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My Name Is[edit]

Emily Fey

What Am I?[edit]

A Professional Teenager

What's Been Keeping Me Awake?[edit]

Doctors, peering and prying; Nurses, poking and prodding; Patients, screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming...

What Just Happened to Me?[edit]

It was just the one little tentacle, growing out of my shoulder, but Ma saw it. Saw the little black Fae no taller than my hand from the Neverwhen dancing around my feet. She called the doctors at Willow Oak and they came for me in their stupid white truck with their stupid white HugMe shirt and strapped me in both and took me away.

I live there now. Willow Oak Asylum.

You know... except when I leave.

The doctors can't see the holes in the world. But I can. And the Fae of the Neverwhen are only happy to lead me through the holes...

What's On the Surface?[edit]

A skinny freckle faced red haired teenage girl in hospital green scrub pants and a white tank top.

What Lies Beneath?[edit]

I am a changeling, a lost princess of the Neverwhen. The black Fae come to my call. But when I call, I change, and what lies beneath starts growing straight out of what's on the surface. The tentacles don't stop growing until the black Fae go.

What Is My Path?[edit]

I walk the Ways, the paths between the World and the Neverwhen. One day I will make it to the Neverwhen and take my crown and I will stay.

What Brought Me to the Mad City?[edit]

There are scars in the Ways, crude wounds, holes between the City Slumbering and the Mad City. I got lost in the early days exploring the Ways between the World and the Neverwhen and found myself there. Getting out again wasn't near as easy as stumbling in. The Mad City is a terrible place. I learned much of myself trying to escape it.

Exhaustion Talent: The Vanishing Act[edit]

I can get out of virtually any situation without a trace, either by hiding, scampering away, misdirection, or pure bluff and bluster. When whoever is trying to corner me next looks, I'm just gone... near as they can tell.

Madness Talent: Princess[edit]

P is for Princess

Ruler of the fae

Summon your army

And let come what may.

The black Fae come when I call. Fight for me. Work for me. Dance with me. Guide my way. But when I call, tentacles start growing out of my flesh. The more I call the more tentacles grow, the longer they grow, the stronger.

(1-2 Madness Dice) A few Fae appear, usually unseen by anyone else, they point the way, give warning, do small things for me, act as a distraction, lead me to one of the Ways. [I grow one or two tentacles the length of an arm with the strength of a grasping hand].

(3-4 Madness Dice) Hundreds of Fae appear. They can accomplish quite a bit, or destroy quite a bit. They are a clever workforce. Or a terrible little army. This many of them are capable of keeping my companions on the path when we traverse the Ways, even if those I lead are blind to the path. [I grow three to four tentacles thrice the length of an arm with the strength of gorrillas].

(5-6 Madness Dice) Thousands of Fae scramble out of the cobbles and the paving stones, the sewer grates and cracks in the walls, laying their little hands to whatever chaos or destruction I have dreamed for them. I'm not often fast enough to keep them from wreaking their own mayhem as well when this many are to hand. In such numbers they can lead us through the longest Way in an instant. [I grow five to six tentacles the length of tall trees with the strength of giant yellow construction machines].