no heroes, nobody else -- and she justifies her actions by blaming society for creating a world of fear and ignorance that requires her murders to infuse logic into it.
  • Penny Wise: A play on the saying "Penny-wise, pound foolish." She's a con artist, master of disguise and thief who has an incredible IQ and few scruples. She believes that fools and their money deserve to be parted, and most of her cons and heists target events or interests stereotyped as being for the non-educated set -- the diamond-studded belt-buckle at a high-stakes rodeo, the solid-gold folding chair at a major wrestling event, or the car auctioned off to coincide with the opening of a big dumb action movie (in which the car is a major feature).
  • Prism: A villain with a hue-and-color theme. She uses high-tech illusions (usually to fool people, occasionally to blind with high-intensity light), and her attacks always follow the color spectrum -- if the Red Diamond is stolen on Monday, then on Tuesday, you'd better guard all the banks that have "Orange" in their name, and on Wednesday, put a few guards on Yellowstone Museum.
  • Cold Shoulder: Once a promising, if self-centered researcher in the field of cryonics, Susan Sleat was caught in a lab explosion that left her right arm twisted and mangled. When a corporate probe blamed her for the accident, she was sacked in short ordered and black-listed from the technology sector. Enraged by the insult, Sleat kidnapped a former associate and, with their combined technological genius, constructed the Cold Shoulder harness, an exo-frame for her chest and right arm that granted her incredible strength and the ability to drop objects to sub-zero temperatures with a touch. With he weapon, she struck back at her former employers, stealing money and technology to sell to the highest bidder. Cold Shoulder is cunning and intelligent, but dispite her name she is fairly hot-headed and egotistical. Her few captures can be chalked up to overconfidence moreso than any lack of ability.
  • The Haberdasher: a retail dealer in men's furnishings, as shirts, ties, gloves, socks, and hats. Chiefly British. a dealer in small wares and notions.
    Dashing Marcus Wattson II is a true Renaissance man, having studied history, literature, science, tactics and pugilism; a shame he wastes his talent and vast family fortune on crime. Watterson realized long ago that neither business nor hunting would satisfy him, and realized that only the cat-and-mouse games of matching wits with superheroes really interested him. His capers are always well thought-out and follow a theme (though often a confusing one related to classic literature, poetry, or famous battles). The Haberdasher is a classic gentleman, always well-spoken and calm, and would never imagine taking advantage of a disadvantaged foe; he has even come to the aid of citizens in distress in the past, though it's not a habit. He earned his name by wearing a different, stylish cap to each crime, each chapeau concealling a different gimmick. The Haberdasher is never found without a cadre of minions and at least three escape plans.
    • March Harriet: The Haberdashers mad assistant and Wuxia master, March Harriet is the perfectly-toned muscle to his well-dressed brains.
  • Doubletalk: When Mindy Twain's twin sister Mandy was shot by police, her mind snapped. Never a shining beacon of morality to begin with, Twain jumped from petty criminal to costumed maniac in short order. She still believes Mandy to be alive, unaware that their personalities inhabit the same body, and the seperation between the two personalities is so strong that she regularly has conversations and even arguments with herself. Her clothing is almost always patchwork sewn together from two different outfits, highlighting Mindy's 'spicey' personality and Mandy's 'sweet'. Doubletalk has a psychotic hatred of law officers, though she can't remember why, and her crimes usually build up to some grand scheme against a major police official or location. While both personalities are distinct (Mindy is more emotional and 'cheap', while Mandy is refined and intellectual), both are thoroughly insane and dangerous to anyone who gets in their way. Doublespeak seems to be inhumanly perceptive and has uncanning reflexes, possibly a side-effect of her insanity (she is thinking for two these days).
  • Bodycount - a murder obsessed psychopath bent only on increasing the number of people he's killed.
  • Penny Dreadful: female thief specializing in manuscripts, books, baseball cards... anything printed. Usually dresses in a pin-striped zoot-suit, but will sometimes dress as a literary character. Will have goons in appropriately-themed costumes (for example, if she goes as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, the goons will have a playing card motif).
  • Janus: Has a two-faced mask that allows him to see 360 degrees. Master lock-picker (maybe as a power?). Other than that, he's a fairly straight-forward crime boss, a-la Two Face. Note: he's actually twins, but only one is ever seen outside the mask at a time. Think Christian Bale's character from The Prestige.
  • Firebug: professional arsonist. Midget. (Inspired by the Firefly episode Objects in Space, where Jubal Early talks about a midget arsonist. "Little man loooved fires."
  • Charade: Gaston was a third-rate theater actor struggling to make ends meet. His life was almost in the dumps when he was given the chance to audition for a cutting edge new play by a revered playwright. But on his way to the audition, he was accidentally pushed in front of a moving car by a superhero. Gaston suffered many broken bones, but the worst injury was that the right side of his face was scarred horribly. From then on, Gaston was unable to get a part in anything because of his disfigurement. He slowly went insane, and broke into an abandoned theater and set up his home there, as well as his killing ground. His new gimmick, as Charade, is to kidnap influential people in the city and bring them to his play house, forcing them at gunpoint to act out the parts in his own twisted plays, all of which end with the death of every character. This is all in an attempt to catch the hero's attention and exact his revenge.
  • PIMPHAND aka Emerson Oakley - Emerson grew up in the low income side of Chicago in the 1970's during the time when the major "Players" around town were the Pimp types. There was an Urban legend circulating that one Pimp who was known to mess around with "Voodoo" moved his soul into his items upon passing like the ancient Egyptian belief. His cane, sunglasses and false teeth were all imbued with magical powers to hypnotize, lower your rep and even blind people, his ring could summon this previous owner's driver or bodyguard a brick type man called Mr. G. and his martial arts entourage of Foxy Ho's would help him pull off elaborate heists and robberies. So now Emerson has become the new Pimphand and his desire to gain a "Rep" has made him small time on the bad guy scene and his main obsession is stealing new "Bling"
  • SHAMROCK - aka Sean McEvery -Irish Boxer Sean McEvery was never that good a fighter and always down on his luck and down for the count. His short fuse and wild temper made him hard for manager's to promote and his lack of focus in the ring made him the target for a quick knockout when fighting a skilled opponent. This all changed the day that Sean inherited his Grandfather's personal belongings, one such item a small pendant with an emerald shamrocks around a mysterious stone. This strange trinket granted the wearer the ability to change the luck of others from good to bad or to change the luck of the wearer from bad to good with supernatural effects. Selfish by nature Sean soon realized that he could use this pendant to pull off petty heists and he disregarded his failed career as a boxer for a life of crime.
  • STAR SPANGLED SLAMMER - aka Chet Morrison - A former "bad guy" on the wrestling circuit. I am not sure how he came to become a real bad guy or how. Still working on those aspects.
  • CORPPRAL PUNISHMENT - aka Rick Timmins. A former solider in the US Army, Rick was a superior officer with strong fighting and reasoning skills. His superiors labeled him a perfect test subject for an experimental process to imbue a regular solider with the abilites of others simply by touch. This drug was tampered with by the original designer to ensure that an antidote could later be extorted from the military at a later time. Rick's own physiology and the unstable drug created a rift between his reasoning and his physical combat abilities so sever that he would soon develop a third and new section to his brain based on the skill absorbing effects. His inner aggression going off the charts turned him into a jeckle and hyde type. He took his one man crusade to punish those who he thought beneath him to the streets becoming a reverse Punisher type character.
  • Pasta Fellon: the incredible speghetti man. He wraps up is foes in pasta. He has stretching and entangle powers.
  • Vandor: the indestructible laser-beam shooting giant with razor-tipped fingers.
  • The Living Doll: and give a hero point or a few extra pp at the end of the chapter if they cry out, "My god, he's filled with tinier men!" while the villain uses his duplication powers.
  • GI Joe Stalin:
  • Irate Dolphin:
  • Claws Barbie:
  • the Fire Martian:
  • the Aphid: "Plant Lice"
  • Beta-Max:
  • Big Bang:
  • Colonel Hurty:
  • Comrade Citizen:
  • Editrix: nullifier by changing words
  • the Gizmomanometer:
  • Sarcasto: Master of Gothic Cathedral Demolition:
  • the Eviliminator: Eliminator of Evil Things but Defender of The Good Ones.
  • More Man:
  • Feral Deer:
  • Wastrel:
  • White Noise:
  • the Sound:
  • Darryl Hall:
  • Lamplighter & Boy Butane:
  • Bottom: Half man, half fiction, half ass (from a Midsummer Night’s Dream)
  • Courier: She can run but you can’t hide—just hope she’s delivering your mail
  • Iron Fist: Density-controlling snatch-(or smash-)and-grab specialist
  • Kraken: Fear the naughty tentacles!
  • El Matador: Teleporting hit-woman
  • The Munk: Duplicating gadgeteer shrinker—go ahead, giant-headed fools, laugh.
  • Origami: Folds space or time to fit the crime
  • Shakti: Reality is silly putty to a master of Hindu mysticism and quantum physics
  • The Top: A classic staple of the christmas stocking really should be part of a holiday stable of Toy based villains. His ability to spin at tornado like speeds is a total bonus!
  • Blow Up Doll: Oh sure you laugh at her now, but you'll find the surprised look will be on your face when she uses her ability to EXPLODE AT WILL in a crowded school.
  • Death Cycle: The steel Skull is pretty intimidating, the spikes on the tires allowing him to tread walls are terrifying. The little bell? That's just confusing.
  • Player 2: Kids love video games, so don't neglect this Crooks! stable character.
  • Action Figure: When George Irvine Joseph was accidentally coated in military "smart plastic" he gained invulnerability at the mere cost of a couple of points of articulation. Oh and his marbles he completely lost those.
  • ARTHAUS: Formerly a struggling painter while teaching digital and traditional painting at his local Art School of Design, Professor Renoir DeBois aquired a magical paint that when applied to his skin allows him to make paintings spring to life. Using these summoned minions he began sending them on quests to retrieve some of the world's most famous pieces, literally creating an army of his archive. Although his thefts has aided his ability to forge the finest paintings, his first love of painting has not improved enough to sell his original works.
  • the CONFECTIONERY: or Captain Canepe. Lined with pinks, whites, purples and the colors of candy the Confectionary has the ability to form sugary delights from gumballs to cotton-candy for which he uses as his gadgets for sinister effect. From Batman the Animated Series - the CONDIMENT KING: Primed with all brands and flavors, the Condiment King uses his arsenal of toppings as his gadgets for sinister effect.
  • Mr. Grinder: an organ grinder with hypnotic tunes and a vicious attack monkey!
  • The Fender Bender!: He maliciously bends the fenders of innocent motorists with complete disregard, with his sidekick Tire Iron! Fender Bender could be female with headlights on the costume!!!
  • Major Pain & Corpral Punishment:
  • Doggerel: is a mutant dog whose not very smart, but understands that a good villain has a motif and embraces his fully. Doggerel has henchmen who wear dog masks, is fond of dog-related crimes .... and Doggerel always, ALWAYS speaks in horrendous rhyming couplets. (Doggerel) He's a good comedy villain -- he seems himself as a crime lord, but most respectable supervillains just see him as a source of cheap muscle.
  • Future Shock: is a precognitive who, when he was young, saw the coming end of the world. Not precisely. What he saw was a clock and calendar that showed the precise date and time of the world's end, even though he can't remember what the exact date and time was, he's deathly afraid that the world will end soon. As he battles to forestall the end of the world, his crimes range from the bizarre to the incomprehensible. For the sake of the future, he will freely intervene in the plans of heroes or of villains, always protesting that he's doing the best for the world. But his particular dementia manifests in an obsession with clocks of all sorts. Future Shock is convinced that if he can stop all of the world's clocks, then his vision can't come to pass ... and the world cannot end.
  • Killer Serve: a former table-tennis pro who was bounced from tournaments for using performance-enhancing drugs. Powerwise, he has Super-Dexterity, Deflection (projectiles only) and gimmicked Ping-Pong balls. Caperwise, I could see him stealing a load of money to provide the purse for an underground table-tennis tournament. The tournament's competitors would be seeded from among the world's best, "invited" to participate ... and if the winner among the pros can beat him, that winner will take home the stolen prize money.
  • Fubar: a luck controlling screw up who was unlucky BEFORE he got his powers, and has managed to Jinx himself permanetly unlucky. Nothing goes right for this guy, not even putting his pants on in the morning...
  • Black steelie: an ambitious wheelman, the crook who would be steelie was bequathed by his dying boss a most wondrous favour- an IOU from a certain evil genius (personally, i'm thinking dr. simian. every good story needs a talking ape). realizing this was his big ticket (and that he'd better do it quick lest this famous foe say no), Steelie comissioned the ultimate vehicle, a superfast and unstoppable juggernaut unfortunately, the archfeind had quite the sense of humor, and thus the vehicle turned out to be a 15 foot round black not-quite-impervium spheroid. but, the favor was cashed, and so black Steelie was born, striking out at Brick City... "for ALL the marbles!"
  • Queen Condor: An heiress with a bird fixation, especially endangered birds or bird represented in art. She uses homing pigeons to deliver messages/demands/threats and has a trained condor as her sidekick, as well as an ample supply of mooks who, while dressed in the traditional black turtlenecks, bear nicknames like Eagle, Falcon, Jay, and Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker (the new guy).
  • Miss Manners: An ettiquette instructor driven insane by fumes from the secret drug lab set up next to her home, Hyacinth Cultures is a grandmotherly matron with a driving urge for revenge. Her original targets were several of her former students who were now disreputable figures in the city's celebrity scene. Since then, she's broadened her horizons and typically stages robberies and hostage situations at any gathering of people who SHOULD now how to behave themselves in public, but don't. She especially likes targetting celebrities who "compose themselves like drunken street whores." She has no specific powers, but has honed her ability to shred people's self-esteem through years of practice, and she's deadly with a wooden ruler.
  • The Dump: (Elemental Mastary - Poop)- Mild mannered septic tank engineer Bruce Feckel lived a lonely life. Every day he would go home alone because of the smell on his clothes. People on the street even said that the smell of septic oozed out of his pores. Only one woman, Felecia would even look at him, she took pity on him and tried to become his friend. Bruce slowly fell in love with her. Bruce decided for his sanity sake that he would quit his job and buy a ring to ask Felecia to marry him. To get the money he would need for the ring and to get training for a new job Bruce took on a most dangerous. The old Nuclear power plant needed to replace a septic recycler enzyme tray. Bruce put a down payment on the ring and had it in his pocket that fateful day. He bent over to look at the situation in the recycler and in dropped the ring. He screamed and dove in after it. The recycler had a grinder and chopper inside to liquify the material which in turn liquified Bruce. The radiation from the Nuclear plant kept him alive and fused the remains of his body with the liquid in the tank. Bruce busted the tank and saw his reflection which was an immense pile of crap in a slight human shape. One arm was chunky the other very liquidy. He walked down the street in agony until he saw his love, Felecia who fainted at the smell and choked on her own vomit. Bruce howled with rage and screamed "WHY MUST THE WORLD DUMP ON ME. FROM NOW ON IT WILL BE I WHO DUMPS ON THE WORLD"....
The Dump
Profession (Septic tank engineer) 4(+6)
Feats: Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Attack Special (Poop shoot),Diehard, Favor Environment 2(Sewage), Fearsome Presence 12, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown Attack 2
Powers: Nauseate 12 (Extras:Continuous+3,Cloud, Flaw:Permanent,Personal)pp:48; Insubstantial 1 PP:5; Telekinesis 10 (Perception Limited to pooh) PP:20; Blast 15 (Penetrating)-Poop Shoot, Ap:Blast 15 Fort Save PP:47, Ap:Variable Power 9(One power with Sewage desricptor); Snare 8 (Touch Range Aura)PP:16; Immunity 20(Own powers,Life Support,Nauseate,Fatigue)
Drawbacks: Full of crap (-8 to Diplomacy and Stealth)-4
  • Not Quite Jesus: (Enchantment/Necromancy/Illusion)- Jessie was a amature magician who decided to try to do magic with a religious connotation. Jessie had not quite mastered any of the miracles of the bible. The amature was politely pity clapped off the stage time after time by congregation after congregation. Turning water into kool-aid, crawling on water, and raising zombies just wasnt close enough to the real thing. Jessie became tourmented at his repeated failures and decided that he would go for the all or nothing feat of raising himself from the dead. He attempted to crucify himself but didnt think that he wouldnt have an extra hand to nail in his second hand. He didnt quite die, he was left in a permanante state of agony which was the start of his cruel crusade against the people who were not in physical pain and the media. Pain strenthens Jessie. The newspapers mocked him the next day calling him "Not Quite Jesus" with all his failed attempts. While NQJ may fail at doing tricks mimicing the miricles of jesus, he has mastered the tricks of causing pain to himself and others; not before attempting a miracle however.
  • Brass Monkey: A small human/monkey mutant that is made of “living brass.”
  • Gloop: Gloop has all the personality of a randy cockroach with the looks of an animated pool of radioactive sluge.
  • Man-Flea: Is he a man or is he a flea? No, he is both, he is Man-Flea!
  • Sceptic: A wretched man that has the power to plant the seeds of doubt into peoples minds.
  • Mutatron: (aka. Quantum Weirdo)A blue skinned mutant with the powers of mutation of others and teleportation.
  • Super-Snap: Anyone that has spent even a little time with Danny will get the impression that he is a colossal pervert and he is happy to admit it. Danny will also add that he is wealthy and hundreds of blokes would want a job like his. Danny is short and plump, with thinning greasy hair. Occasionally, about once a week, Danny will shave, the rest of the time he sports stubble. Normally he dresses in the same stained suit, shirt and perpetually loosened tie, with a light tan raincoat. Danny’s powers are a paparazzi's dream. He can at will slip from sight and fly, but even better than that he has a special ‘photo opportunity’ sense. This has made Danny’s name, it’s his photographs that appear on the front page of the tabloid press. It’s because of Danny’s lack of morals that he doesn’t know when not to take a photograph; this has also endeared him to the tabloids.
  • Armory: When Bruce Harper's parents were stabbed to death before his eyes, he dedicated himself to ridding his city of crime, training as a master of ranged weapons and the martial arts. Batman + Arsenal = Armory
  • Makeshift: "Indigo Mason" is an enigmatic android from the future with the ability to adapt her systems to emulate any device or machine known to man. Metamorpho + Indigo = Makeshift
  • Terrain: Brion Hayden, son of a magically-empowered Golden Age mystery man, was born with the ability to manipulate the earth itself, forming armor and constructs of earth and stone that bow to his every request. Geo-Force + Jade = Terrain
  • Razorwing: When young Richard Yamashiro's parents were killed while filming a gun-fu martial arts film, Billionaire Bruce Harper took him in and trained him in the ways to avenge his parent's death. Because of the method of his parents' deaths, however, Richard eschews firearms, instead become a master of bladed melee weapons and close-combat martial arts. Katana + Nightwing = Razorwing
  • Spectrum: After an encounter with a strange underground lake of swirling light and mystical gases, Rex Harper (no relation to Bruce) discovered he had the ability to convert his body into any form of energy. Unfortunately, he trapped as a being of pure energy. Halo + Shift = Spectrum
  • Tempest: Anissa Pierce was born with the ability to increase her mass and density, as well as the ability to generate large amounts of electrical energy within her own body. Black Lightning + Thunder = Tempest
  • Poise: The mysterious Grace Biggs is a mix of beauty and strength, with the latter enhanced to superhuman levels and the ability to plant suggestions in the mind of any man who looks her in the eyes. Looker + Grace = Poise
  • Mr. Black (Black Samson + Mr. Immortal)~18 year old boy who is immortal, but only when wearing his black power suit. He never takes off the power suit. NEVER.
  • Kid Jurassic (Monster Girl + Dinah Soar)~16 year old boy who can change into a human/dinosaur hybrid.
  • Boomer (Rex Splode + Big Bertha)~17 year old girl who can inflate her body until she floats, or over inflate her body until she explodes.
  • Iron Rodent (Robot + Squirrel Girl)~A man-sized android squirrel, who shoots “acorn bombs” and controls an army of mechanical squirrels.
  • Flubber (Shapesmith + Flatman)~15 year old girl who can bend and stretch into any solid shape she wants.
  • Bullethole (Bulletproof + Doorman)~A man-shaped sentient cosmic void. Whatever enters does not come back out.
  • Swarm (Dupli-Kate + Grasshopper)~18 year old girl with hornet’s wings and a stinger. Can make multiple copies of herself, but each one is more aggressive than the one before it.

  • Mr. Disaster (Mr. Immortal + Major Disaster) - A mutant with the ability to survive any disaster, Mr. Disaster leads the AA.
  • Flatmaster (Flat-Man + Cluemaster) - The world's flattest detective, Flatmaster has no clue how to use his flat powers.
  • Big Ma'am (Big Bertha + Big Sir) - A woman with a serious gland problem, her enormous bulk grants her superhuman strength!
  • Multi-Soar (Dinah Soar + Multi-Man) - With the ability to randomly change into a variety of dinosaur-like flying humanoids, she was a valued member of AA.
  • The Black Skier (Doorman/D'urge + the Scarlet Skier) - A former herald of Mr. Galactica, the Black Skier is now a sort of angel of death.
  • G'Squirrel (Squirrel Girl + G'Nort) - An alien who resembles a giant hairy squirrel, G'Squirrel uses her Monkey ring to summon little green squirrels to aid her in times of need.
  • Timehopper (Grasshopper + Clock King) - With the ability to literally jump through time thanks to his mechanical suit, Timehopper was a valued member of the AA . . . until he jumped the wrong way.
  • Jenny Disaster =A centinial embodiment of that went wrong in the past hundred years. Major Disaster+Jenny Sparks. The dimwitted solar powered brute of the team, involved with Midnight Master.
  • Big Sun: Big Sir+Apollo=
  • Midnight Master =The noir-esque dark coweled master of clues.Cluemaster+Midnighter=
  • Clockwork =The time obssesed mechanical hero. Clock King+The Engineer=
  • Doctor G'Nort =nigh omnipotent but intellectually stunted animal-like bearer of an ancient power source. G'nort+The Doctor=
  • Mighty Rose =Computer hacker turned assasin, using computers to get her mark. Mighty Bruce+Rose Tattoo=
  • Multi-Jack =Abducted by aliens he was left in such a state that when he would leave the boundries of city or town he would die only to live again once he was in another locale, adapting to the new enviroment. Multi-Man+Jack Hawksmoor
  • Cardinal =An red armored bird like alien hybrid whose ferocity matches his wits. Scarlet Skier+Swift=
  • Old Glory = Patriot + The Immortal: long lived defender of truth, justice, and the American way
  • Diamond Bit = Blue Diamond + Shrinking Ray: the smaller he gets the harder he becomes
  • Flock = Red Raven + Dupli-Kate: this high flying heroine can transform into mini winged duplicates of herself
  • Frost Giant = Jack Frost + Monster Girl: gypsy cursed young girl who transforms into a chilly hulking brute
  • Skyrocket = Miss America + Rex Splode: patriotic firecracker
  • Quick-Change = Whizzer + Shapesmith: constantly changing man of a million faces
  • Circuitboard = Thin Man + Robot: android able to morph "himself" into any computer component

Villain Teams[edit]


Justified Union of Doctors for Greater Evil: Minister of Fnords, Hypno-Chips, and Tentacles.

The Glorious People's Crime-Committing Collective for Socialist Honor[edit]


Troublemakers, Inc.[edit]


DOGSTAR and the Mastif Men[edit]

  • Dogstar: Benjamin Star once wide-eyed astronaut, now the villainous heist-master. Star was thrown off trajectory on a mis-fire of his rocket pod boosters, his ship flew end over end for months somehow being drawn to the planet furthest from our sun - Pluto. There mysterious aliens disected him and returned him to life, a year later he made a triumphant return to Earth - but changed... Dogstar has the ability to control animals but has found an affinity with canines. He has an insatiable curiousity and need to collect things valuable to mankind. Taking the name Dogstar, secretly stealing NASA designed rocket and sensor equipment he has the means to satisfy his neverending cleptomania. Begining with packs of dogs as his minions, he began testing a serum derived from his blood to created half man - half dog beasts to serve as his more intelligent henchmen.

The Underground Grocer's of America[edit]

  • The Grocer: The leader, wears red longjohns, a hotel towel for a cape and a paper bag over his head. He's a former chain grocery janitor who's mutant powers to control produce (fling them as projectiles, form them into barriers and crate produce golems... trust me, no one laughs at the 8 foot corn golem when it hits you through a wall) caused his mind to snap when the exhibited themselves. He's dedicated to taking down all the chain grocery stores.
  • The Bag Boy: A teenager who wears a dress shirt and kakhis. Carries an oversized gun that fires paper or plastic bags (Snares, one with Obscure attached, one with a Suffocate attached).
  • The Butcher: A humongous guy wearing a dress shirt and kahkis. Also wears a vest of frozen meat as armor and carries a meat cleaver and sharpened T-bone. Over it all, he, of course, has an ill-fitting apron.
  • the Night Stocker!!!:  ??

The Raiders[edit]

The Raiders are a bank robbery gang. Violent, but not terribly powerful. Think deNiro's crew from Heat and you've got the right notion. Their members are:

  • Six Gun: He wears a suit of low-powered high-tech body armor and wields (you guessed it) six SMGs (mounted on 4 robotic limbs [i]a la[/]i Doc Ock), along with a helmet that gives him 360 degree vision. He's the brains of the group and hell on normal police and agents, but his weaponry isn't very high-powered.
  • Bombshell: Beauty school dropout with the power to explode like a grenade and reintegrate herself. Think a low-powered Nitro and you're on the right track. She's nasty, cruel and not terribly bright.
  • The Amazing Gecko: he has the ability to transform himself entirely ordinary gecko, with human intelligence. Gecko is the Raiders' inside man.
  • Respin: Respin is a speedster with the ability to spin ast high speeds. He carries buzzsaw blades around and spins them in his fingers for intimidation. Think bargain-basement Whirlwind.

Murder, LLC[edit]

A pair of down and out Iron Age villains that formerly ran a murder for hire scheme. They may've been bad, mad and dangerous to know back in the day, but now? A bit pathetic.

  • Assaulto: Militiaman extraordinaire. Assaulto has an assault rifle that fires bullets, fire and grenades. He wears ordinary body armor. Sputs a lot of right-wing rhetoric.
  • Kill-Stab: Assaulto's partner and close-combat expert. Ex Special Forces with a thing for swords and knives. Much with the psychotic stabby.

The Crime Circus[edit]

Well, they're trying to form the Crime Circus, but so far the two founding members haven't had a lot of luck...

  • The Hurler: A circus strongman that throws cannonballs at people. That's his entire schtick. The hurls stuff, and has a terrible name.
  • Anklebiter: a 2' tall psychotic Canadian with too much body hair, claws and a serious case of poor impulse control. Often thrown at people by the Hurler.

FORCE Ops[edit]

  • Yeoman: Iron Age Green Arrow. Yeah, he's got trick arrows, but they're snares, explosives and poison gas.
  • Mocker: Shapeshifting psychotic alien. Think a mean-ass Martian Manhunter.
  • Bluestreak: Foul-mouthed speedster.
  • Thunderfist: Massive cyborg brute with electrical powers.
  • The 'Hood: City elemental and personification of urban blight.
  • Lady Justice: Another personification, this time of unwavering, harsh justice.\\
  • Super-Life: The PCs are all put together by a reality-TV producer who wants to do a show on [# of PCs] superhumans, all strangers, all fitting 'just the right made for TV dynamic' are put in an apartment for six months and filmed 24/7. The film crew would consist of some kind of gadgeteer able to made cameras that can follow them on their adventures, battles, and even 'trips to dimension X'.

Coop De'Evil![edit]

They all drew their powers and likenesses from chickens. There was...

  • Mother Hen: The leader and financer. She was a mysterious, James Bond style villian who ran the group behind the scenes. To my recollection, none of the heroes ever actually encountered her, but she was frequently mentioned by the members of Coop De'Evil. She was the mother of ...
  • The Phantom Bantam: Wore a rooster-like battlesuit with a titanium beak, razor-tipped wings, and laser guns. "Feel the wrath of my titanium beak!" was his battle cry.
  • Cockfighter: A kickboxer who wore metal spurs on his feet.
  • Rhode Island Red: The brick of the team. He fought with a big club he called the Drumstick.
  • The Chick: A svelte, attractive woman with the power to control mens' minds.
  • The Pullet: A gadgeteer, who carried a variety of trick eggs. Explosive egg, rotten egg (which released tear gas), fire egg, etc.

The Enforcers[edit]

a group of nightclub bouncers that all gained their powers in the same accident (that part I haven't figured out yet) The are known as... maybe someone slipped them all some mutating designer drug at a club or rave event.

  • King Hit: Leader of this band of thugs, King Hit rules by right of might alone. Strong, tough, and thick as two planks.
  • Sucker Punch: Sly and untrustworthy, this bruiser likes nothing better than to get in the surprise punch and laying down the patsy once and for all. He's not afriad to use dirty tricks and street fighting to get his way.
  • Knuckle Duster: Another big bruiser of a bouncer, Knuckle Duster has a pair of thick brass knuckles that turns his punches into lethal attacks.
  • Bullrush: A bull of a man, Bullrush is the dumbest of the Enforcers, but potentually one of the most powerful. Super-Strength, Protection, and low level Super-Speed makes this villian one to truely watch out for. His favourite tactic is to ram opponants who are flatfooted, or not aware of him.
  • Lucky John: You'd think John Black got his nickname from the way he's always flipping a coin. You'd be wrong though. Joe was kinda small to be a bouncer, but amazing couinsidences always happened around him, opponents were always hurting themselves or other lucky breaks protected John. Joe has the luck power with they jinx only flaw.
  • One Punch: Phil was always been a guy you never wanted to get into a fight with. He always nocked the other guy out with a single punch. He's rude and crude with people, always trying to start another fight so he can show off. One Punch has the strike power with penatrating attack super-feat.

the Chaos Clerks[edit]

  • Manager: (The ringleader mastermind)
  • Assistant: (His annoying sidekick, kinda like Toady from gummy bears)
  • Temp: (Can create temporary copies of himself)
  • Accountant: (Can affect quantum space with his complex calculations, effectively the luck power)
  • File Monkey: (A monkey, with super speed, acts as a message boy, file clerk and generally anything so simple a monkey could do it).

Long Shoremen[edit]

a group pf long shoremen imbued with powers from some anicent evil of the sea:

  • Killer Whale :
  • Great White:
  • Mako:
  • Squid:
  • Stingray :
  • Baraccuda:
  • Eel:

Waste Aways[edit]

Or maybe a group of guys who dump toxic waste ilegally and on one last run find themselves "dumped" as well - the green glowly goo transforms them in hulking mutant monsters:

  • Bio-hazzard :
  • Toxic :
  • Megadeath :
  • Slayer :
  • Anthrax :


Based of hauling vehicles. The HAULERS! A bit of Running, Con, Super-STR, and Extra lift. Twisted Evil

  • Mac: Mac get his powers first hauling illeagle waste and crashes off a cliff. He gets great strength and commits crimes and is locked up. While in prison he contacts trucker buddies he can trust, they go to the crash sight, and bath in the waste. Returning to the prison they break Mac out and the team is complete.
  • Long-haul:
  • Semi:
  • Duck:

Malignant Labor[edit]

A group of laborers, employed by an archeological dig, break into a long-sealed chamber, where they are instantly possesed by the malevolent spirits who had been imprisoned there. Unfortunately for the spirits, the centuries of entombment had weakened their powers, and the possessions are incomplete. The spirits have some influence on their hosts, enough to imbue them with some powers, and to influence their actions somewhat, but the original personalities are still in charge, if confused. (Particularly by the voices in their head speaking ancient Mayan/Minoan/some other dead language). We have:

  • Excavator: Earth-controlling powers.
  • Brace: Force field generator.
  • Nitro: Explosive abilities. creates and throws bombs, etc.
  • Workhorse: Strong. Very strong.

Feynman's Five[edit]

a group of hardcore science nerds that got quantum powers -- Shape Matter, Transmutation, Shapeshift, Alternate Form and Super-Speed, specifically.

  • Heisenberg: He had Super Speed with Invisibility as an AP.
  • Doctor Schrodinger: a man that, when not observed directly, existed in a vague and undetermined state (Insubstantial with one heck of a flaw).
  • Plank's Constant: He'd be immovable, and incredibly resistant to forced shape-shifting, drains, etc. You just can't change him.

Inhuman Company[edit]

a race of superhumans (related to homo sapiens) who have stopped hiding from humanity and, using their vast resources, have set-up "heroes for hire" offices in San Francisco.

  • Powerbolt - (Black Bolt + Josiah Power) Leader of the IC, he can transform into a rocky form in which he can manipulate sound.
  • Sapphira - The girlfriend of Powerbolt, she can manipulate her hair--which she uses as a weapon--with a magical gem.
  • Strato-Gem - (Crystal + Skyrocket) Sister of Sapphira, she can manipulate the classical elemental force of air. And with the aid of a special energy harness, she can absorb many forms of energy and convert it into attacks based on the other elemental forces: fire, water, and earth.
  • Borgon - (Gorgon + Bork) The montrous muscle of the team.
  • Karnak the Manhunter - (Karnak + Manhunter) Martial arts expert who can see the weakness in any person and exploit it.
  • Witchimus - (Maximus the Mad + Witchfire) The unpredictable half-sister of Powerbolt, she magically mind controls her enemies (and friends).
  • Striker Sea - (Triton + Striker Z) Can absorb water which powers his other abilties like a battery. He can breathe underwater and survive the depths of the ocean.

The Legion of Inhumans[edit]

  • LEX BOLTAGON is the leader of a rogue nation of superhumans. An ancient race that has seeded back into ours, waiting and biding their time. but on his command they attacked at first they appeared to be sepearte cases, unrelated so called "super Villains" but it was soon clear they were one, a terrifying Legion. Lex is the nigh unstoppable leader of this race and center of it's royal family. Lex Luthor+Blackbolt=Lex Boltagan
  • MEDALA Is Lex's loyal and powerful wife. She is a sorceress of great skill and is not afraid to use her occult power to it's fullest. Her favorite trick is to animate her lavish hair to strangle any who would question her. Grodd+Maximus=Groddus
  • GRODDUS is the super-intellegent and yet monstrous telepath on the team. He is able to read the minds of anyone in his vacinity. Little does Lex know that his "faithful brother" is plotting a mutiny and is hiding that he can control minds as well. Merlyn the Archer+Crystal=Crysal the Archer
  • CRYSTAL THE ARCHER is the beautiful sister in law of the king. She is as deadly as she is gorgeus and her ability to charge her arrows with elemental power makes her a force of nature to be reckoned with. Tala+Medusa=Medala
  • SEA DEVIL the scout of the Legion, he is a natural as a master of the sea and a capable master on land. He can get anywhere and uses the knowledge he gains for lex's benefit. He is capable of greta fury as well and his animal like powers help him in this regard. Devil Ray+Triton=Sea Devil
  • EARTHSHAKER the gargantuan enforcer of Lex and Medala. His strength and power make him impossible to destroy and to defeat in most times. His loyalty to his king is without question and any who would fight Lex will meet their end under his boot. Blockbuster+Gorgon=Earthshaker
  • OLYMPIAD the athletic champion of the Legion is a master at all of their contests and sports. He uses his extremem training to defeat all challangers using his power to see the weaknesses in others to his great advantage. Sportsmaster+Karnak=Olympiad

The Power Legion[edit]

  • Borky - Former teen sidekick to world-renowned hero, Borky was mutated into a deformed physical powerhouse, but mentally regressed. Initially manipulated by those who had mutated him, Borky was rescued by The Power Patriot and given a place in his organization. Bork + Bucky = Borky
  • Power Patriot - Power Patriot was a State Department lawyer capable of transforming into a golden, metallic superhuman form. The full extent of this form's powers are unknown. Reluctant to use his powers, he prefers to act as a liason with the US Government, going into action only when he has no other option. Josiah Power + Patriot = Power Patriot
  • Sapphire Diamond - This young female assistant to an archaeologist discovered a mystic blue diamond which transformed her into an energy-projecting heroine with an indestructable crystalline shell. Sapphire + Blue Diamond = Sapphire Diamond

Skyraven - A young aviatrix's airplane crashed in the lost city of the Birdmen. She was given a winged mechanical suit and taught their ways. Later, she returned to the United States and was immediately recruited by The Power Legion. Skyrocket + Red Raven = Skyraven

  • Striker Zero A former movie stuntman, Daniel Frost was turned into a human refrigeration unit by a mystic Asgardian curse. Striker Z + Jack Frost = Striker Zero
  • Miss Witch - Model Becky Joyce discovered her mystic heritage and, by studying an ancient spellbook left her by her aunt, she gained the ability to cast spells allowign her to fly, fire fiery energy bolts, and project glamours which helped to advance her career. Witchfire + Miss America = Miss Witch
  • Flashfire - Caught in an experimental atomic explosion, young technician Bob Raymond was fused with Dr. Ronald Frank to become Flashfire, fleet-footed foeman of crime who leaves a fiery trail in his wake. Firestorm + Whizzer = Flashfire
  • Contortion Commando - Influenced by an alien race in ancient times, the monks of the lost Himilayan civilization of Calahya learned to transform their body into two-dimensional, extremely pliable forms. When explorer Paul Dickenson found the civilization, he too, learned of these secrets. Dickenson returned to the outside world to begin a career as an adventurer, but was killed on one of these adventures. Unknown to Dickenson, during his stay in Calahya, he was cloned using alien technology. This new duplicate was given the name Dick Pauleson and sent to the Outside World as an ambassador of the Calahyans. He was "given" a position with the Power Legion as a way of keeping tabs on his action... Manhunter + Thin Man = Contortion Commando

villain duo[edit]

  • the Well-Read Baron: (dressed in a red WWI pilot's outfit, with monocle and big mustache)

Based on his love of literature, he often quotes from novels, goes after crimes relating to literature connections. His minions-of-the-day true to his literary theme, using Minions dressed up like Morlocks and a robot Frankenstein's Monster. His daughter is named...

    • "Page Turner":
  • the Broadway Bomber: He got his start small, stealing 76 trombones. Then he made seven brides marry seven brothers -- at gunpoint, kidnapped a Chorus Line, and stole a government formula that allowed him to transform the cast of Cats into, well, cats. This was when he started working with the Baron, but when the heat got close, the pair split up again. This guy was finally caught ... in Oklahoma.

the "terrifying" Contractors![edit]

A group of hard-luck retired contractors come by an old house cheaply, and decide to work on it as a project, to remodel it and then resell it.

Little do they know, below the house was once the hideout of (insert a mystical or alien villain here)! It has an (insert a mystical or alien power source here) powering it, its energy running through the entire structure and the grounds (because of security systems, etc)... after all this time the mystical aura of it has infused the surrounding area/the alien power device was leaking... causing the mutation of our poor old contractors into young, vibrant, super-powered men who still don't have a whole lot of money and probably aren't too bright.

While working on the property, they began to take on powers related to the tasks on which they focused their attention.

One was working on the electrical system in the old house above, and gained electrical powers. Another gained powers over water when the mutation took effect while he was cleaning up the old cistern well. The landscaper gained powers over the plants and soil while tending the grounds, becoming the, well, the Landscaper. The carpenter has the strangest powers of them all, able to create and shape dastardly contraptions, weapons, barriers and so forth of wood (of varying hardness (link provided to show that there is some give and take here on hardness.) Or if that's too silly, maybe a nail gun fused to his hand and now fires high-velocity nails produced by his genetically altered body. Maybe the plumber can make pipes of mystical energy that he can put in various configurations, trapping people, using them to slide down, as weapons.... It's all good.

Could these hardworking, down on their luck individuals with powers beyond mortal men use their powers to protect humanity? Well, maybe... but the answer is NO! They go for the quick and easy grab, the uncomplicated robbery (uncomplicated, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!) They are... the Contractors! Fear them... or just ask them to fix up the joint after you lock them away.

  • The Electrician!:
  • The Plumber!:
  • The Carpenter!:
  • Landscaper!:

the Socialites of Liberty[edit]


Holiday & Toy Villains[edit]

  • Ms. Marble: little marbles capable of causing slippery floors, or that are actually tiny EMP bombs? Why that just SCREAMS Christmas.
  • Turkey Baster: There's something special about THE TURKEY BASTER as a supervillain really.
  • Firewerkz: Yet in a more serious mold and continuing American holidays the pyrotechnical badguys Firewerkz would make an awesome group of villains to fight on the fourth of July.
  • the Laster Templar: What about fighting The Last Templar on Friday the 13th, this medievel themed villain usually attacks religious institutions due to the destruction of the Templars by the French King and the Catholic Church. Is he just a distraction formed by the modern day Illuminatus so they can uncover some terrible secret in a cathedral?
  • Replay: New Years Eve might bring about a time based villain named: Replay, this delusional fan of the heroes sends them bouncing through the highlight battles of the year.
  • Egg Man-Chu: Easter brings everyones most feared villain Egg Man-Chu, hiding his egg-shaped bombs throughout the city makes it the most fearful easter ever. If that wasn't bad enough the ever-killable Extra-Life is on a rampage. Can the heroes stop these two villanous villains before someone gets hurt? Or will they be left with yolk all over their faces?
  • Randolph the Atomic Reindeer: But the Ultimate Holiday would have to be Christmas, and what would Christmas be without RANDOLPH the ATOMIC REINDEER, shooting terrifying radioactive energies from his olfactory organs of DEATH!
  • Solar Ray & Tidal Wave: Of course twisting the Holiday theme a little, when the heroes get an all expenses paid trip to tropical Wuji it should be fun in the sun right? Not if Solar Ray and the Tidal Waves have anything to do with it!
  • Missle-toe: just have fun with the pun
  • Tannen-bomb: same
  • Jack Frostbite: burr... its cold outside
  • Power Squit: either a superstrong little person or a bad guy who uses those powered waterguns filled with a variety of liquid chemicals
  • BB Gunner: "you'll put your eye out"
  • Trainwreck: superstrong bruiser who crashes into things ala juggernaut
  • Tinsel: light based dazzle
  • Jingle Belle: somehow I imagine her as a super-strong babe
  • Snow Globe: yer typical cold controller, maybe combine that with an area forcefield for a concentrated effect Razz
  • Silent Knight: a silent killer
  • The Snow Men: holiday themed mooks
  • Santa Claws: a demon/monster-of-nightmare disguised as santa who targets those naughty children who stay up waiting for santa
  • The Slay Rider: psyhopatic serial killer who shows up once a year.
  • Coal: This soot-black creature is able to contort itself and crawls down chimneys, ignoring the heat of roaring fires, to sneak into people's homes and attack children. (or just steal their presents, leaving behind a trademark lump of coal, depending on how dark / light the campaign is)
  • Caribou: A Canadian hero who has a long-suffering acceptance of the mocking she receives because of her powers. She's got a fine coat, the strength of a reindeer, can run fast and has an enormous rack. On her head. No, she doesn't have an udder. I don't know why you people think this way. She can't fly and does not have a red nose, unless she's been drinking again...
  • Tobogan: This hero has powers over friction, and can make any surface, or even a person, zero-coefficient. He points, and you go flying. He's got Trip (area) and Trip (duration (sustained)) allowing him to send people zooming off and making them unable to get up or stay up. He can 'skate' along any surface at incredible speeds, and attacks seem to 'slide off' of him.
  • Holly: This teenaged plant controller had the misfortune to awaken into her powers working for minimum wage watching a lot full of Christmas trees. One minute she's rubbing her hands together complaining that nobody is going to steal a freaking Christmas tree, the next her mind and soul are savaged by the pitiful cries of a hundred dying trees, all confused and unable to understand what is killing them. She's now come to take revenge on the 'meat-world' for sadistically torturing her leafy kin!
  • Bethlehem: Your standard Will-O-the-Wisp, a floating glowing 'star' of light that lures people into dangerous situations, for the perverse pleasure of watching them die. Unlike most Wisps, 'Bethy' only comes out around Christmas-time, and likes to lure people out of their snug homes to wander around lost in the snow until they die of exposure. 'She' doesn't have any significant hypnotic presence, mostly affecting the curious and incautious (children, the elderly, good samaritans concerned that someone else might be lost out there and rush out to help them get to safety...), and entirely too many people forget their coats and wander outside to see what that light is, and continue doggedly pursuing it, until they have gotten lost, or into trouble ('her' favorite tactic is to lure people out onto frozen ponds or lakes, onto literal 'thin ice,' and then dance around merrily out of reach as they drown in the freezing water).
  • Mindstorm, the Legomaniac!: This Comic Store Guy-looking person has Create Object, but his objects are entirely made out of Legos. He's under a court-order to never use that name, and indeed, to never use his powers, due to violation of copyright, but he's a super-villain, so he really doesn't play well with others. His specialty is creating walls and fortresses out of Lego bricks, to block people off while he robs banks. When he's arrested, it's discovered that he's spent every penny on shipments of rare Lego bricks, and his house is overflowing with Lego constructs, which are shipped off to the Lego museum to pay his legal bills... (His own creations are only Sustained, so he has to steal / buy real Legos to satisfy his obsession.)
  • Malibu Stacy: Also using her name without permission, Malibu Stacy has a criminal gang that consists of two other girls (there is a Barbie, but Stacy is the one in charge) and a man (named Ken, obviously). All of them wear too much makeup, have orange-y store-bought tans, fake looking blonde wigs and bright clothes. Together, they rob ritzy upscale jewelry stores and auction houses and museum openings. Presumably all of them are already attractive under their layers of makeup, but it's proven surprisingly hard to get a composite of their actual appearances, and they are both shockingly competent (like, James Bond / Kim Possible level competent!) and presumably well-connected, given their extremely expensive tastes.
  • Playtime: Playtime has a Damage attack that is Ranged (with an AP that is Penetrating), as well as a Protection effect and a Speed / Flight AP array. All are Limited to only function when he has an appropriate toy in hand. He has a neon-green plastic ray-gun that has a sparker in it and goes 'whee-ooo' when he pulls the trigger, and in his hands, it shoots a powerful blast of lightning. He has a plastic lightsaber that can cut through a bank vault in his hands. He has a plastic breastplate and roman legionnaire helmet that protects him from gunfire. He has a Batman cape that allows him to glide through the air. He has a toy helicopter and an RC care that he can throw to the ground and turn into full-scale vehicles for quick getaways! And for the people who *really* piss him off, he's got a couple Bionicles that he throws to the ground, and promply expand to 12' tall war-robots! (Summon, with a similar Limit)
  • Tantrum: Always a small asthmatic child, bullied by those larger and stronger and healthier than himself, Bobby has developed the amazing mutant power to Shrink others to the size of action figures, and he can affect an entire roomfull of people in a single use of this power! At reduced size, they lose Strength, Toughness, Movement abilities, etc. and he's quite adept at snatching now-Diminutive targets, seizing them up in his hands and flinging them away, stomping through his now miniaturized tormentors roaring like Godzilla. After his last encounter with the Freedom League, Captain Thunder was heard to mutter, 'For a kid who'se no good at sports, he sure scored a field goal with you, Daedalus.' 'Shut up, at least he didn't 'spike' me in the end zone like he did you...'



METRO CITY, a shining jewel in the crown of truth, justice and the American way. A thriving metropolis that is home to some of the greatest heroes this world has ever known. The Order of the Exemplars...

But that's not our story...
BRICK CITY is about 30 minutes west.
Formerly known for her high-quality building materials.
Now known for the majority of the world's low-grade supers. Heroes who are really good at heroing await the day they receive the coveted "golden envelope" - the ticket to the big leagues in Metro City!

For the rest of you ... well, that's why you have day jobs.
But HEY... We can't all be Exemplars.
Heck... Hero stuff is hard.
Super-villains get all the time to plot, plan, and manipulate.
THEN... when they pull back the curtain back on their big caper, you're expected to trash it in 59 seconds or KA-BLOOIE!!

So if Count Killcrazy wants revenge on Brick City, he'll get his chance.
And you'll be waiting...

You're not classic superheroes. You're not the favorites.
You're not super-cool.
You're the other guys.
The guys nobody ever bets on.

No Saturday morning cartoons or breakfast cereals for you.
No high-profile sponsorship deals or primo-endorsements.

Face it... You're barely acceptable.
But yer a hero.
That's the life.
That's what you do.


Super Hero Manual[edit]


TO: All Aspirants to Superheroes status
FROM: Dr. Jane Loudermilk, Undersecretary of Superheroics
RE: "The Government Manual for New Superheroes

Your Government wants you to succeed in whatever you choose to do (except if you choose to overthrow the Government). To this end, the Government publishes a series of guides to provide a Useful Information, such as "The Government Manual for New Homeowners" and "The Government Manual for New Motor Vehicle Operators" (but not "The Government Manual for New Overthrowers of the Government").

"The Government Manual for New Superheroes" will help you get started as a costumed crimefighter. Because it is meant to aid thebroadest possible audience, it has been written for those who do not have superpowers. That is, it is intended mostly for the moody millionaire industrialists, the crusading reporters, and the chipper young orphans who, according to the latest census figures, make up the larger part of the populace. It is less helful for the aliens, psychic prodigies, mythic gods, and mysterious dwellers of unseen realms who make up the rest.

Herein you will find Indispensable Guidance regarding the many and varied options you must consider and actions you must take early on. A superhero cannot be a fence-sitter, after all. Even the late, legendary FENCESITTER or the MONUMENTAL GLACIER have taken action from time to time, albeit often in an untimely fashion.

At the outset of your career arise some of the most difficult but potentially rewarding choices you will ever need to make: your name, first and formost. Will mention of your moniker give your foes fits, or giggles? Next: your costume-if you are going to be in the same outfit every time duty calls, you had best pick one that is both comfortable and practical, and falttering as well. Your symbol? An icon is worth a thousand catchphrases, and yours will stand for what you stand for. Where will you hide out? In whom will you confide? Will you go solo or do you prefer company, either in the form of a protege (or "sidekick", in Government-sanctioned parlance) or teammates of equal stature, if different skills? And when you are finally ready to declare yourself super, when you have copleted the proper forms and paid your registration fees and union dues, who will you fight?

This guid is written in Straightforward Language-the kind of simple, casual speech you might use every day as you indulge in lengthy interior monologues that explain your origins, your current mental state, and any previous encounters you might have had with the persons around you. Numberous headings divide the material into Discrete Sections, and words have been capitalized only when Strictly Necessary. The overall presentation in printed and bound form allows you to use a bookmark to hold your place if you need to stop reading in order to, say, render assistance to a fellow citizen, or take something off the stove.

That said, you are now only several lengthy articles, multiple duplex forms, and an official stamp from santioned superheroism. We wish you the speed of MARATHON-MAN, the strength of TINY SAMPSON, and the wisdom of SCHOLARA: THE HUMAN FOOTNOTE as you begin as an up, up, and coming superhero.

Not Answering to Your Civilian Name[edit]

You will likely find it difficult enough at first remembering to respond to your superhero name once you have adopted it. Therefore, you must prepare for those times when you will be someone else, and to answer to your civilian name would confirm the suspecions of those who would do you ill and compromize the safety of your family, friends, and workaday colleagues. Perhaps even before you choose your superhero name you should begin practicing not answering to your civilian name for hours at a stretch - unless you are a teenager, in which case you probably already have some practice not responding to your name, at least when called by adults.

Worldwide Superhero Unions[edit]

Even superheroes - lone crusaders and team members alike - benefit from membership in groups expressly organized to protect their special interests. Consider joining one of these:

United Federation of Archetypes[edit]

The oldest superhero union, represents the oldest superheroes, jealously safeguarding their interests in the most oft-imitated character features and facets.

Beneficial Organization of Caped Crusaders[edit]

Boasts a singel prerequisite to membership!

Protective Coalition of Converted Villains[edit]

Lobbies for the equal treatment of those who traded a life of crime for a life of crimefighting.

Fraternal Union of Detective Heroes[edit]

Among other benefits, provides economic assistance by periodically purchasing magnifying glasses, prints-dusters, and mini-microphones in bulk.

Rights Alliance of Extraterrestrial Champions[edit]

Being from another planet is difficult enough. Being alien and godlike is a full-time job. We can help.

International Brotherhood of Female Paragons[edit]

We know that it's not the tight costume, but rather what's under the tight costume, that's important.

Benevolent Order of Fist-Fighters[edit]

Extends an open hand to prospective members; won't knuckle under when bargaining for benefits.

Organizing Board of Journeymen Avengers[edit]

OBJA represents apprentice practitioners of the fine art of superheroic vengeance, because "Vengeance is a minefield".

Federated Society of Muntants and Altered Humans[edit]

We fight to change the system so you won't have to change (again).

Amalgamated Committee of Radioactive Persons[edit]

A welcoming home for the zapped, nuked, and fried alike.

Labor Associaton of Sidekicks, Mascots, and Mechanics[edit]

Looking out for the underlings, the underdogs, and the grease monkeys.

Planetary Council of Users of Enchanted Artifacts[edit]

By the Power of organization for the purpose of negotiation on matters of wages, seniority, working conditions, fringe benefits, and the like... we have the Power!

Application for Registration[edit]

I. Biographical Data The following questions will aid ??? in its decision process.

Superheroic Name:
Identification Data: (circle all that apply)
  • Human
  • Mutant
  • Altered Human
  • Alien (includes other dimensional beings)
  • Godling
  • Mystic Being
Real Name (optional, see fine print):
  • first, middle, last, suffix
Date of Birth:
Date of Origin:
Base of Operations: (include zip code)
Red Phone / Fax No.: (___) ___-____
Please provide an address, telephone number, email, or some alternate means of contact:


Name available?
Hyphen nesessary?

II-A. Constume

Please provide a detailed description of your costume below. Include boot size. Attach additional sheets if necessary.

II-B. Insignia

Draw your insignia here:

III. Affiliations

If yes, Name:
Member of team?
If yes, Name of team:
Team base of operations:
Known Nemeses: (list in order of first inimical encounter)
Names of confidant(e)(s): (list in order of trustworthiness)

IV. Powers & Vulnerabilities

Describe your powers and abilities as precisely as possible. Indicate if they have been documented (news footage, eyewitness accounts, etc...)
Describe any vulnerabilities, drawbacks or complications of concern (optional, see fine print):

V. Interest Details

Do you plan to fight crime in Brick City? Do you have other geographic preferences?
Would you be willing to relocate?
Which division are you applying for? (check all that apply)
  • Guardian
  • Industrial
  • Entertainment

VI-A. Background

Which types of teammates would you care to work with? (note compatable or complimentary abilities as well as personality types)
Have you ever been convicted of a felong? (if yes, explain on the back of this sheet)
Do you consent to a genetic examination for insurance purposes, if necessary?

VI-B. Background

Provide any character references you feel would aid in the decision making process. Do not list relatives. (optional, see fine print)

Relationship with applicant:

All information and statements herein are accurate and true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


FREE From the Bureau of Superheroics[edit]

Box 1075, Pueblo, Colorado:

  • Righteous Down to the Seams: Making Sure Your Costume Provider Is Sweatshop-Free
  • What You Need to Know Before Fighting Crime Abroad
  • What You Need to Know Before Fighting Crime in Outer Space
  • What You Need to Know Before Fighting Crime in a Vast Cavern in the Center of the Earth Where Monstrous Bats Breathe Fire
  • Can I Claim My Sidekick as a Dependant? And 99 Other Common Tax Questions
  • Buying a Used Hall of Justice - Know Your Rights

Other Publications of Interest=[edit]

  • Heather's Mommy Has Two Identities: A Guide for Children of Crimefighters
  • So You've Been Bitten by a Radioactive Animal Whose Inherent Abilities Have Been Transferred to You: What Next?
  • Reverend Revenge's Guide to Retroactive Continuity: How to Revise Your Origins Without Anybody Noticing
  • Who Moved the Piece of Chees That Is the Only Substance on Earth That Can Sap My Superpowers?
  • I'm OK, You're Evil - But I'm OK with That: Daily Affirmations for Superheroes Who Do Too Much


Costumed Identities are recognized as legal identities so heroes can testify in court, open bank accounts and charities in under their code name, and stuff like that. You'll probably want an amendment says if the costume identity commits a crime, the protection is forfeit.

The use of powers is assault, except in cases of self-defense and stopping crimes. Depending on the setting and tone, the hero might be picked up for excessive force.

Perhaps a protection from civil, so heroes don't get sued for damage during a super fight. Except of course when the hero is willingly negligent (shooting through a hostage, for example).

Superheroes are exempt from reading the Miranda warning, warrants and such because they aren't official law enforcement.

Basically, it depends on what kind of feel you want. If you want a more realistic legal system or supers are a recent phenomenon you probably just want real laws, but supers have a lot of hoops to jump through and probably have to be official law enforcement agents to actually do anything. If it's a traditional "supers have always been around preventing crimes" story then I would just assume everything they do is legal and laws have been passed throughout the years, because the world knows that superheroes are needed to protect everyone from alien invaders and giant robots that governments are not necessarily equipped to handle.

What is a Citizens Arrest?

By: Collin McKibben, Attorney at Law & Ariella Rosenberg

Everyone is familiar with the term citizens arrest: we have seen it on TV, read about it in books, and even heard about it in social circles. Surprisingly, however, almost nobody really understands what a citizens arrest is, or legally, what it represents.

A citizen's arrest is an arrest performed by a civilian who lacks official government authority to make an arrest (as opposed to an officer of the law). An arrest, as defined by Black's Law Dictionary, is "The apprehending or detaining of a person in order to be forthcoming to answer an alleged or suspected crime." Ex parte Sherwood, (29 Tex. App. 334, 15 S.W. 812).

Although generally the person making a citizens arrest must be a citizen, in certain states, a citizens arrest can be carried out by a civilian who is not a citizen (for example, an alien or illegal immigrant). A citizens arrest does not necessarily mean an arrest made by a single individual who happens to witness a crime. For example, a department store may also carry out a citizens arrest in the course of apprehending a shoplifter.

Legal Requirements for Making a Citizens Arrest

The right to making a citizens arrest goes back to our roots in English common law. Historically, before the modern infrastructure of police departments, citizen's arrests were an important part of community law enforcement. Today, citizens arrests are still legal in every state, although state laws pertaining to citizens arrests are not uniform. In general, all states permit citizens arrests if a criminal felony (defined by the government as a serious crime, usually punishable by at least one year in prison) is witnessed by the citizen carrying out the arrest, or if a citizen is asked to help apprehend a suspect by the police. Variations of state law arise in cases of misdemeanors, breaches of the peace, and felonies not witnessed by the arresting party.

For example, California Penal Code mandates: A private person may arrest another: 1. For a public offense committed or attempted in his presence. 2. When the person arrested has committed a felony, although not in his presence. 3. When a felony has been in fact committed, and he has reasonable cause for believing the person arrested to have committed it. (C.P.C. 837).

In contrast, New York State Consolidated Laws hold that: Any person may arrest another person (a) for a felony when the latter has in fact committed such felony, and (b) for any offense when the latter has in fact committed such offense in his presence. (N.Y.C.L. 140.30).

Unlike the California statute, which only permits citizens arrests in cases of felony, New York law extends the possibility for making a citizens arrest to any offense committed in [ones] presence. Additionally, in cases where the citizen has not necessarily witnessed the crime being committed, California law allows citizens arrests when a citizen has reasonable cause for believing the person arrested to have committed [a felony], whereas New York law applies only to situations in which person has in fact committed a felony. Distinctions such as these are importantunwarranted citizens arrests can result in repercussions (such as law suits) for well-meaning citizens who attempt to make arrests without understanding local laws. It is important to be familiar with the laws in your particular state should you want to carry out a citizens arrest, or should a citizen try to unlawfully detain you.

Anatomy of a Citizens Arrest

Once a person has committed an offense meriting a citizens arrest (under the applicable state law), the arresting party must follow certain guidelines to detain and deliver to authorities the suspect in question. Acceptable guidelines for carrying out a citizens arrest also vary by state. In general, the arresting party must notify the suspect as to why he or she is being arrested, and may enter the building or private residence where the suspect is residing, using a reasonable amount of force to apprehend the suspect. In California, for example, To make an arrest, a private person, if the offense is a felonymay break open the door or window of the house in which the person to be arrested is, or in which they have reasonable grounds for believing the person to be, after having demanded admittance and explained the purpose for which admittance is desired. (C.P.C., 844). In New York, A person may arrest another person for an offenseat any hour of any day or night. 2. Such person must inform the person whom he is arresting of the reason for such arrest unless he encounters physical resistance, flight or other factors rendering such procedure impractical. 3. In order to effect such an arrest, such person may use such physical force as is justifiable pursuant to subdivision four of section 35.30 of the penal law. (N.Y.C.L. 140.35).

Once the suspect has been taken into custody (by the citizen), it is the citizens responsibility to deliver the suspect to the proper authorities in a timely fashion. In California, A private person who has arrested another for the commission of a public offense must, without unnecessary delay, take the person arrested before a magistrate, or deliver him or her to a peace officer. (C.P.C. 847). In New York, a citizen must also act without unnecessary delay to deliver a suspect to an officer of the law. (N.Y.C.L. 140).

Dangers of Making an Erroneous Citizens Arrest

Making a citizen's arrest maliciously or with insufficient evidence of wrongdoing by the arrested individual can lead to civil or criminal penalties. Additionally, it is in violation of a suspects rights for a citizen making an arrest to use unnecessary force, to intentionally harm the suspect, to hold the suspect in unsafe conditions, or to delay in turning the suspect over to authorities. A citizen making an arrest is acting in the place of an officer of the law, and as such, is required to uphold the same rights and civil liberties as an officer of the law must uphold.

A citizen who violates a suspects rights, or who violates the applicable state law in detaining the suspect, (for example, arresting a suspect for a misdemeanor when the state statute requires a felony for a citizens arrest), risks being sued or even charged with a crime. Additionally, if it is found that the arresting party did not meet the pertinent state requirements for a citizens arrest, any contraband found on the suspect will have been found illegally, and charges may be dropped entirely.

If you feel that you have been unfairly arrested by a citizen, or if you have been charged with illegally detaining a suspect during an illegitimate citizens arrest, it is important to seek the counsel of an experienced attorney. A good attorney will demonstrate familiarity with state laws, and as such will help you to ensure the best possible outcome of your case.

It may also be possible to set up a superhero identity as an agent of a corporation (e.g. Iron Man is Tony Stark's bodyguard), in which case the corporation can represent the super in court. This mostly covers civil liability, not criminal liability, as far as I know, and it generally requires the corporation to have quite substantial legal and financial assets, and thus it only works if the super is either independently wealthy, or has a wealthy patron.

serious physical injury or death, either of one's self or another. Moreover, many states impose a duty to retreat, claiming that if the aggresively-defending party had the option of retreating without risk but chose not to do so, that they were not truly in fear of injury or death.

Versus supervillians, this statute pretty much goes away. If you're in a Silver Age comic, then the villians aren't inducing fear of serious physical injury; on the other hand, you're not about to go killing them, either. However, the law is clear; if the villian is threatening innocents, then you can kill him, with full legal sanction.

However, in addition to crooked DAs and ambiguous acts of violence, there are also civil cases to consider. Private citizens have no protection against civil judgement for either self-defense or citizen's arrests; even if they act completely in accord with the letter of the law, they can still be sued.

Plot hook I've used: There exists the Super-Villian's Civil Liberties Union, who specialize in (and are very highly paid to) getting superheros in legal hot water over their perfectly legimate acts of civic duty. Although their funding comes from morally-questionable sources, they are legitimate about their purpose. More than a few superheros have suggested that when the monsters come, if they happen to start their rampage at the SVCLU, they'll just be a few minutes late. However, the most ethical supers will and have fought to preserve the lives of lawyers that will sue them for acts of destruction of property and assault committed in the very act of saving said lawyers. As these supers say, if you're not willing to fight your hardest to save the people you most disagree with, you're not really for saving humanity. (Notice: In case my paraphrase didn't tip you off, such an organization would be the evil opposite of the ACLU.)

Being more (or less) than human. OK, let's get one thing clear. In a world without angels, reincarnated souls, undead, sentient robots, mutants, aliens, talking animals, creatures from the dawn of time, elemental spirits, nonsentient robots that can pass Turing tests, and the like, we still have no legal definition of humanity. In a world with said confounding factors, it is reasonable to assume that the laws defining what constitutes a person will be tangled and muddled beyond comprehension, leaving the question of personhood in any specific questionable case permanently open.

Plot Hook I've Used: Following the trend started with the golem Emet, the nation of Israel has embarked on an extraordinary policy of super-human immigration. Many non-human or questionably-human supers, in return for agreeing to a mutual non-aggression pact and general statement of goodwill, are granted naturalized citizen status, with accompanying implied personhood to any nation with diplomatic ties to Israel. When asked about the moral questions raised by such a policy and whether or not such open pronouncements of personhood could be a mistake, a prominent rabbi replied, "I'm pretty sure that if we're to make a mistake, God would prefer it to be one of too much acceptance and openness rather than not enough." Critics of Israel say that the policy is nothing but a naked excuse to build up a superhuman paramilitary force; however, they've been saying things like this for so long, no one's listening now that it might have a slight chance of being true.

Costumes and Masks: Superheros start with a fair amount of legal sanction to be vigilantes; doing so anonymously takes it all away. Simply being out in public in a full-face mask is considered evidence of criminal intent in many jurisdictions, and in no jurisdiction is doing so and then beating people up considered a private-citizen best practice. Refusing to legally identify one's self and testify at a villian's trial could throw doubt on the certainty of the villian's conviction, and would certainly weaken the evidence the hero presented. All in all, if you want to have your heros have a slightly scruffy relationship with the law, you'll have better luck doing it over the masks than actual beating up of the super-villians.

How do superheros and supervillians enforce their trademarked images? This is actually a very serious issue; a supervillian with illusion, morphing, or even just tailoring ability can quickly ruin a hero's image by aping that hero and sinning in public. Moreover, what's to stop smart-alecs from getting their own costumes and masks and trying (and failing) to join the ranks of the super-powered?

Plot hook I've used: Hero fights. Every so often, heroes get together and have their own competitive event, with any number of special categories, and terminating in a gigantic brawl at the end. It lets the paragon heros get out their athletic urges without shaming Olympic athelets, lets newcomers to the hero scene showcase their abilities, and finally, serves as a reminder to all of the heroes present why the organizers of said event (who win a lot of the events) are the ones making global-spanning decisions about super-heroism.

Section 35.00 Justification; a defense

In any prosecution for an offense, justification, as defined in sections 35.05 through 35.30, is a defense.

Section 35.05 Justification; generally

Unless otherwise limited by the ensuing provisions of this article defining justifiable use of physical force, conduct which would otherwise constitute an offense is justifiable and not criminal when:
1. Such conduct is required or authorized by law or by a judicial decree, or is performed by a public servant in the reasonable exercise of his official powers, duties or functions;  or
2. Such conduct is necessary as an emergency measure to avoid an imminent public or private injury which is about to occur by reason of a situation occasioned or developed through no fault of the actor, and which is of such gravity that, according to ordinary standards of intelligence and morality, the desirability and urgency of avoiding such injury clearly outweigh the desirability of avoiding the injury sought to be prevented by the statute defining the offense in issue.  The necessity and justifiability of such conduct may not rest upon considerations pertaining only to the morality and advisability of the statute, either in its general application or with respect to its application to a particular class of cases arising thereunder.  Whenever evidence relating to the defense of justification under this subdivision is offered by the defendant, the court shall rule as a matter of law whether the claimed facts and circumstances would, if established, constitute a defense.

Section 35.10 Justification; use of physical force generally

The use of physical force upon another person which would otherwise constitute an offense is justifiable and not criminal under any of the following circumstances:
1. A parent, guardian or other person entrusted with the care and supervision of a person under the age of twenty-one or an incompetent person, and a teacher or other person entrusted with the care and supervision of a person under the age of twenty-one for a special purpose, may use physical force, but not deadly physical force, upon such person when and to the extent that he reasonably believes it necessary to maintain discipline or to promote the welfare of such person.
2. A warden or other authorized official of a jail, prison or correctional institution may, in order to maintain order and discipline, use such physical force as is authorized by the correction law.
3. A person responsible for the maintenance of order in a common carrier of passengers, or a person acting under his direction, may use physical force when and to the extent that he reasonably believes it necessary to maintain order, but he may use deadly physical force only when he reasonably believes it necessary to prevent death or serious physical injury.
4. A person acting under a reasonable belief that another person is about to commit suicide or to inflict serious physical injury upon himself may use physical force upon such person to the extent that he reasonably believes it necessary to thwart such result.

5. A duly licensed physician, or a person acting under a physician's direction, may use physical force for the purpose of administering a recognized form of treatment which he or she reasonably believes to be adapted to promoting the physical or mental health of the patient if (a) the treatment is administered with the consent of the patient or, if the patient is under the age of eighteen years or an incompetent person, with the consent of the parent, guardian or other person entrusted with the patient's care and supervision, or (b) the treatment is administered in an emergency when the physician reasonably believes that no one competent to consent can be consulted and that a reasonable person, wishing to safeguard the welfare of the patient, would consent.

6. A person may, pursuant to the ensuing provisions of this article, use physical force upon another person in self-defense or defense of a third person, or in defense of premises, or in order to prevent larceny of or criminal mischief to property, or in order to effect an arrest or prevent an escape from custody. Whenever a person is authorized by any such provision to use deadly physical force in any given circumstance, nothing contained in any other such provision may be deemed to negate or qualify such authorization.

Section 35.15 Justification; use of physical force in defense of a person

1. A person may, subject to the provisions of subdivision two, use physical force upon another person when and to the extent he or she  reasonably believes such to be necessary to defend himself, herself or a third person from what he or she reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of unlawful physical force by such other person, unless:
 (a) The latter's conduct was provoked by the actor with intent to cause physical injury to another person;  or
 (b) The actor was the initial aggressor;  except that in such case use of  physical force is nevertheless justifiable if the actor has withdrawn from the encounter and effectively communicated such withdrawal to such other person but the latter persists in continuing the incident by the use or threatened imminent use of unlawful physical force;  or
 (c) The physical force involved is the product of a combat by agreement not specifically authorized by law.
2. A person may not use deadly physical force upon another person under circumstances specified in subdivision one unless:
 (a) The actor reasonably believes that such other person is using or about to use deadly physical force.  Even in such case, however, the actor may not use deadly physical force if he or she knows that with complete personal safety, to oneself and others he or she may avoid the necessity of so doing by retreating; except that the actor is under no duty to retreat if he or she is:
  (i) in his or her dwelling and not the initial aggressor;  or
  (ii) a police officer or peace officer or a person assisting a police officer or a peace officer at the latter's direction, acting pursuant to section 35.30;  or
 (b) He or she reasonably believes that such other person is committing or attempting to commit a kidnapping, forcible rape, forcible criminal sexual act or robbery;  or
 (c) He or she reasonably believes that such other person is committing or attempting  to commit a burglary, and the circumstances are such that the use of deadly physical force is authorized by subdivision three of section 35.20.

Section 35.20 Justification; use of physical force in defense of premises and in defense of a person in the course of burglary

1. Any person may use physical force upon another person when he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to prevent or terminate what he or she reasonably believes to be the commission or attempted commission by such other person of a crime involving damage to premises. Such person may use any degree of physical force, other than deadly physical force, which he or she reasonably believes to be necessary for such purpose, and may use deadly physical force if he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to prevent or terminate the commission or attempted commission of arson.

2. A person in possession or control of any premises, or a person licensed or privileged to be thereon or therein, may use physical force upon another person when he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to prevent or terminate what he or she reasonably believes to be the commission or attempted commission by such other person of a criminal trespass upon such premises. Such person may use any degree of physical force, other than deadly physical force, which he or she reasonably believes to be necessary for such purpose, and may use deadly physical force in order to prevent or terminate the commission or attempted commission of arson, as prescribed in subdivision one, or in the course of a burglary or attempted burglary, as prescribed in subdivision three.

3. A person in possession or control of, or licensed or privileged to be in, a dwelling or an occupied building, who reasonably believes that another person is committing or attempting to commit a burglary of such dwelling or building, may use deadly physical force upon such other person when he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to prevent or terminate the commission or attempted commission of such burglary.

4. As used in this section, the following terms have the following meanings:

(a) The terms "premises," "building" and "dwelling" have the meanings prescribed in 140.00;

(b) Persons "licensed or privileged" to be in buildings or upon other premises include, but are not limited to:

(i) police officers or peace officers acting in the performance of their duties; and

(ii) security personnel or employees of nuclear powered electric generating facilities located within the state who are employed as part of any security plan approved by the federal operating license agencies acting in the performance of their duties at such generating facilities. For purposes of this subparagraph, the term "nuclear powered electric generating facility" shall mean a facility that generates electricity using nuclear power for sale, directly or indirectly, to the public, including the land upon which the facility is located and the safety and security zones as defined under federal regulations.

Section 35.25 Justification; use of physical force to prevent or terminate larceny or criminal mischief

A person may use physical force, other than deadly physical force, upon another person when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to prevent or terminate what he or she reasonably believes to be the commission or attempted commission by such other person of larceny or of criminal mischief with respect to property other than premises.

Section 35.27 Justification; use of physical force in resisting arrest prohibited

A person may not use physical force to resist an arrest, whether authorized or unauthorized, which is being effected or attempted by a police officer or peace officer when it would reasonably appear that the latter is a police officer or peace officer.

Section 35.30 Justification; use of physical force in making an arrest or in preventing an escape

1. A police officer or a peace officer, in the course of effecting or attempting to effect an arrest, or of preventing or attempting to prevent the escape from custody, of a person whom he or she reasonably believes to have committed an offense, may use physical force  when and to the extent he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to effect the arrest, or to prevent the escape from custody, or in self-defense or to defend a third person from what he or she reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of physical force; except that deadly physical force may be used for such purposes only when he or she reasonably believes that:
 (a) The offense committed by such person was:
  (i) a felony or an attempt to commit a felony involving the use or attempted use or threatened imminent use of physical force against a person;  or
  (ii) kidnapping, arson, escape in the first degree, burglary in the first degree or any attempt to commit such a crime;  or
 (b) The offense committed or attempted by such person was a felony and that, in the course of resisting arrest therefor or attempting to escape from custody, such person is armed with a firearm or deadly weapon;  or
 (c) Regardless of the particular offense which is the subject of the arrest or attempted escape, the use of deadly physical force is necessary to defend the police officer or peace officer or another person from what the officer reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of deadly physical force.
2. The fact that a police officer or a peace officer is justified in using deadly physical force under circumstances prescribed in paragraphs (a) and (b) of subdivision one does not constitute justification for reckless conduct by such police officer or peace officer amounting to an offense against or with respect to innocent persons whom he or she is not seeking to arrest or retain in custody.
3. A person who has been directed by a police officer or a peace officer to assist such police officer or peace officer to effect an arrest or to prevent an escape from custody may use physical force, other than deadly physical force, when and to the extent that he reasonably believes such to be necessary to carry out such police officer's or peace officer's direction, unless he or she knows that the arrest or prospective arrest is not or was not authorized and he may use deadly physical force under such circumstances when:
 (a) He reasonably believes such to be necessary to defend himself or a third person from what he reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of deadly physical force;  or
 (b) He is directed or authorized by such police officer or peace officer to use deadly physical force unless he knows that the police officer or peace officer himself is not authorized to use deadly physical force under the circumstances.
4. A private person acting on his or her own account may use physical force, other than deadly physical force, upon another person when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to effect an arrest or to prevent the escape from custody of a person whom he or she reasonably believes to have committed an offense and who in fact has committed such offense;  and he or she may use deadly physical force for such purpose when he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to:
 (a) Defend himself, herself or a third person from what he or she reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of deadly physical force;  or
 (b) Effect the arrest of a person who has committed murder, manslaughter in the first degree, robbery, forcible rape or forcible criminal sexual act and who is in immediate flight therefrom.
5. A guard, police officer or peace officer who is charged with the duty of guarding prisoners in a detention facility, as that term is defined in section 205.00, or while in transit to or from a detention facility, may use physical force when and to the extent that he or she reasonably believes such to be necessary to prevent the escape of a prisoner from a detention facility or from custody while in transit thereto or therefrom. 

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