Bryn Rossaw

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Bryn Rossaw
The Selkie

Look: mussed, oil-drop eyes

Origin: Like grandmother

Hot: -1
Cold: 2
Volatile: -1
Dark: 1


  • Outer Skin (you have a pelt)
  • Their Word (someone else has your pelt and can make you do stuff at +1 to get it back)
  • Catch of the Day (XP for not understanding leading you into trouble)
  • Salt Whenever your tears mix with water, roll with dark. 10+ someone you want to see turns up, 7-9 they are drained and come with trouble.

Backstory: I saw unseen Father Buckley swimming, and have String on him. I saw unseen Jacqueline Adams, and have a Strong on her. Wolf Kennedy has taken my pelt; we've a String on each other, and he's given me a task for its return.

Father Buckley (Brother Justin)

XP: 1
Advancements: 1 (new Selkie move)