Caerron na Daith-Alhannan

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A character in the PbP game The New Chronicles of Krazz'ak the Risen: Tome 1 - The Sword of Lost Hope.

Caerron na Daith-Alhannan


Caerron na Daith-Alhannan is a proud elven noble from the lost kingdom of Camorra, a master archer of the Royal Guard sent out on a quest to find and aid the hero of prophecy. He is elusive as a shadow and keenly perceptive, highly skilled in glamour magic, and armed with two swords and his ancestral spirit bow, the Black Peacock. (He also plays string instruments!) The very image of elegance, he is famous for his good looks and graceful manner. Caerron is a kind soul, courageous and absolutely loyal to his companions, but also unwittingly arrogant and terribly vain.


Elven Noble 18

  • Archery
  • Beautiful +2
  • Elven History
  • Elven Language
  • Goblin-Fighting Lore
  • Graceful +2
  • Longevity
  • Nature Knowledge
  • See in Darkness (outdoors)
  • Singing
  • Woodland Survival
  • Woodland Warfare

Royal Guard 21

  • Archery
  • Awareness
  • Discipline
  • Fletchery
  • Hide
  • Magic Arrow
  • Move Silently
  • Run Far
  • Run Fast
  • Skirmish Warfare

Other Abilities[edit]

  • Courageous 13
  • Glamour 13
  • Kind-Hearted 13
  • Play String Instruments 13
  • Proud 13
  • Two-Sword Fighting 17

Resources and Relationships[edit]

  • Master of The Black Peacock 15
  • Find and Aid the Hero of Prophecy 15
  • Loyal to Companions 15


  • Despised by Goblins
  • Unwittingly Arrogant 17
  • Vain 17


The Black Peacock (sidekick)[edit]

  • Spirit Retainer of the House Alhannan 20
  • Hate Goblins 20
  • Black Rainbow Plumage 15

A powerful asymmetric recurve bow, made of delicately carved ebony, that's been in the family for countless generations. Caerron talks to it. It talks back, in the respectfully patronizing tones of a senior advisor and family guardian. It is as proud and vain as any elf.


Keywords are underlined. Supernatural abilities are in italics.


Pale, willowy creatures, with pointed ears and large, almond-shaped eyes. Though not immortal as such, they are all but immune to disease and indefinitely long-lived - they change with time, as all things do, but will not grow old or die of old age though a thousand years go by. Elves are mostly nocturnal by preference, and congregate in woods and forests the same way humans tend to gather around waterways. Most of them live as hunter-gatherers, like they have done since the dawn of time, or tinkers, bards, traveling mercenaries - anything that lets them be here now, there tomorrow and stars know where then. A handful of elven cities exist, wondrous sprawling works of magic and craft honed through centuries, with populations of anything up to a million souls at any moment, but they have very few permanent residents and more inns than private homes, since most elves simply prefer to wander semi-randomly rather than settle down in any one place. They love beautiful things, almost seeming to draw sustenance from music and poetry, and many indulge in various arts and crafts with a passion.

Queen Alyara
Her Unfading Majesty, Queen Alyara the Everwise


Fabled Camorra, the ancient homeland of elves, is a secret realm hidden by the mighty spell known as Queen's Veil. For centuries, no human has set foot in Camorra, and even the knowledge of its approximate location is quickly becoming the stuff of old wives' tales. But legends still speak of its enchanted gardens and woods of marvellous beauty, the crystalline twin rivers Fëall and Fion whose human names are long forgotten, and a soaring castle of pearlescent white stone beside the inland sea Thalanna, where the sorcerous Queen resides with her husband protectors and weaves the magics that keep Camorra sealed from the world.

The Royal Guard[edit]

The Royal Guard of Camorra is an elite legion unrivalled in their mastery of stealth, surveillance and ranged combat. They are tasked with protecting the royal family and patrolling the borders to ensure that Camorra remains lost.

Hero Points Spent[edit]

  • Dec 15th, 2009: 2HP to increase Elven Noble 17 to 18; 2HP to increase Royal Guard 20 to 21