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My Name Is[edit]

Carl Ericsson.

What Am I?[edit]

A business consultant and baseball enthusiast suffering from a rare and fatal disease.

What's Been Keeping Me Awake?[edit]

One of the disease's symptoms is insomnia. I can no longer sleep without being utterly exhausted or on some very strong medications.

What Just Happened to Me?[edit]

I can hear the viruses in my blood speaking to me. They want to be spread. I try to ignore it, because it's crazy, but... yesterday I got mad at one of the nurses, and suddenly she was coughing up blood. That's one of the first symptoms of what I've got, but it's not supposed to be airborn, so there should have been no way that she could have caught it off me!

What's On the Surface?[edit]

Your standard boring business guy, who really only comes alive when I get to play baseball. Watching is okay, but I want to play - I was never good enough to go pro, but I still love it more than anything. Of course, my playing days might just be over.

What Lies Beneath?[edit]

I'm angry. Not so much at the fact that I'm going to die, but at the fact that my body has betrayed me. I've always been a health freak, I've been living better than anyone I know, so where's the justice in me getting struck down in my prime? Someone else should have gotten this shit, not me.

What Is My Path?[edit]

To either find a way to pass the disease on, in its totality, to other people and thereby make myself well. Alternatively, to reconcile myself with the fact that life isn't fair and that I don't have the right to wish this on anyone else.

What Brought Me to the Mad City?[edit]

I played hookie from the hospital to go catch a game at the stadium. Somehow, that... was not where I ended up.

Exhaustion Talent: Baseball[edit]

Baseball. If it can be done by running, throwing, catching or swinging, I can exceed all human boundaries on it.

Madness Talent: Illness[edit]

The virus speaks to me. I can spread it to other people, speed it up, turn it dormant again. Maybe even get it to tell me people's secrets by infecting them.

I is for Illness

A cough or a sneeze

Unleash the contagion

Wherever you please