Buckle of Dowten

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The Kingdom of Ataleseea was a feudal kingdom approaching a a renaissance era of technology. Almost no magic was known on the world though there was a great deal of herbalism and alchemy that would eventually develop into medical sciences.

Buckle was born in the servants quarters of Sir Elogene, the Squire of Dowten. in the Shire of Dowten, in the Kingdom of Atalesea. His father was a butler and his mother a Lady's maid. He had a large extended family that served in Dowten. Two uncles who served Dowten as brewers and an aunt who was a herbalist. His family had been servents, cooks, brewers, farmers and other trades for time immemorial

By all accounts his youth was a pleasant one. Much of his time was spent with his aunt and uncles. He grew up in brewing, maintaining vast gardens, working in woodcraft.

His talent at mixing herbs and brewing was so good so early that the Squire of Dowten began allowing him his own supplies and a cut of profits. While his Aunt and Uncles continued to produce reliable and marketable herbs and beers, Buckle began making unusual and exotic combinations that others were unable to replicate. At 14 he was apprenticed to a Master Brewer. Under the the auspices of the brewer he granted a Master's rank at 16. Soon after he grew deeply ill due to a bout a common collection of diseases. After weeks of fever he suddenly became not only well, but grew taller and with a strong presence about him.

He became famous for his brews and the quality of his garden. He lived 97 years in Dowten, eventually being granted the fief himself. One night he disappeared and was never heard of in Dowten again.

During his life he gained fame, rank, riches, titles and admiration across many kingdoms but he never revealed the sources of his powers.

Connections to the Dufiro[edit]

Magic was unknown on the world save for herbal and alchemy with more a medical then magical direction. Dufiro were unknown on the world and how the bloodline gained its conection to the Dufiro is unknown.

When Buckle spontaneously became a Change Elemental the dufiro learned of it and investigated. Eventually a Dufiro of Life spoke with him and its their interactions over his life that brought him great fame.

Dufiro Path[edit]

Change Elemental[edit]

Spontaneously elevated to Change Elemental due to a deathly illness activating his change abilities in healing.

Spirit of Growth[edit]

At age 21 he was elevated to Spirit of Growth through the intervention of a Masoja Dufirosim of Life.

Spirit of Paper[edit]

At 36 after years of documenting his creations he was entered as a Spirit of Paper. A rare and small race, they sought him out for inclusion.

Spirit of Illusion[edit]

At age 42 he began interacting with the Avasa of Colors who aided him in developing magical potions and brews and gaining great rank in the Kingdom of Atalesea.

Avasa Dufirosim of Colors[edit]

At age 71 he was admitted to the Avasa Dufirosim of Colors and began spending much time off his home world. Eventually at the age of 97 he passed his lands and titles to his grandchildren and left the world. While he never had children of his own blood he had secretly adopted several children who carried on after him thinking themselves blood heirs. They never achieved the abilities of their wizardly ancestor.

Avasa Dufirosim of Cleanliness[edit]

Masoja Dufirosim of Knowledge[edit]

Masoja Dufirosim of Wisher[edit]