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Space Marine Scout Caphriel of the Blood Angels sat cross-legged on the floor of his cell, cleansing a chainsword. The task was proving rather time-consuming. Pieces of chitin were stuck between the chain blades, and it seemed that foul ichor had managed to seep into even the tiniest of cracks.

"Brother Caphriel." Concentrating on the work, he had not heard the veteran sergeant enter his cell. A fact that caused him a monentary pang of shame, for he considered himself rather attentive. "Brother sergeant," Caphriel replied, standing up. "What is it?"

"Your time in the scout company is almost done," the sergeant said. "Soon you will be a full Space Marine. Your actions so far have been evaluated." The faint tone of disapproval in the sergeant's voice caused Caphriel to feel anxious in a way facing the enemy never did. "Has - my performance been substandard?" he asked, trying to keep his anxiety from showing.

"Your performance is not the problem," the sergeant said. "It is your attitude. You are aggressive, spoiling for a fight, eager to engage. Those are good qualities - in moderation. But you do not show moderation, Caphriel. You relish your thirst for blood. That makes you susceptible to the Black Rage. If you do not learn to temper your aggression with discipline, you will soon be among the Death Company. And your time as a scout has not been enough for you to learn that."

"Then what should I do?" Caphriel asked.

The sergeant smiled. "You must learn to hang back instead of charging in. We have thought of a role for you that will benefit both you and the Chapter.


Space Marine Devastator Caphriel leveled his lascannon and fired at the gateway to the traitorous planetary governor's palace. Nothing so crude as a gate blocked the entrance to the beautiful building. Instead, a force field prevented access to the palace proper. But the five-strong Devastator squad fired in harmony, and two laser beams and three krak missiles impacted with the force field in unison, overloading it. Waiting Blood Angel Tactical squads immediately rushed in, firing their bolters as they did. bolter rounds tore apart the spectacular statuary of the palace and the blood of the governor's personal guard spilled on the beautiful mosaic floors.

For a moment, the targeting displays and telemetry data of Caphriel's helmet flickered and wavered as the machine spirit of his power armor raged, frustrated at not being allowed to join in the assault. Caphriel slapped the side of his helmet with his palm to quiet the spirit. He understood perfectly how the spirit felt and had sympathy for it. In a way the armor was like a brother in arms. But the Devastators still had a role to play in this battle, and this was no time for the machine spirit to start acting up. Or for Caphriel himself. He was supposed to lead the squad. So he waited patiently as the battle rapidly moved through the palace. The governor's guard was hopelessly outmatched. They either ran or stood against the Blood Angels and were cut down.

Then one of the domes on the roof of the palace started to open.

"Get ready," Caphriel said. "The bird is about to leave the nest." Then a roar of engines drowned the sounds of battle as the governor's escape shuttle shot upwards through the now open dome. The traitor was fleeing, leaving his guards to their fate.

"Fire!" Caphriel said, leading the target and firing his own lascannon. The shuttle was protected by a void shield, but two lascannon beams brought it down and then a trio of krak missiles impacted on the shuttle's left wing in a perfect row. Tearing the wing loose. The shuttle twisted in the air, careening out of control and diving towards the ground. The impact of the crash shattered the stained glass windows of the palace and the craft cut a deep furrow into the earth before it came to stop, its engines sputtering and dying. There was no satisfying explosion at the end, but thick black smoke pouring through the cracks in the hull told of the fate of the passengers.


In perfect unison, Blood Angels marched out of their gunships in the landing bay of the strike cruiser. Caphriel was following his fellow Devastators when the voice of his company captain called out: "Brother Caphriel! Attend!"

Stepping out of the line, Caphriel walked over to the Space Marine Captain. "Brother Captain," he said.

"You have been given a new assignment," the captain said. "You will not be returning to Baal with the rest of us. You have a different destination. Along the way, we will rendezvous with the imperial transport Eternal Duty that is ferrying supplies to the Achilus Crusade. You will board her and travel to Jericho Reach."

"The crusade? Just me? Brother Captain, I do not understand."

"Deathwatch needs additional people in Jericho Reach. A new tithe has been called. You have been chosen as ours."

Deathwatch. Caphriel could feel the gleeful eagerness of his armor's machine spirit. And inside his own mind, something long repressed stirred. The thirst. No company-level insertions. Kill Teams. Small unit precision strikes at dangerous targets. Action. Engagements. Blood.

Caphriel did not bother to try and hide his eagerness. The Captain would notice in any case. No doubt he even expected it. So Caphriel allowed himself a smile as he asked: "What is the timetable?"


Character Name Player Name Specialty Chapter Rank Experience Renown
Caphriel Potted Plant Devastator Marine Blood Angels 2 20,500 30
Solo Mode Chapter Demeanor Personal Demeanor Past Event Devastator Ability
Blood Frenzy Red Thirst Hot-Blooded Scouring of Ultramar Unrelenting Devastation
Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Wounds Fate Insanity Corruption
43 69 44 (8) 44 (8) 42 44 51 41 41 19 3 - -


Untrained Basic skills[edit]

Skill Attr. Bonus
Carouse T
Charm Fel
Command Fel
Contortionist Ag
Deceive Fel
Evaluate Int
Gamble Int
Inquiry Fel
Logic Int
Swim S

Trained skills[edit]

Skill Attr. Bonus
Acrobatics Ag
Awareness Per +10
Ciphers (Chapter Runes) Int
Climb S
Concealment Ag
Dodge Ag
Drive (Ground Vehicles) Ag
Intimidate S
Literacy Int
Lore, Common (Adeptus Astartes) Int
Lore, Common (Deathwatch) Int
Lore, Common (Imperial Guard) Int
Lore, Common (Imperial Navy) Int
Lore, Common (Imperium) Int
Lore, Common (War) Int
Lore, Forbidden (Xenos) Int
Navigation (Surface) Int
Pilot (Personal) Ag
Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes) Int
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) Int
Scrutiny Per
Search Per
Silent Move Ag -30
Speak Language (High/Low Gothic) Int
Tactics (Assault Doctrine) Int
Tracking Int

Talents & Traits[edit]

Talent or Trait Description
Ambidextrous Use either hand equally well
Astartes Weapon Training Proficient with all weapons but exotic
Bulging Biceps Remove bracing requirement for certain weapons
Deathwatch Training Auto-confirm Righteous Fury against aliens
Heightened Senses (Sight, Sound) +10 bonus to relevent senses
Killing Strike Spend a Fate Point to make melee attack impossible to parry/dodge
Nerves of Steel Re-roll failed tests to avoid pinning
Quick Draw Ready as a free action
Resistance (Psychic Powers) +10 bonus to resistance tests
True Grit Reduce critical damage the character takes
Unarmed Master 1d10+SB damage, no Primitive trait
Unnatural Strength (x2) Increase characteristic bonus by two
Unnatural Toughness (x2) Increase charactertistic bonus by two
Cleanse and Purify Targets of flamer attacks have -20 to Agi test to escape effect, +1d5 hits on Hordes
Crack Shot +2 Critical Damage with ranged weapon
Mighty Shot +2 Damage with ranged attacks

Combat Stats[edit]

Weapon Name Skill Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Penetration Clip Reload Special Weight Req Renown
Astartes Heavy Bolter BS Bolt 150m -/-/6 1d10+12 X 5 60 Full Tearing 68 - -
Astartes Bolt Pistol BS Bolt 30m S/2/- 1d10+9 X 4 14 Full Tearing 5.5 - -
Astartes Combat Knife WS Trad Melee - 1d10 R 2 - - - 2 - -
Astartes Frag Grenade BS Thrown SBx3 S/-/- 2d10+2 X 0 - Blast (4) - 0.8 - -
Astartes Krak Grenade BS Thrown SBx3 S/-/- 3d10+4 X 6 - - - 0.8 - -
Backpack ammo suppply Bolt/Las/Flame - - - - - - 250/100/75 - - 40 - -
Astartes Chainsword WS Chain Melee - 1d10+3 R 3 - - Balanced, Tearing 10 5 -
Astartes Hand Flamer - Flame 10m S/-/- 1d10+7 E 4 4 2 Full Flame 6 10 -
  • Initiative Bonus: +4
  • Movement: 5/10/15/30
  • Wounds: 19
  • TB: +8
  • Armor: 8/10
  • Dodge: +0
  • Parry: +0



  • Weapon Name
    • Notes about weapon (upgrades, quirks, etc.)
    • Weapon Statline
      • Flavor text


  • Spirit of Wrath
    • Death is Joy
    • Armor value - 8/10
    • +2 damage to attacks that do critical damage, +1 Magnitude damage to Hordes.
      • This armor epitomises the archetype of a warrior that is simply made to kill.

Standard Issue[edit]

  • Devastator Package
    • Power Armor
    • Bolt pistol
    • Frag grenades (3)
    • Krak greandes (3)
    • Astartes combat knife
    • Repair cement
    • Chapter Trapping (Blood Drop Pendant)
    • Heavy Bolter w/backpack ammo supply

Other Equipment[edit]

  • Equipment name
    • Equipment type
    • Equipment description
      • Flavor text


Total Experience - 20,500xp

Spent Experience - 20,400xp

Available - 100xp


Advance Cost
Search 400
Ballistic Skill, simple 200
Ballistic Skill, Intermediate 500
Ballistic Skill, Trained 1000
Ballistic Skill, Expert 1500
Perception, simple 200
Perception, Intermediate 500
Strength, simple 200
Strength, Intermediate 500
Acrobatics 200
Awareness +10 300
Lore, Common (Imperial Guard) 200
Lore, Common (Imperial Navy) 200
Pilot (Personal) 100
Scrutiny 400
Cleanse and Purify 500
Crack Shot 500
Mighty Shot 500
Signature Wargear (Motion Predictor) 500