Broken Worlds Orpheus Kho Gaya

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The adventures of the Marked in the vast and weird world of Throne



The PCs[edit]

Character Template
DannyK as Samsara (The Boss)
MrPrim as Kelties (The Hunger)
GMImperfecti as Final Stand (The Law)
EnigmaticOne as Ian Antony (The Fated)
Argent as Vagrant Fox Princess (The Beggar)
Fugitive Unknown as Yez the Chef (The Master)


  • Escape the Rising Ape and make it to the safehouse at the Shrine of Un-Kama.
  • Orpheus left behind a mysterious notebook. Deciphering it's secrets may prove fruitful.
  • Orpheus' last instructions were to deliver his letter to the Coraxi Brotherhood at their Obsidian Vault, where he has stashed something he claimed would be the group's salvation.

People and Places[edit]


  • Orpheus Kho-Gaya (Deceased) - a folk hero and champion of the people famed throughout Throne. He provided you all with the coins that have made you the Marked, and are now seemingly the reason you are being hunted.
    • Syree - Orpheus' chief handmaiden, now lacking a master after his death. Also one of the Marked. Has one arm left after Kelties burned off the other and a sword.
  • Pree Jiyu - another one of the Marked, a vatra with red eyes and strange tattoos. Introduced herself as last of the Order of the Red Vigil, wardens of the Scourge of God.
  • Bandu Deemi (Deceased) - an ancient criminal that mentored Orpheus in his younger days. Was picked off by The Flower & The Song.
    • Ambulant Unit 4531 - Bandu's carer and parole officer. Resembles a huge beetle.
  • Another Marked who dresses like a sky piratess with a mechanical left arm and leg (Name unknown).
  • A handful of paupers and one very old war veteran, also Marked.


  • The Seven Seals Syndicate - a large and very powerful criminal syndicate with a small army of enforcers. For some reason are hunting the Marked and have placed bounties on their heads.
    • A masked figure that oversaw the Syndicate's assault on Orpheus' mansion (Name unknown).
    • Four horse riders that were dispatched to hunt the Marked after their escape.
  • Papa Pongan - a large ape-like Servant that runs a small commercial empire. Is the owner of the Rising Ape entertainment establishment. Has many accusations of criminal activity against him but none proven.
    • Porosa - Papa Pongan's beloved pet and champion of the Bloodsport.
    • The slavemaster - a slave driver working in the pit's of Papa Pongan's arena that is obstructing the Marked's escape.
  • The Flower & The Song - two Petal Angel bounty hunters with a sibling relationship. Now banished to the void.


  • Geraldean - a red devil patron of the Rising Ape that has been press-ganged into leading you out of the establishment.
  • The Coraxi Brotherhood


  • Orpheus' Mansion - a large palace carved from the petrified remains of a praying goddess. Now destroyed.
  • The Rising Ape - an entertainment establishment in the Shades that Kelties transported the group to to escape the attack on the funeral. Currently on fire.
  • Shrine of UN-Kama on 243 Clockwise Avenue - location of a safehouse provided by the Heretic's court