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MIRRORMASK the Hood[edit]

Name: Sophia Gage (she/her)

Appearance: Feminine, white, boring clothing, concealing costume, featureless mask

Abilities: shadow transformation, psychic projection

Assets: an armory of weapons

Labels & Conditions[edit]

-2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 Curses!
Danger: O Afraid; (-2 to Directly Engage or to Cow or Rebuke)
Freak: O Angry; (-2 to Abscond or Pierce the Mask)
Trouble: Infamy
O Doubting; (-2 to Unleash Your Powers or Exploit Weakness)
Superior: O Insecure; (-2 to Provoke Someone or Reject Other's Influence)
Menace: O Paranoid; (-2 to Distract Someone or Assess the Situation)
Influenced By: Gloom, Mockingbird, Tarot
Holds Influence On: Gloom, Mockingbird, Tarot


Danger, Diaolik!
Whenever you allow yourself to be captured, revealed, or caught on camera and your disguised visage given the centre of attention, roll a Facet Label. On a hit, add 1 Infamy. On a 7-9, choose one:

  • someone from your secret life becomes suspicious
  • something from your secret life becomes endangered
  • somewhere from your secret life becomes exposed

Unusual Suspect
Whenever someone is looking into your secret identity, you can roll + Menace instead of Trouble to distract them from the truth by making your different selves seem as far away from each other as possible.


Your identity is wrapped up in the guises you wear. It is a nebulous thing, poorly defined, and is constantly changing to others’ whims and the legends of your exploits. You Facet at any time is defined by a single Label. Choose the Label that your first Facet is defined by.

⬤ Danger | Freak | Superior | Trouble

Once per session, you can affirm your Facet identity to switch your Menace with that Facet’s Label. You may also change a Facet’s Label by marking a condition at any time.


Gloom knew you first as the Other, but hasn't made the connection.

You know that Tarot has been snooping around trying to uncover your secret identity.

Backstory & Questions[edit]

Playbook Questions[edit]

When did you first take up your villainous identity? I didn't even think I was a villain at first. I went to contact a fansite and drop a dime on where "Golden Gideon" was going to spend his vacation. I needed an anonymous email address and it just came to me.

What makes your Facet different from the Other? Nobody would look at little Sophie Gage and think she was dangerous or someone to steer clear of. But when Mirrormask steps out of the shadows when a gun on someone, they take her seriously.

Who, outside your peers, knows your secret identity? I met Mad Magpie online at first. Ugh, that sounds so skeevy, but they're actually really supportive, you know? Mads knew what it was like to grow up in the shadow of a more successful sibling, and I could really unwind while talking to them. When I started talking about what I was doing with my powers -- sneaking around, snooping on Gideon, trying to dig up dirt -- they were the ones who suggested that I go around armed.

Why do you try to be a villain? Everyone thinks Gideon is so perfect. He gets all the attention, everyone knows who he is and nobody cares about me. So I'll make sure they remember me.

Why do you put up with the others? They understand what it's like when the world dismiss you and instead turns to someone who doesn't deserve it. Altogether, we're going to broadcast all the little lies and secrets that keep the world spinning.

MC & Player Questions[edit]

Where did you get your cool gear and mirror, um, mask? Where do you keep all this stuff so your heroic brother doesn't come across it? If you got it from Magpie, how did you pay for it, or are you still paying for it? Most of it comes from a Halloween store, actually. The mask used to be just hard plastic, but I spent some stolen cash on getting a better version made of some kind of nanotech material. It reflects images but not light sources. I'm not a science geek, I just know it was expensive.

Are her abilities natural like Gideon's, or do they come with the suit and weapons? They just sort of came up one day. I don't know when it started but I realized that I could make people feel like I did; get angry and start yelling and the other person would, too. It took some time to figure out how to do it consciously, but I've pretty much got it under control.

The shadow stuff started weird. I started feeling like there was this... kind of like cling-wrap, but on the back of my head? Whenever I turned around it was on my face, or my arm, or my butt. Wherever there were shadows. I figured out that I could pull on the shadows, and stretch them out like taffy or wrap myself up in them. They're still just, like, shadows so I can't use them to build anything with any heft to it, but I can use them to slink around better than I could before.

Who's the superhero or -villain who frequents the Lucky Roll Casino and whose sweet ride you have become intimately familiar with? I've seen Crackerjack visit the place regularly. He's another one with a cocky grin that I'd like to kick down a notch. He's got some fancy car that can go up on two wheels and stuff. There's a lot of different buttons on the console; the key he gives valets doesn't let any of them work, but I've read most of them and I think I know what they all do. No, wait, I definitely do!

What keeps you committed to your life and job as Sophia the normal girl? It's the best way to keep tabs on Gideon and collect dirt.

Have you gotten to know any heroes through Golden Gideon, or does he keep the hero-ing part of his life separate from his home life. If you have, are there any who are more tolerable than your brother? Mom and Dad keep trying to pair up Gideon with different superpowered girls, I think waiting until the tabloids pick one up. The latest one was a witch-y type who went by Spellmere. She was pretty chill, but weirdly nerdy and backwards all the same. She doesn't even have an Instagram!


Sophia Gage is a small, mousy woman, always with her head down and lost in her own world. She shares her brother's blue-black hair, though her eyes are dark and grey while his are bright gold. On first impression she's not a stunning specimen and she does a lot with her stance and her movements to take up as little space as possible.

Mirrormask is striking, though similarly easy to overlook. She wears a very simple costume of an all-Black 3.0 bodysuit, covering up to her neck. Her head is encased in a mirrored case with an opening just wide enough for a shock of blue-black hair to stick out.

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