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Plot Synopsis[edit]

This is the page for us to keep track via brief notes the events that have transpired to ensure plot continuity.

Scene 1[edit]

A robbery is taking place! Who will come to the rescue?

Page 1[edit]

The Traceur and Fusion arrive just in time to see Ruby Watkins, Aquarium Experimenter be robbed at gunpoint.

Page 2[edit]

Ruby yields her purse up to her accosters, caring only for the safety of the young boy in her company. The spandex saviors combat the thugs despite Ruby's pleas to avoid violence. During the fight The Traceur is shown up by Fusion who easily dispatches the thugs the were overwhelming him. Distracted by their rivalry the miscreant Popper manages to procure secret papers and hand off the cash as a distraction. What dastardly deeds will be done with the adoption papers, and will the accosted civilians escape safely?