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World Belief[edit]

House Thorn is part of the problem, but working for it I can use the house's own power to correct the injustice it fosters

Other Belief[edit]

Nuri's resentment and power makes them a potential ally, but can also turn them into an enemy, so I must handle Nuri with caution

Self Belief[edit]

The world is unjust, so I have to balance the scales




  • Strength 1
  • Dexterity 2
  • Mind 1
  • Presence 2

  • Alacrity 3
  • Vitality 4
  • Evasion 12
  • Armour 14
  • Power 0
  • Reactions 2
  • Tenacity 3
  • Chance of Major Wound 18 (16)


  • Athletics 1
  • Fighting 1
  • Stealth 1
  • Perception 1
  • Performance 2
  • Manipulation 2
  • Languages: Common Tongue, Amari Cant



Prerequisites: 1 Presence, Novice Manipulation

Desperate Action: Gain Advantage on a Manipulation or Performance Skill Check.

Benefit: You may spend one Tenacity to gain Advantage to all Manipulation Skill Cheeks against a single Character until cither of you completes a Rest

Benefit: +1 Presence.

Benefit: Increase your Manipulation Skill one Rank.


Prerequisite: Mind 1, Novice Fighting

Benefit: When you would make a Fighting Skill with Advantage roll three d20 instead of two and take the highest of the three

Benefit: if you are adjacent to only one other Character, gain +2 Chance of Major Wounds with Fighting Skill Checks.


Prerequisites: Presence 1, Novice Performance

Desperate Action: Reroll a failed Performance Skill Cheek.

Benefit: Gain Advantage to Performance Skill Checks made for audiences whose language you perform in

Benefit: Increase your Performance Skill one Rank.


  • Sword & dagger
  • Leather armor
  • Guitar, concertina and cajón
  • Live horse
  • A set of fine clothes

Appearance & Personality[edit]



Caraíbos was born into an Amari family of traveling artists. From early on, he was aware of the prejudice and discrimination his people suffered and would always try to fight back, but his father, Yaros, and his elder brother, Lailo, contained his fury. As a teenager, Caraíbos realized his good looks could offset the Amari stigma and the young man took advantage of that. Still, his resentment festered and he longed for justice. When Caraíbos was 17, during a summer festival in the Caroan countryside, his family was targeted by local bullies and verbally abused. Yaros tried to defuse the situation, but the men beat him up. Caraíbos rushed to defend his father, but Yaros stayed his son’s hand once again. Satisfied, the bullies left, but Caraíbos was mad with Yaros and Lailo and they had a terrible row. Caraíbos left his family that night and became a solitary entertainer, traveling between small towns outside Caros to ply his art. A year later, he met a mercenary band, the Brotherhood of Blades, and stuck along, acting as the group’s chronicler. He learned to fight with them and discovered a talent for duels. After two years, the band accepted a contract in a dispute between two Caroan city-states. Not keen to return to a country that caused him so much pain, Caraíbos parted way with the Brotherhood. He kept on traveling, dividing his time between performing and romancing rich widows and unhappy wives. Eventually, he reached Tarn and became involved in a skirmish between Eskarn malcontents and House Thorn’s soldiers in a roadside inn near Narcroft. Caraíbos was actually helping the Eskarn, but had to fight the latter when they tried to kill the inn’s servants. His heroics reached the ear of Lady Katerine Thorn, who recruited the Amari as a retainer.