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Agent Details[edit]

Name Vyacheslav Yakovlevich Gorelov
DOB 11/11/21
Nationality Russian
Branch GRU-SV8
Profession/Rank Major
Education Kirov Military Medical Academy, Staff College of the Soviet Army
Motivation Duty
Military Service Medic
Department GRU Surreptitious Entry Specialist
Revelation Hard Experience (Karotechia Hunting)


Stability and Sanity[edit]

Sanity Original 5 Current 5
Stability Maximum 8 Current 8


Health Maximum 8 Current 8


Violence Adapted Checks
Helplessness Adapted Checks


  • None (yet)

Investigative Abilities[edit]

Agency 3 (GRU)
Architecture 1
Biology 2
Criminology 1
Cryptography 1
Data Retrieval 1
Flattery 2
Forensics 1
Foreign Language 3 (English, French, German)
Fringe Science 2
Intimidation 2
Medicine 2
Military Science 2
Notice 1
Photography 1
Pharmacy 1
Reassurance 2
Streetwise 1
Survival 1
Tradecraft 1

General Abilities[edit]

Athletics 4
Bureaucracy 2
Conceal 4
Demolitions 3
Filch 4
Firearms 8
First Aid 4
Health 8
Mechanics 4
Network 5
Preparedness 5
Sanity 5
Sense Trouble 5
Stability 8
Stealth 8
Unarmed Combat 4


  • My old professor Dr. Karov
  • My wife Marta

Network Contacts[edit]

  • TBD


  • French-made MAC 1950 pistol with silencer
  • Various intelligence collection materials


The man now code-named CYPRIAN spent most of the Great Patriotic War in a field hospital just behind the front line. One day shortly after the battle at Kursk, that hospital received an influx of patients with strange injuries. Injuries caused by a biological weapon unknown to the RKKA to that point. CYPRIAN survived that exposure and (maybe less likely) the NKVD investigation that followed it.

Having been marked out, he was reassigned to the GRU and hurried through training at Kirov and then at Staff College. Newly promoted, he was assigned to SV8, a unit of the GRU then primarily concerned with policing up the remains of the Karotechia. He's been at that for 15 long years now.


Current Cover[edit]

CYPRIAN isn’t technically a physician, but he can fake it. He’s probably covered as a researcher from the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences working as a science attaché. Cover name is Dr. Viktor Mikhailovich Borodinov.