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Carl Remely Emerson[edit]

played by William Glenn Brown

Born: March 5, 1903 - Belvue Hospital, New York, NY

Died: February 10,1929 - Madisonville, KY (Eveling Industries)


Originally a junior professor at Brown University, Carl and his college friend Henry Williams pooled money to start an air-blimp passenger service in the United States. The company was short-lived, however, when the blimp crashed during a thunderstorm.

During one of his excursions Carl picked up a baby alligator as a pet, which he named "Shoes".

Both Carl Emerson and Henry Williams vied for Hannelore Rhyner's hand in marriage. While Hanna eventually married Henry, she and Carl maintained a close and warm friendship. Their romantic relationship was rekindled after Henry's death, but was derailed when Hannelore became a pawn in the Nightsider Treaty put together by Carl Ellis and Hannibal King.

At some point in the late 1920's Carl Emerson took the Vow and became one of the French Soldiers. He worked very closely with Carl Ellis in developing some of the early philosophy regarding the Kings and the World Soul.

Carl also adopted Esther Hopkins, one of the Eveling Industries children, and spent a good deal of his time educating and raising the young girl, in an attempt to allow her to lead a normal life.

Carl Emerson's life was cut short just as his abilities as a Soldier were beginning to flower. In February of 1929, while exploring the abandoned mine shafts beneath Eveling Industries with Jack Lanter, Alexander Chase and Zelda (one of the Nightsiders) - he laid hands on an artifact of the Outside Ones, and his soul was ripped from his body.

Frantic attempts to revive Emerson failed, and his sudden death was a shock to all who knew him.

Carl Emerson is buried in the chapel at Whispers Estate, where a perpetual candle is kept burning in his memory.

Surviving Family:

Brother: Andrew Emerson; Fort Carson, Salt Lake City, UT
Sister: Patti Emerson: New York, NY
Father: Gregory Nick Emerson: New York, NY
Paternal Grandfather: John William Emerson: Fulton, MA
Paternal Grandmother: Mary Dian Emerson: Fulton, MA
Maternal Grandfather: Howard Swain, Los Angeles, CA.

Deceased Family:

Mother: Kerston Eliza Emerson - perished in auto accident collision with a large moose.
Maternal Grandmother: Sara Swain - natural causes

Home address:

356 Yorkshire Road, Boston, MA.

Physical Description:

Fairly nondescript. 5 foot 7 inches, 136 pounds, close cut sandy blonde hair and brown eyes, right handed. Burn scar across left shoulder.

Higher Education:

Brown University, Providence, R.I. Four years and one year graduate work. Completed degree at Boston University.

Papers Published:

A Study Of Comparisons Between Pyramids in Egypt And Central America
Written in February 1924. Dealing with the similarity between construction of pyramids. 22 pages
A Look Into Cro-Magnon Man In China
Written in May 1923. A forty page paper detailing with the first man in China. 29 pages
Archaeological Studies In The Southern U.S.
Written in October 1922. A general look at digs in the Southern part of the United States. 16 pages
Calendars of the Indians North of Mexico
Written in May of 1922. Covering the calendars of the Indians in North America. 16 pages.