Camessra (School of Hard Knocks)

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Camessra Lornt[edit]

F Sardan 5'4" 160 lbs White hair, Jade green eyes

Cam didn't start out to get in trouble, but who does?

Her people are essentially humanoid - even looking almost human in themselves. It's a high G world, and most of them are strong enough that no human can even hold a candle to a child. Cam's not quite that strong, but that wasn't part of her problem.

Her culture tends to be hidebound and conservative. Some of the elders still believe that fire was a bad idea. Nonetheless, changes do come, and one of the more recent was the importation of something called worldrunning - what the Terrans call 'freerunning'. Cam liked what she saw, and started worldrunning a lot.

That's where the trouble came. First, she started playing hooky from a few of her duller classes, then she started skipping entirely. Then she got into rivalries with other worldrunners. Honor being a very important part of her society, sometimes those rivalries became physical. And the authorities would have looked the other way if she hadn't seriously hurt one of her rivals - duelling is, after all, legal, but the insult she claimed wasn't bad enough for blood.

When her parents and teachers - upset because she was wasting her natural scientific talents - got involved, she came to the attention of the show, and found herself coming to this place called Earth. At least they have worldrunning, and who knows, she may come to like the place.

Personality: Cam is something of a free spirit among her people, but still a product of her culture. She dislikes change, hates surprises, and considers honor to be just as important as life itself. Honor to the Sardan people is involved and complex, but mostly boils down to three areas - Honesty, Integrity, and Responsibility. Sardan honor requires that they do not lie to each other, even white lies, and they dislike untruths in general, though they do understand the necessity of tactful untruths among other races. Integrity requires that they do not cheat, or attempt any unfair advantages. (This is what brought Cam to her duel). Responsibility means that they must accept the consequences of their actions - hence, while she's unhappy about her situation, she will answer to it as best she can.

Powers and Abilities: Camessra is stronger than human by a fair bit, able to easily lift a little less than a ton. Though this is not as strong as an average adult Sardan, she's not really all that far off. She's also quite agile and acrobatic, with stamina sufficient to her needs and more. She's figured out through trial and error and a native intelligence how to use the skills she's gained in worldrunning in combat, and those skills more than make up for her lower strength. As with all Sardan, she's tough physically - their world can see some very impressive sandstorms, with quartz sand particles - and her training helps there, too. She's a very fast runner, and incredibly capable as a jumper, especially on Earth.

She's also very nearly a scientific prodigy on her planet. Her science is mostly related to kinesiology and the like, and has given her a number of unique and quite valuable insights not only into her hobby, but combat as well.



Str 25 (15)

Dex 15 (10)

Con 20 (10)

Int 18 (8)

Ego 11 (1)

Pre 15 (5)

OCV 7 (20)

DCV 9 (30)

MOCV 3 (0)

MDCV 3 (0)

Spd 5 (30)

Pd 25 (23)

Ed 17 (15)

Rec 10 (6)

End 45 (5)

Body 20 (10)

Stun 44 (12)

Total Cha Cost 200


9 Acrobatics 15-

5 Breakfall 13-

5 Climbing 13-

3 Computer Programming 13-

3 Electronics 13-

7 Inventor 15-

5 Lng/English (Completely Fluent w/Literacy)

7 Sci/Cybernetics 15-

7 Sci/Kinesiology 15-

10 Defense Maneuver I-IV

15 CSL/Shadow Dance (Martial Arts) +3

8 SL/Int +2

12 SL/Agl +2

6 Striking App +2/+2d6 (All)

4 Master Climber

4 Supreme Balance

Skills/Perks/Talents Cost 102


19 Hardened Skin Resistant Adv on Full PD, 12 Ed

18 Fast +18m Running (30m Total)

8 Jumper +16m Leaping (20m Total)

5 Protected Vision 5 pts Flash Defence Sight Group

4 Highly Efficient Cardio-Vascular System LS/Extended Breathing -1 End/20 m

3 Solid Body LS/Safe Environment High Pressure, Low Pressure/Vacuum

Shadow Dance Martial Arts

5 Fast Attack Defensive Strike +1 +3 9d6

3 Trip Legsweep +2 -1 10d6

4 Dodge Martial Dodge -- +5

4 Escape Martial Escape +0 +0 60 Str

4 Attack Martial Strike +0 +2 11d6

5 Strong Attack Offensive Strike -2 +1 13d6

16 +4 DC Powers Total 98


20 Flawed Knowledge of Earth

15 Hunted (as described)

15 Psych/Dislikes Change, Hates Surprises (Com/Str)

15 Psych/Sardan Code of Honor (Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility) (Com/Str)

5 Psych/Overly Focused (Tends to follow through too strongly or focus on one thing to the detriment of others) (Unc/Mod)

5 Rival - To be Determined. The actual worth of the Rival may be higher, but 5 takes me to the max.

XP: Earned 10 Spent 8