Canis Major

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A character in the Project Narnia PBP TMNT game.

mutant mongrel dog

IQ 8 +2 (animal)=10

ME 17

MA 13

PS 12 +2 (animal) +7 (size) +13 (physical skills)=34

PP 18 +5 (physical skills)=23

PE 19 +2 (animal) +4 (size) +6 (physical skills)=31

PB 11

Spd 8 -3 (size) +11 (physical skills)=16

SDC base: 50 +51(physical skills)=101

Stable Matrix BIO-E total 60

BIO-E spent: Voice: Partial: 5, Biped: Full: 10 Hands: Full: 10 Looks: None: 0 +7 Size to 13: 35


You were trained to keep your cool while fighting up close and personal, and taught to use a variety of different weapons. You sparred regularly with human and Aesopian agents alike.

-Boxing* -Fencing -Hand-to-Hand: Expert -Wrestling* -Weapon Proficiencies: Blunt, Knife, Staff, Sword


You were encouraged to keep trim, and exercise your muscles to their fullest through a number of beneficial routines. You would be an Olympic-class athlete, if they allowed mutants in the games.

-Acrobatics (65 +5L%)* -Athletics* -Body Building* -Gymnastics* -Hand to Hand: Martial Arts -Running*


You were trained in modern combat methods, particularly those relating to special operations, sabotage, and assault tactics. Though you never got to test them in the field, you did go through at least one training course, and simulated operation.

-Demolitions (65 +3L%) -Hand-to-Hand: Expert -Prowl (51 +8L%) -Rappelling (35 +5L%) -SCUBA (55 +5L%)* -Weapon Proficiency: Assault Rifles and Machineguns

Secondary Skills:

Alertness (40 +5L%) Computer Operation (60 +5L%) Land Navigation (40 +4L%) First Aid (50 +5L%) Detect Ambushes (45 +5L%) Wilderness Survival (40 +5L%) Pilot Motorcycle (60 +4L%) Pilot Automobile (60 +4L%) Pilot Truck (60 +4L%) Automotive Mechanics (50 +3L%)

When ‘growing up’ Canis had boundless energy and aggression. This was tamed and funneled into physical training and, later martial arts and philosophic training and meditation methods. He is huge, muscled, nimble as an acrobatic and calm and at peace. Violence is the last resort. He has also studied American History and democracy, and is a firm but rational patriot to the ideal America. (Think Steve Rogers)

He believes that their foremost mission will be to bring civilization back: education and laws. He is a fighter so that others do not have to, so that they may live in peace.