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My Name Is[edit]

Scarlett Waits

What Am I?[edit]

A Singer

What's Been Keeping Me Awake?[edit]

Performing involves working nights, running a life involves being up during the day—especially if running a life includes promoting your stuff. It just got easier and easier to not sleep so that stuff could get done. And then of course there was a whole other set of venues to start performing in…

What Just Happened to Me?[edit]

Evicted, messily, for not paying rent. Well not paying it in a currency the landlord would accept, even after painstaking explanation about how things really work.

What's On the Surface?[edit]

A noir femme fatale ready to perform at clubs, with black hair and violet eyes and makeup to conceal the bags under them.

What Lies Beneath?[edit]

Before crooning about the twists and turns of life, Scarlett made financial markets dance to her tunes. She was a quant hired straight out of school. Her first real insomnia came after sailing through her physics degree and hitting the reality of applying what she'd learned to finance. But that all ended after some reshuffling and simplifying in her life. Getting sleep again even at the start of her music career. But then, of course, that started to dominate and her old drive reasserted itself and sleep slipped.

Things are strangely familiar in the new venues…

What Is My Path?[edit]

To pull the different parts of herself back together. To decide how she eventually rests and who she becomes in breaking the burnout cycle.

What Brought Me to the Mad City?[edit]

You can't really say no to a booking, even if you've never heard of the place. Or the street it is on.

Exhaustion Talent: Lying[edit]

When they used to tell Scarlett that numbers don't lie, she'd laugh at them because numbers damn well said what she wanted them to say. When they tell her that her songs are so honest she manages to not laugh because it would stop gigs from coming, but her voice and words are what she wants them to be. She can fake sincerity so well people doubt they've ever told the truth in their lives...

Madness Talent: Timeline[edit]

T is for Timeline

An exercise of the self

Just call out your name

Here comes the help

If needs be Scarlett can borrow other Scarletts from different times / timelines / somewhere. Real handy to get things done, but the more there are and the closer they are together, the worse it is for her.

(1-2 Madness Dice)

(3-4 Madness Dice)

(5-6 Madness Dice)