Brittany Harper

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Brittany Harper the Queen[edit]

Domineering look

Captivating Eyes

Firstborn of the hive mind

Hot +1 Cold +1 Volatile -1 Dark 0


The Clique[edit]

You're at the head of the toughest, coolest, most powerful clique around. They count as a gang.
They're talented: The Hive Mind, a techno-punk band. Brittany does the vocals (natch) and lead guitar, Brandon is keyboard and backup vocals, Randi plays the bass, and Blake is our genderqueer omnisexual drummer.


You have a telepathic connection with your gang members. You can always hear their emotions and fears. When you try to hear specific thoughts, gaze into the abyss about it and add 1 to your roll.

Sex Move[edit]

When you have sex with someone, they gain the condition one of them. While the condition remains, they count as part of your gang.


Alastor - 1

Amanda - 0

Vanessa - 2

Baron - 1

Brandon (NPC) - 1

Randi (NPC) - 1

Blake (NPC) - 1


Well, Randi's been my best friend since, like, preschool. I've been aware of her feelings for as long as I can remember. Brandon was my first boyfriend, when I was 13 -- Randi pushed me into going after him. I think because she liked him. Started picking up on his thoughts and feelings after a while, and realized that he was mainly dating me to be close to Randi. Fun, right? He's not really my boyfriend anymore -- he's Randi's, if he's anyone's, though I'll totally sleep with him (he *is* pretty hot -- hotter now than when we were 13, I'll say!) if he feels like he needs it from me, which isn't often lately except sometimes in a threesome with either Randi or Blake. Blake, now, ze's an odd one. Brandon, Randi, and I started the band like a year-and-a-half ago (Randi and I did lots of music together as kids, she's an awesome musician and does a lot of the writing but she's got a voice like a sick cow, so Brandon and I do the singing...) and we needed a drummer. Paul was the first one but he just didn't work out. Blake just started... hanging out with us, you know? Then ze sat in for Paul when he missed rehearsal once and then we just stopped telling Paul when we were rehearsing and Blake just took the spot. After a while I was hearing zes thoughts, too.
And yes, I'm aware of it, for sure, now. Not so much when I was little, but I've figured it out. I'm honestly not sure how the others perceive it. I'm pretty sure they don't hear me like I can hear them, exactly, but they must get some kind of vibe or something because one of them seems to always be there with the right word or a shoulder to cry on or whatever whenever I need it. It's kind of great, really.

Darkest Self[edit]

They've failed you. This is all their fault, and there's no reason why you should have to suffer the consequences of their idiocy. You need to make an example out of each of them, a cruel and unwavering example. You escape your Darkest Self when you relinquish part of your power over someone more deserving, or when you destroy an innocent person in order to prove your might.

Character in Dark Times At Aspen Hill