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Capes Shadow Precinct Main Page[edit]

This is the wiki page for Shadow Precinct a game run under the Capes game system. This is a place for us to track all the characters, mechanics and plot for our PbP.

Current Play State[edit]

Scene 1[edit]

A street, fire escape above it, a bookstore nearby and a cop at the end of the block. Some thugs jumped Dr. Watkins and tried to mug her. Two costumed heros, Traceur and Fusion appear to stop the crime. Popper watched the action and acted as a bit of a commentator until things went sour and Fusion tried to beat him up.

Page 3[edit]

Turn Order: WalkingDead, TrumpetDC, Armadillo, witamous, Mr. Sitouh

claim goals, actions (responses), resolution.



Events/Plot Synopsis[edit]