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My Name Is[edit]

Rebecca Song, MD

What Am I?[edit]

An ER Resident

What's Been Keeping Me Awake?[edit]

Long hours on call. My sick mother. Trying to live something like life. Caffeine. Just… no time for sleep.

What Just Happened to Me?[edit]

It took me a while to realize it, but I’m not seeing people as whole people anymore. Seeing them as parts. So many things that break. It would be so easy if I could just reach in and adjust them. Or break the annoying ones. Hippocrates probably never had to work with a sniveling, somehow-untouchable bigot who just thoughtlessly bumped the last cup of coffee from the brewed pot onto my scrubs.

It was way too easy to tug his Achilles tendon loose. Then he at least had an excuse for tumbling around.

Of course I couldn't have actually done that. That was just a revenge fantasy, and his fall a moment after was just what the bastard deserved. Maybe I’d noticed him starting to fall and then imagined it? After Sydney’s tendon snapped, I tried not to think about it all shift. Tried to tell myself I wasn’t seeing what I was seeing.

After my shift, I went home right away, and looked at myself in the breakroom mirror. Really Looked. Saw the parts. I imagined changing what I wanted to. No trace of bags under my eyes. Everything nipped and tucked and smoothed out and plumped up. Porcelain-doll skin and ticking gears… wait what? That’s when I started realizing other peoples’ parts seemed wrong sometimes, too...

What's On the Surface?[edit]

I’m a short, dark-haired asian woman with intense eyes, usually in a labcoat and scrubs, tasteful but sexy dress, or a labcoat over something business-casual.

What Lies Beneath?[edit]

I want to be the best. Want the praise, the success, the admiration. Mostly people are just problems to solve. I have trouble avoiding trying to ‘fix’ the ones that should be special.

What Is My Path?[edit]

I want to see people as people again… but I don’t want to give up this new power. I need to connect. Find people more like me, who are harder to part out...

What Brought Me to the Mad City?[edit]

I saw someone on the roof. I thought they were bleeding. Instinct took over and I followed them through the door...

Exhaustion Talent: Doctor's Hands[edit]

I’m the best at my job, of course. And I know my way around a scalpel

Madness Talent: All the Pieces[edit]

I see people and… not-quite-people as their parts. I can reach out and change them. Fix… or break. I can touch someone’s heart as easily as their skin, while still seeing how everything fits together. When I’m concentrating really hard on this, I don’t look human myself. Like a pretty clockwork doll.

C is for Change

The power to alter

To help or to harm

To save or to slaughter