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MOCKINGBIRD the Rogue[edit]

Name: Jacyln Jones (they/them)

Appearance: Ambiguous, White, cunning eyes, trendy clothing, alluring costume

Abilities: shapeshifting, power mimicry

Assets: to be determined

Labels & Conditions[edit]

-2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 Curses!
Danger: O Afraid; (-2 to Directly Engage or to Cow or Rebuke)
Freak: O Angry; (-2 to Abscond or Pierce the Mask)
Trouble: Infamy
O Doubting; (-2 to Unleash Your Powers or Exploit Weakness)
Superior: O Insecure; (-2 to Provoke Someone or Reject Other's Influence)
Menace: O Paranoid; (-2 to Distract Someone or Assess the Situation)
Influenced By: Tarot, Mirrormask, Gloom
Holds Influence On: Tarot, Mirrormask


Known Unknown
Whenever someone tries to pierce your mask, provoke you or tell you who you are or how the world works, roll + Menace. On a hit, they take a -2 to their roll (if a roll is involved).

On a 10+, choose two. On a 7 9, choose one, and you open yourself to retribution, suspicion or judgement.

  • take Influence over them
  • clear a condition
  • take away their Influence over you

Heart of Glass
Whenever you betray someone or take advantage of your Influence over them, they mark Curses! and you hold 1. When they betray you or take advantage of their Influence over you, spend the hold to mark Curses! and clear a condition.


You want to earn the genuine trust of Tarot.

You and Mirrormask/Sophia used to be an item. It didn’t end well.

Backstory & Questions[edit]

Playbook Questions[edit]

Where and when did you get your powers? Baby, I was born this way! I think. I mean, as long as Halcyon Child Services has had a file for me, they've mentioned the weird voice thing. I know you've noticed the voice thing. You know, how each word, and sometimes even each phoneme sounds like it was spoken by a different voice? Yeah - that's a thing I've been doing as long as I can remember. It kinda freaked out my foster parents the first time they started hearing their own voices coming out of my mouth. HCS warned them, but I guess it wasn't enough for a lot of them. Some of my "long term placements" became "short term" very quickly, is all I'm saying. Not that it bothers me or anything...

Anyways, I can keep to a single voice if I want to pay attention to it these days, but...ugh, it's much work. So usually? I don't bother.

And the rest? The shape changing started pretty subtly: I'd hear a cute guy talk about how he likes blondes, and I'd wake up and my hair would be three shades lighter, or I'd see a pretty girl in a magazine, and over a few days, I'd start to look more and more like her. Once I figured out what was going on, it wasn't too hard to practice until I could do it fast, and do it on purpose. And the power mimicry? Well, that's just awesome! I figured out that one when some minor gang banger with powers decided she wanted to rough me up a bit. Sure showed her.

When were your first betrayed? ...

Look, I don't go poking at your emotional scars, do I? Oh yeah, right. I do go poking at your emotional scars. Fine. Fair's fair.

You'd probably think I'm going to say it was one of the long string of foster parents who decided that they couldn't deal with me and handed me back over to HCS, but at first you are too young to understand, and by the time you're old enough to understand, you've gotten used to it. So I'd probably say it was the kid that I thought was my first real friend, back at Halcyon Middle School... until I heard them gossiping with all their real friends about how weird I was, and how I was only being invited along because her parents felt bad for me, and made her include me in things.

Who, outside your peers, do you actually trust? Teegan Queen got wind of my abilities, and she's kinda taken me under her wing. Yes, that Teegan Queen - the crime lord that runs most of neighborhoods down around the docks and warehouses. She doesn't bullshit me; I know she wants to make use of my powers - and I don't have to pretend to be something I'm not anymore. I ran away after the last set of foster parents threatened to send me back, and I've been crashing with her ever since. I've only got another year or two until I age out of the system anyways, and I'm just sick of dealing with everything.

Why do you think the others keep you around? [will answer once I see what the rest of the group is like]

Why do you put up with the others? [will answer once I see what the rest of the group is like]

MC & Player Questions[edit]

Who in Halcyon besides the Queen has taken an interest in you, and what you can do, and isn't taking no for an answer? Lately, I keep getting mysterious messages on my computer...randomly scrolling across the bottom of a television broadcast for a fraction of a second - all from someone/something that calls themselves The Data Dancer. It's starting to get really creepy; I have no clue what they want, or why they are so interested in me.

What's the coolest trick you've pulled with your abilities so far? Well, there was the time that I waylaid an AEGIS liaison who had come to speak at a school assembly about some new initiative, locked her in an empty room, and took her place at the podium to give her presentation...with some 'creative' amendments to her spiel. That was fun - the principal only figured out what was going on when the woman burst into the gym halfway through the assembly.

Do you ever get confused between Mockingbird and Jaclyn and whoever you're pretending to be? Do you ever wonder who you REALLY are? Jaclyn is Mockingbird. Mockingbird is Jaclyn.

Everything else is just playing a character; like acting in a play.

Who on the team do you count on for backup if things go sideways, or can you handle it all yourself? Look, people suck. You can't trust anyone; they'll either screw you over or let you down, and these guys are no different. If I have to rely on someone, I always have a backup plan for when it inevitably goes wrong.

A Note on Psychology[edit]

Jaclyn is hurting, but she'll die before she admits it. She's been tossed aside enough for being different that she defaults to keeping people at arms length, so they can't hurt her again. When she does get close to people, she's always subconsciously on the alert for signs that things are starting to fall apart, and she's quick to jump on any little hiccup as an excuse to push people away. Because she can't be hurt if she's the one doing the hurting, right?

If her life had been more stable, and her relationships weren't all so volatile, she'd probably be a hero. But she's prickly, and getting through to her at this point takes a lot more time, effort, and patience than most people want to invest. So she hangs out with Teegan, who is at least up front with her motivations regarding Jaclyn.

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