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A character in the Project Narnia PBP TMNT game.

Brigadier "Brig" - Red Squirrel Scout


He developed the accent of the upper class accent of the professor who saw to this initial induction. When the British special forces saw to his later training, the accent and the large red bush on his upper lip reminded them of their commanding officer, and so he was named "Brig" after Brigadier Montgomery Westfold.

Brig's DNA sequence was developed to combine phenominal speed with useful psychic ability. The Oxford scientists who developed the genome wished to maintain the purity of the native British squirrel to provide the dexterity. None had the lifespan of more than a few days, since the heart rate was just too high. The compromise was made and strands from Pteromys volans were added. This slowed the heart rate and provided the added advantage of the Siberian flying squirrel's patagium.

Brigadier was trained in Cumbria. Part of a small crack, fast response triplet. The base consisted of little more than a small cottage deep in the Lake District, where the single handler and three Aesopians lived.

The handler was Corporal John J. Jackson, previously of the Lincolnshire Regiment. He was light-hearted and considered part of the team as much as its handler. He is, however, a stickler for orders. Once things were made official, the jokes ended until the job was done. Once at the base, Jack ended up with Specks in Delta team.

Sergeant Troy Mutton, was an ex-US Marine and a brute of a man. He became Brig’s handler when they arrived at their final base. Brig saw him as a bully and Mutton lived up to that. Going into the freeze, Brig has a couple of bruises that are as yet not quite healed. Brig disobeyed Mutton’s commands, because he believed he did not understand the subtlety of the scouting task.

Specks is a Tawny Owl. Her role was to act as air reconnaissance and to drop Brig to the site of any incidence for initial ground investigation. Brig and Speck’s relationship was, by necessity, one of absolute trust.

Dag is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier standing near eight feet tall. He is the finisher of the operation. Once a situation has been assessed by Specks and Brig, he deals with the flack. The others then act as his support. At the base, Brig would often start trouble with other Aesopians, knowing that Dag has his back and would deal with the aftermath. Brig is somewhat quieter at the new base without the strong arm close at hand.


Brig has almost nothing in his locker.

However, around this and surrounding islands are stashes of stuff. A pistol here, a cache of ammo there. Some of it was given to him for the missions, some of it pilfered from others when a mission was complete.

Unfortunately, he has a poor memory and remembers few of them. Memories of them (and his Sixth Sense) tend to kick in when he gets near to them.


  • Strapped sling bag with small pouches and webbing straps.
  • Black beret.
  • Rubber-cased crowbar


Red Squirrel
Size 5
BIO-E 80+10 (Stable)
HP 14+2=16
Height 4'1"
Weight 34lb
Level 1 XP 350


Total Initial Squirrel Size Acrobatics Athletics Boxing Rappeling Running Scuba Wrestling
Intelligence IQ 16 16
Mental Endurance ME 13 13
Charisma MA 20 20
Strength PS 12 8 -1 +1 +2 +1 +1
Dexterity & Agility PP 20 18 +1 +1
Stamina & Durability PE 16 11 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1
Attractiveness PB 13 13
Speed Spd 43 23 +4 +4 +12
Toughness SDC 63 25 +6 +5 +4 +1 +5 +1 +16


Total Acrobatics Athletics Boxing Wrestling Assassin Stats
Roll with punch/fall +7 +2 +1 +2 +2
Parry +5 +1 +2 +2
Dodge +12 +1 +2 +7+2
Strike +4 +2 +2
Actions per round 3 +1

Knockout on natural 20, d6 rounds
+1 Strike with body block/tackle (d4)
+1+1=+2 strike/parry with sword
+1 strike/parry with Blunt, Knife, Staff
+1 strike/damage with Assault Rifles and Machineguns
+2 dodge underwater
+50 yards movement when swimming
+3% all skills (IQ)
Charm/Influence/Trust/Charisma 65% (MA)


Full hands
Partial biped
Full speech
Advanced hearing
Sixth sense
Hypnotic suggestion
Telepathic transmission



Inflitrator, Commando, Close Combat


Hand-to-Hand: Assassin, Boxing, Fencing, Wrestling, Athletics, Running

Weapon Proficiencies[edit]

Assault Rifles, Machineguns, Blunt, Knife, Staff, Sword


Detect Ambushes45+3+5
Escape Artist30+3+5
Pick Locks35+3+5
Pick Pockets30+3+5
Wilderness Survival40+3+5
Pilot Motorcycle+3+4